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17 Jul
Kerala Catholic priest Robin Vadakkumchery, sentenced to 20 years in jail for raping & impregnating a minor girl, now "offers to marry" his victim. Rapists "offering to marry" their victims, is btw all too common in Indian courtrooms (see thread) thenewsminute.com/article/rapist…
In 2003, a nurse in Delhi's Shanti Mukand Hospital was raped, her eye gouged out, by a ward boy. Convicted for the crime, facing sentencing, the rapist offered to marry his victim. The judge ASKED THE VICTIM TO CONSIDER THE PROPOSAL for a day, delaying the sentencing!
The nurse said "(The rapist) made it sound like a favour. This was more shocking than the proposal itself. The most horrible thing in the whole business was the court having admitted such an application". Read Laxmi Murthy on this case
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4 Jul
We see the vile organised abuse bold women face from BJP backed troll armies. On the ground, the attacks are physical. AIPWA leaders Jeera Bharti in Mirzapur, UP, & Sohila Gupta in Siwan, Bihar have been subjected to organised attacks by BJP supported goons. #thread
उत्तर प्रदेश में AIPWA नेता जीरा भारती और बिहार में AIPWA नेता सोहिला गुप्ता पर भाजपा संरक्षित गुंडों द्वारा हमलों पर एक वीडियो बयान सुनें.
जीरा भारती पर हमले के बारे में पढ़ें viplavikisansandesh.page/article/mahila…
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20 May
MP Police beat up a man. Their apology: "You had a long beard. All are ashamed that they did this to a Hindu brother without knowing his identity. Whenever there is a Hindu-Muslim riot, police always supports the Hindus, beat Muslims brutally.” #Thread bit.ly/36dyQ0i
What's happening here? The MP cops are telling Bundele "we didn't beat you up coz you're Dalit/bahujan. We've friends from your caste. We beat you up coz we thought you were Muslim. You're a Hindu brother of ours, come, let's hate Muslims together."
Here on display is the institutional communal bias of India's police. The MP police is using the same strategies the Sangh: brutalise oppressed castes & then try to coopt them into the Sanghi fold by inviting them to bond over & share anti Muslim hatred. But IT FAILED.
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7 May
Thread of four videos #WithSafooraAgainstSlander
The first one, addressed to @sharmarekha in English. Women all over India and the world today are raising questions to NCW & PM about why Safoora is in jail, and why no action against Kapil Mishra & pro BJP trolls?
यह वीडियो राष्ट्रीय महिला आयोग @sharmarekha के नाम, कुछ सवाल, जिन्हें आज देश भर में और बाहर भी महिलाएं उठा रही हैं - #WithSafooraAgainstSlander
Questions to @PMOIndia @narendramodi #WithSafooraAgainstSlander
(video in English)
Women all over India are waiting and watching, Mr PM
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22 Mar
Reflections on #JantaCurfew and why it was a missed opportunity. It COULD have been an opportunity for people to understand and practice the principle of #Social_Distancing. Instead you had crowds celebrating the defeat of Corona at the hands of Modi ji. Why this fiasco?
Modi didn't use facts, logic, persuasion, empathy combined with a relief package to make it possible for all to actually practice #Social_Distancing. Instead he and the BJP relied on their usual staple - blind faith in the Great Leader, in a ritual, WA fake news.
