On the 4th anniv of the assassination of #GauriLankesh: a thread to remind us of the Hindu-supremacist terrorists who trained, armed & instigated her killers - and the fact that the same terrorists are targeting many of us today. Read where the case stands thenewsminute.com/article/gauri-…
Hindu-supremacist outfit @SanatanSanstha is named by SIT as responsible for the assassination of not only Gauri but activists and writers Dabholkar and Pansare, & academic Prof Kalburgi. All were targeted for writing against “Hindutva” - Hindu-supremacist ideology & politics.
Sanatan Sanstha, linked with a 2009 blast in Goa, shares its Goa HQ with @HinduJagrutiOrg . Both together organise a yearly All India Hindu Convention explicitly calling to turn secular India into a Hindu Nation in which minorities will be 2nd class citizens.
Speakers at the convention call for violence against Hindu women in the name of ‘rescue from love jihad’ - code for abduction & forced separation from Muslim lover/friend/husband. In 2013 then Gujarat CM & PM candidate @narendramodi sent a written greeting to the conference
In his greeting to the conference organised by terror-accused groups calling to overthrow secular India & create a Hindu Nation, Modi hinted that peace-loving Hindus could justifiably get violent to “resist inhuman tendencies”.
Today, Telegram channels of HJS are running videos saying Gauri authored “anti Hindu books”. Likewise their videos target me, as well as several other Indian academics and activists, claiming we are “anti Hindu”, effectively drawing a target on our backs.
HJS has written to @AmitShah @PIBHomeAffairs demanding action against Indians who speak against Hindu-supremacist ideology & violence. Acc to them, Hindu-supremacists must be exempt from intellectual scrutiny or political criticism & opposition.
When Modi said “by charging a Hindu @SadhviPragya_MP with participation in a bomb blast, NIA under a Congress regime called Hindu civilisation terrorist” he was speaking the language of the HJS and SS, asserting that killings by Hindu-supremacists must enjoy impunity.
If a Sikh or a Muslim or a Christian or Hindu commits a crime against humanity & is punished, decent members of their communities say the crime (not the punishment) is an insult to their faith. But Modi says no Hindu-supremacist must even be charged & tried for a crime!
By equating blasts & killings with “Hindu civilisation” aren’t Modi and HJS etc the ones “insulting Hindu civilisation”? Pragya Thakur openly keeps praising Gandhi’s assassin Godse as a patriot & her role model. Tell us @narendramodi @AmitShah - was Godse a terrorist? Yes or No?
In the same vein @jankibaat1 has been running a show attacking me as anti-Hindu based on a video clip of a few seconds. I have never spoken to this channel. The clip is from a long interview 2 kids from an FB page did - I challenge @pradip103 to air it in full. In the interview +
I spoke on why I oppose the Taliban in Afghanistan just as I oppose the Hindu-supremacist outfits that attack women’s & human rights in India. Likewise in the US, here is @briantylercohen comparing the Christian fanatic attacks on abortion rights in Texas with the Taliban.
My interview against Hindu supremacist terrorism has been twisted by @pradip103 to brand me “anti Hindu” and “anti Indian”. As I argued in my piece on Gauri, anchors like this bear a share of responsibility for her assassination. m.thewire.in/article/politi…
Also I want @pradip103 to disclose where he got the clip from. He claims it is an “exclusive tape”. Did he send two youngsters under a false identity to my home to take an interview? Because the clip is certainly from an interview I did with them not with @jankibaat1

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3 Sep
Dear @PreetiChoudhry the guy who just spoke on your show as a "riot victim" has himself admitted that men in a video with guns in their hands were "his boys"
. @SreenivasanJain had investigated riot videos from Brahmpuri and Pandit Shankar Lal Gautam had admitted it was "his boys" in this video, with the laughable claim that they were carrying "water pistols" to protect Hindus from Muslims!
The list of the dead provided by @DelhiPolice in an annexure to the affidavit submitted to the Delhi high court on July 13 establishes that 77% of the civilians killed – 40 out of 52 – were Muslim while the remaining 23%, or 12, were Hindu. Just a reminder
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17 Aug
One of the justifications for CAA was 'Muslims cannot face persecution in Islamic countries', an always-specious argument now more exposed by the horrific images of refugees (mostly Muslim) fleeing Afghanistan, clinging to & falling from wings of planes in the process. #thread
Ashamed that the Govt of India response now is to look at desperate Afghan refugees not as humans fleeing persecution & sure death, but from the view of whether or not they’re Muslim. That’s the Modi regime for you.
Disturbing to see otherwise decent liberal Indians say smugly & ignorantly about Afghanistan - “why didn’t they learn how to run the country as we did from the British Raj” or “how long can the US protect Afghanis, they’ve to learn to do it themselves”.
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14 Jun
On #Che93, here's a short note I wrote as a foreword for a book with Che's writings, drawing on Eduardo Galeano to understand why he & the Cuban revolution continues to be admired nearly a century later. To this, in the following tweets, I'll add more from Galeano on #CheGuevara
Of Che's remarkable decision to leave Cuba to join Bolivia's revolutionary movement where he was killed, Galeano wrote: "this is the unique case of a man abandoning a revolution already made by him and a handful of comrades, to throw himself into the launching of another." #Che93
Why did Che risk his life in Bolivia's revolution rather than enjoy the fruits of Cuba's revolution? Galeano answers: "the word solidarity offers the only key to understanding (Che), although it doesn’t appear in the vocabulary" of journalists #Che93 #CheGuevara
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29 Mar
I've had the most wonderful Holi celebrations on JNU campus & homes of friends in Allahabad, Patna. Likewise, I've faced sexual harassment on Holi, on streets everywhere. Lesson: Holi itself can be fun, beautiful. But to make sure Holi is fun for women, there's work for us
We need to acknowledge that Holi is widely used as a licence for sexual harassment. Only if we acknowledge it can we resist it. It's the sexual harassers who give Holi a bad name. Not the women who speak of their experiences of harassment. +
Here's an analogy: it's the priests who abuse children who give the Catholic Church a bad name, not the victims who speak up. Those who deny this happens widely, those who cover it up, are complicit. Likewise for Holi.
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17 Mar
Recently heard the podcast by @sikhyaent on Saravana Bhavan founder P Rajagopal, who stalked the young daughter of an employee & had her husband killed. Observations: the podcast's title ('Dosa King') glorifies PR, the script trivialises his crime, calling it a mere "scandal"
It refers to the whole stalking and murder episode as something that led to Rajagopal's "fall" - i.e a story of crime against a woman is turned into a story about the impact of the said crime on its perpetrator, not its victim.
It refers to the stalking victim as a fit antagonist for the protagonist Rajagopal, as Rajagopal's nemesis. But the point is, she set out to be neither. She didn't make him part of her life story. He forcibly, violently disrupted her life.
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1 Mar
How can I have anything but contempt for a CJI who asks a man who violently, repeatedly raped a minor girl, pushed her to attempt suicide, if he will marry his victim. How can any girl or woman in India be safe with CJIs like Gogoi & Bobde? #thread bit.ly/3b3yRI5
The accused stalked a Std 9th girl, entered the house in her family's absence, tied up, gagged & raped her. Then raped her repeatedly with threats of acid attacks, burning alive, killing her brother. The victim attempted suicide, then the mother got to know of the rape
At the police station, the mother was pressured by the accused's mother to sign a statement saying the accused wd marry the victim. This kind of 'compromise' is, by the way, a very common occurrence in police stations & even courts all over India bit.ly/3uLGRpk
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