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30 Aug, 10 tweets, 2 min read
Another day, another European country embarrassing the US with its rational child COVID policies (this time courtesy of Norway):

First, and most importantly: "Children under 12 years are not recommended to use face masks"

"Children who play together do not have to keep a distance. Children can have friends for sleepovers if everyone is well"

"Leisure activities are important for the physical & mental well-being of children & adolescents. Therefore, leisure activities should be maintained"

"Transmission in schools and childcare centres contributes only to a small extent in the spread of COVID-19 in the society"

"in areas where adults are mainly vaccinated, it is expected that an increasing proportion of all cases will occur among the child population"

"The risk of severe COVID-19 disease course is very low, both among children and adolescents in general, but also among children and adolescents with serious and chronic diseases or conditions"

"Symptoms of COVID-19 can be difficult to distinguish from allergies"

"So far, studies show that there is little risk of long-term effects of mild COVID-19 among children and adolescents"

"Children who get COVID-19 usually have a mild disease course. The symptoms are usually mild & short-lived, & can be difficult to distinguish from other respiratory tract infections. In most cases, children & adolescents who are ill will not have COVID-19, but other infections"
Guidelines "are based on the infectivity of children & adolescents, & their right to education & social needs"

"The youngest children often do not complain about sore throats & body aches, but it is often noticed that they are getting sick when they whine more than usual"

"Children of primary school and childcare age who only have a runny nose and are otherwise in good form with no other signs of a new respiratory tract infection do not need to stay at home or be tested"

"Similarly, if the child has COVID-19, they must receive adequate care and attention from parents or others, even though this may mean that it is not possible to keep a distance."

Source (some of the quotes require click-through to other embedded links):


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10 Sep
Even in the Zerocovid police states of Australia& NZ, pediatricians talk more sense than those in USA regarding child Delta:

"Its important to note that many [child hospitalizations] were for social hospitalisation statistics do not provide a good marker of severity"
We "would like to reassure children and their parents that while the COVID delta variant has shown that
children are able to be infected and transmit COVID-19, COVID-19 is and generally remains a
mild infection in children."
"children are affected by...restrictions causing impacts on education and mental health.”

"Although one death has been recorded, the child in question was a 15-year-old boy who
was being treated for pneumococcal meningitis"
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9 Sep
As predicted, nothing in Biden's plan will accomplish anything other than to further & dangerously divide the nation

Interestingly, some data from the UK came out today that refutes everything in his plan (other than increasing treatments which is of course good)

Let's look...
1. "Vaccinating the Unvaccinated" (mandates for workplaces)

Case rates are comparable or higher in vaccinated adults than unvaccinated.

Seems like it should be a personal choice given it clearly doesn't stop transmission.
2. "Protecting the Vaccinated"

Ugh, isn't that what the vaccine is for?

Anyway, the data looks decent, though nothing like what we were promised.

As the prior chart demonstrates, transmission is not stopped by the vaccine anyhow, meaning it offers personal protection only.
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8 Sep
When COVID hit, I began hearing rumblings of a book called Unrestricted Warfare, written by 2 former Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) senior colonels & published by PLA

In short, it describes what war will look like in a post-nuclear, mutually assured destruction, age
I read the book cover to cover and I thought you might be interested in some quotes/passages I highlighted, which I encourage you to read w current events in mind.

“the media has become an immediate and integral part of warfare”

“China can pump propaganda into the American media while restricting American media’s access to the Chinese media landscape”

A non-military attack could “cause the enemy nation to fall into social panic, street riots, and a political crisis”

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26 Aug
A brief meandering thread

1. Many argue over the cost-benefit analysis of COVID measures (eg lockdowns, masks). This is jumping the gun: first, an actual benefit must be established, which has not occurred for either masks or lockdowns. So all we have are the immense costs.
2. "Odious debt" is a legal theory that sovereign debt incurred to oppress a population is unenforceable

Govts have spent $trillions locking ppl in their homes, promoting an environment of fear, closing schools & businesses, & banning worship, dating, & visitation of the ill 🤔
3. If Im being pessimistic, it strikes me we r basically in same place as 18 mths ago despite having implemented catastrophic lockdowns & administered billions of vax doses: w a virus that hits the elderly/comorbid very hard but which all others overcome w minor, if any, symptoms
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20 Aug
On Wed, Biden said he'll "say a lot more about children & schools next week"

I think a Natl mask mandate is coming. Why? To prevent disenrollment in pub schools & to prevent data frm showing it makes no difference

Consider this study on disenrollment bc of remote learning:
Just released today:

"Specifically, our estimates suggest that offering remote-only instruction increased disenrollment by
42 percent... relative to in-person instruction"

The same will hold for masks IF other options are available

Biden and the US left's continuing demand for masks on kids in schools is a complete world outlier. There is ZERO evidence of effectiveness (let alone cost-benefit analysis). It's pure sunk cost fallacy at this point given how rabid the debate has been.

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16 Aug
Another Potpourri COVID Thread

1. A reminder that the people who brought us "lockdowns" are not our friends and do not share our values. This should have been obvious from Day 1.
2. Los Angeles reinstated its indoor mask mandate on July 18 and, as usual, is trying to credit it for the decline in case growth. As with every "successful" intervention, however, it came well AFTER the R had already peaked on Jul 3
3. Lockdowns caused NYC rents to decrease for the first time since 1958. In Boise, Idaho, where people burned their masks at the State Capitol, rents are up 40% since Mar 2020 - the largest increase in the nation.
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