The result was predictable. People thought Modi ji wanted a grand show of support which would miraculously chase away Corona - and they gave it to him. Not their fault. This fault rests with the leaders who discourage people from understanding principles & thinking for themselves
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3 Mar
A #thread on whether it's wrong to call Delhi violence a #pogrom. I request 🙏🏾 liberal friends, journalists, citizens, to please read with patience. I'm not looking to label, ridicule, but to clarify. Making this point at @YoungIndiaRises March for peace, justice, democracy also
So, it's a FACT that Muslims and Hindus have been killed in the violence. Every drop of blood shed, every life lost, is equally precious - and it is the Home Minister Amit Shah & Narendra Modi who have that every drop of blood on THEIR hands, on the hands of Delhi Police
Were you tempted to say there are "two sides"? Be honest, many feel this way. But the thing to note is that only ONE side had the Delhi Police, the State machinery on its side. Only ONE side cd hear Court say that "it's not the right time to file an FIR" +
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16 Feb
@ggreenwald @mehdirhasan @rezaaslan It's simple Glenn. Obama, Clinton supported Modi, as they did his predecessor Manmohan, in an attempt to woo India's market. Tulsi on the other hand supports and IS SUPPORTED by the fascist BJP and RSS, trots out their talking points on Kashmir, Gujarat. It's really +
@ggreenwald @mehdirhasan @rezaaslan Frustrating when someone of your calibre and integrity refuses to see the difference. It's insulting to us in India who are fighting BJP and RSS. Obama, despite his pro Modi op ed, snubbed Modi on his India visit by speaking pointedly about sectarian bigotry and violence.
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6 Feb
Last night, poet @Bappadittoh had a scary episode in Mumbai, at the hands of an @Uber driver and @MumbaiPolice cops (see screenshots): a glimpse of scary India under NPR NRC CAA, where every person will be incentivised to suspect & turn in others & police can harass everyone.
Basically an @Uber driver Rohit Singh (said he's from Bhopal) overheard an innocent phone conversation of a passenger, and called the cops to "turn in" and denounce @Bappadittoh as a "Communist" etc, and the police even discussed calling the ATS! This can happen to ANYONE.
The most chilling thing is, he said to @Bappadittoh : शुक्र करो की पुलिस के पास ले आया, कहीं और नहीं ले गया - be thankful I took you to the police, I could have taken you elsewhere. What a menacing threat - since "elsewhere" could mean lynching or death.
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30 Jan
Today marks the day Godse shot Gandhi ji dead.
Godse did this because he believed he was a patriot, Gandhi ji a traitor and "traitors should be shot dead" - desh ke gaddaron ko goli maaro.
Pragya Thakur is a BJP MP today BECAUSE she believes the same. #Thread
In classrooms we need to teach children who killed Gandhi ji and why. Godse killed Gandhi ji because he, Godse, hated Muslims and hated Gandhi for wanting Muslims to be equal citizens of India.
It's not important to deify Gandhi ji - many (Bhagat Singh, Ambedkar, for eg) disagreed with Gandhi ji in his lifetime. But they did not kill him or want him dead. Godse did.
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23 Jan
This is exactly what's called rape culture - Kangana Ranaut wishing for the veteran feminist crusader for women's rights @IJaising to face the same fate as Jyoti Singh. Short #Thread below on this.
My own organisation, while opposing death penalty in principle, sympathises with the anger & grief Jyoti's parents feel. We don't feel we have a right to tell grieving parents how to deal with that grief and rage. Our point: Death penalty offers society a fake solution for rape
So, I feel that neither Ms @IJaising nor anyone has any right to advice a grieving mother or parent on how to act. But we do have a right (& duty) to say "we are with you, we are against rape and rapists, but also against death penalty in principle".
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15 Jan
I held my tongue while Judge Kamini Lau was being lauded by all. We are desperate to grab at crumbs, I know, but we shd not. Today, she has imposed an outrageous 'tadipar' condition on @BhimArmyChief till Delhi polls. Not surprised. Why? Read on.
In 2007 Judge Lau jailed me for a week in Tihar in a most vindictive fashion for failing to meet a court date in a decade old case relating to protests following ex JNUSU president Comrade Chandrashekhar Prasad's killing. Made bail tougher when she saw my bailer was a DTC worker.
Since then she has given strange judgements recommending castration for rape, and saying Bangladeshi illegals are flooding India.
In short: more than any judges (who tend to have a God complex), I trust us, the people of India to protect democracy & Constitution.
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14 Jan
Tweets की कड़ी - #Thread

दविन्दर सिंह आला पुलिस अफसर हैं. आतंकियों को कश्मीर से दिल्ली लाते हुए पकड़े गए. J&K पुलिस ने कहा वे आतंकवादी हैं. अब NIA को उनका मसला सौंप दिया गया - सबूत मिटाने, उनके तार कहाँ जाके जुड़ते हैं, उसे ढंकने?
ऐसी क्या बात है कि दविन्दर की जहां जहां पोस्टिंग हुई, वहां आतंकी हमले होते गए - 2017 में शोपियां, 2019 में पुलवामा? अफजल गुरु की प्रताड़ना इन्होंने की, ये तो खुद स्वीकार किए हैं. अफजल ने कहा था कि इन्हीं के कहने पर वे एक शख्स को दिल्ली ले गए, गाड़ी और किराए का मकान दिलाए
अफजल ने कहा था कि उन्हें बाद में पता चला कि वह शख्स संसद पर हमले में शामिल था. दविन्दर जो आदेश देते थे, अफजल प्रताड़ना की डर से मानते थे. क्या दविन्दर संसद पर हमले में शामिल थे? उनके ऊपर कौन लोग हैं? किन लोगों के कहने पर आतंकियों को मदद करते थे? भाजपा शासन में ये हमले क्यों?
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12 Jan
Afzal Guru had in an affidavit named J&K police officer Davinder Singh as setting him up to take a Parltt Attack accused "Mohammad" to Delhi, rent a flat & buy a car for him. Singh is now said to have been "caught with Hizbul terrorists on way to Delhi". ndtv.com/india-news/dec…
Davinder Singh admitted he tortured Afzal. Afzal was hanged for doing what Singh coerced him to do. Today Singh is said to be caught "headed to Delhi with terrorists". Who protected Singh? Who are Singh's shadowy bosses? Why wasn't Singh's role in Parltt Attack ever probed?
Will Arnab and NaZee news who attack us for questioning whether Afzal's hanging was "justice" or the cover-up of justice, demand on behalf of the nation to know who are Davinder Singh's bosses, why a top cop is helping LeT & Hizbul?
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31 Dec 19
We, rightly, are fine with Hindus displaying their devoutness in progressive movements. In the 1990s, we had the slogan कण कण में व्यापे हैं राम, मत भड़काओ दंगा, लेकर उनका नाम.
Narmada Bachao Andolan rallying song is माँ रेवा तेरा पानी अमृत that sees river as goddess.
The song most associated with Gandhi is Vaishnava Janato, a bhajan that displays Hindu faith but is not communal. It's still sung in anti communal gatherings & protests.
So why should Muslims not raise slogans that display their faith without being communal?
At protest against anti Christian violence, I've known Christians to recite from the Bible, sing hymns. Haven't seen liberals object. Nor to (Hindu inspired) lamp lighting at functions. So is the discomfort for public display of faith in movements reserved for Muslims?
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28 Dec 19
#Thread on visit to #Muzaffarnagar, UP with @harsh_mander @natashabadhwar @JohnDayal @Sandeep_Saurav_ & many others.
In short: @UPPolice, PAC, RAF are the "rioters" - दंगाई - here, targeting & trashing Muslim homes (see video). Will try & post videos/pics as Internet allows
RAF was also involved in this destruction of Muslim homes singled out for being prosperous. One left his blue cap behind. Police, PAC, RAF doing this said, "Muslims will be thrown out of India, don't damage the floor or walls, after all, all this will one day belong to us"
Look at these images. Not a single plate or cup or shelf has been left whole. Each & every thing has been broken, under pretext of a "flag march" by PAC, RAF, police. In this home, there was only a woman with 3 children at night when the forces stormed in & trashed it.
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23 Dec 19
THREAD on religion requirement for Bank KYC:

Under SOP specified in letter dated 29.12.11 (UPA Govt) ANY refugee cd apply for Long Term Visa (LTV), if granted open Bank A/c.
In 2015 MoSha Gov started LTV category 4 non-Muslims frm Af, Pak, B'desh. Hence religion column in KYC
These details are all found in this 2018 doc on LTV now removed from MHA website is cached here, read it
Pl note that it took me 5 min to do this basic, quick fact-check. Why are Indian media houses not doing this, & instead running the GoI half-lie/half-truth that "No religion category for Indians in KYC"?
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7 Dec 19
In 2013 @ShekharGupta writing about #IshratJahan fake encounter, you rationalised custodial killings as “controlled killings”, said it was a "problem" to say “a fake encounter wd always b illegal.” Remember that sir, every time you complain about ISIS etc. indianexpress.com/article/opinio…
Also remember @ShekharGupta you trivialise allegations of rapes by armed forces as "a stereotype of the rough 90s". In 2004, Manorama was gang raped, killed w/ bullets in her genitals by Assam Rifles men, who said they shot her when she "tried to escape" thehindu.com/news/national/…
When you make light of rape-murders by armed forces who then use "encounter script" of "we shot escaping prisoner", you open the door to cops doing the same to pose as avengers of rapes. @ShekharGupta you shd take from feminists advice you're dishing out to others
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29 Nov 19
Thread on #VAW
4 persons Mohd Pasha, Shiva, Naveen, Chennakesavulu who work on lorries as driver and cleaners are being held for the rape & murder of #Priyankareddy. Sadly Twitter is trending RW communal hashtag #Balatkari_Mohammed_Nikala
Not #JusticeForPriyankaReddy
Isolating one Muslim name to use violence against women as fodder for communal scaremongering (100s of tweets saying "keep Hindu daughters safe from Muslims" etc) DIVERTS attention from the real solutions to prevent violence against women. #Priyankareddy #JusticeForPriyankaReddy
The #Priyankareddy case is reminiscent of the 16 Dec 2012 case, where we may remember a driver Ram Singh and various helpers were found guilty. We didn't blame Ram Singh's caste or community - we shouldn't blame the community to which accused belong
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29 Jul 19
Dear @BearGrylls - here's a thread on Modi & forests/environment. You should've researched this stuff, btw, before letting your show become part of Modi's image building agenda.
Modi Govt has given Modi crony Adani license to mine & destroy 170,000 hectares of dense forests in Central India. By amplifying his unverified claims of having lived in forests, you're helping him cover this up m.hindustantimes.com/india-news/cen…
Adani, a funder & backer of Modi's Islamophobic genocide for over a decade, is now backed by Modi in destroying the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, as this BBC report details bbc.com/news/world-asi…
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16 Jan 19
Mr @kotl you will be remembered in history for being persuaded to retrospectively lend your name to help a fascist grasp at a straw of international validation three months b4 a crucial election when Indians want to save their Constitution by ousting him dailyo.in/politics/hindu…
. @kotl the man you've been inveigled into endorsing on election eve is a fascist who's undermining India's Constitution & democratic institutions newsclick.in/how-modi-gover…
. @kotl you know what Jag Sheth told you about Modi bringing brilliant economic development for India? Yeah that's a lie. Read @guardian on Modi's signature demonetisation move theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
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3 Jan 19
"The core of Vande Mataram is a hymn to goddess Durga: this is so plain that there can be no debate about it.... no Mussulman can be expected patriotically to worship the ten-handed deity as ‘Swadesh’ [the nation]." - Tagore in a letter to Bose. #VandeMatram
"This year many of the special [Durga] Puja numbers of our magazines have quoted verses from Vande Mataram – proof that the editors take the song to be a hymn to Durga." Tagore in a letter to Bose on #VandeMatram
"The novel Anandamath is a work of literature, and so the
song (Vande Mataram) is appropriate in it. But Parliament is a place of union for all religious groups, and there the song cannot be appropriate." - Tagore in a letter to Bose on #VandeMatram
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