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23 Sep
First they came with the NRC, and I thought, what’s the harm with just identifying the “infiltrators”?

Then they called the “infiltrators” termites - and I said, that’s not nice, they’re just illegal immigrants.
Next they began evicting the illegals and demolishing their homes, and I said, well the indigenous do need the land, but can’t you clear the settlements after the rains?
And then I saw with horror - my own brother dancing with such glee on that human chest with a neat red hole in it, saying “it’s great to kill termites”.

And I asked in shock, how and when did this happen? When did my own brothers become addicted to this drug of hate?
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23 Sep
पहले वे आए NRC के बहाने और मुझे लगा घुसपैठी पहचानने में हर्ज क्या?
फिर उन्होंने कहा ये घुसपैठी तो “दीमक” हैं और मैंने सोचा, दीमक नहीं …पर घुसपैठी तो हैं न?
फिर मेरे ही भाई ने मरते हुए इंसान को “घुसपैठी दीमक” कहकर उसके छाती पर छलांग मार कर नाचा
- और मैंने पूछा - अरे ये सब कब और कैसे हुआ? मेरा सुंदर देश और मेरे ही भाई बहन कब हिटलरशाही नशा करने लगे? कब से इंसानों को दीमक मानने लगे?
… जवाब मेरे ही दिल ने मुझे दिया: ये सब तुम्हारे ही तो आँखों के सामने होता रहा.
तुम्हारे कानों ने सुना, आँखों ने देखा - पर खुद को तसल्ली देते रहे कि नागरिकों में से “घुसपैठी” चुनने के ख़तरनाक खेल को हम शांति से खेल लेंगे, समाज के इस समुद्र मंथन से कोई विष पैदा नहीं होगा, और होगा तो हमारे अपने इसमें धुत नहीं होंगे.
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5 Sep
On the 4th anniv of the assassination of #GauriLankesh: a thread to remind us of the Hindu-supremacist terrorists who trained, armed & instigated her killers - and the fact that the same terrorists are targeting many of us today. Read where the case stands thenewsminute.com/article/gauri-…
Hindu-supremacist outfit @SanatanSanstha is named by SIT as responsible for the assassination of not only Gauri but activists and writers Dabholkar and Pansare, & academic Prof Kalburgi. All were targeted for writing against “Hindutva” - Hindu-supremacist ideology & politics.
Sanatan Sanstha, linked with a 2009 blast in Goa, shares its Goa HQ with @HinduJagrutiOrg . Both together organise a yearly All India Hindu Convention explicitly calling to turn secular India into a Hindu Nation in which minorities will be 2nd class citizens.
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3 Sep
Dear @PreetiChoudhry the guy who just spoke on your show as a "riot victim" has himself admitted that men in a video with guns in their hands were "his boys"
. @SreenivasanJain had investigated riot videos from Brahmpuri and Pandit Shankar Lal Gautam had admitted it was "his boys" in this video, with the laughable claim that they were carrying "water pistols" to protect Hindus from Muslims!
The list of the dead provided by @DelhiPolice in an annexure to the affidavit submitted to the Delhi high court on July 13 establishes that 77% of the civilians killed – 40 out of 52 – were Muslim while the remaining 23%, or 12, were Hindu. Just a reminder
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17 Aug
One of the justifications for CAA was 'Muslims cannot face persecution in Islamic countries', an always-specious argument now more exposed by the horrific images of refugees (mostly Muslim) fleeing Afghanistan, clinging to & falling from wings of planes in the process. #thread
Ashamed that the Govt of India response now is to look at desperate Afghan refugees not as humans fleeing persecution & sure death, but from the view of whether or not they’re Muslim. That’s the Modi regime for you.
Disturbing to see otherwise decent liberal Indians say smugly & ignorantly about Afghanistan - “why didn’t they learn how to run the country as we did from the British Raj” or “how long can the US protect Afghanis, they’ve to learn to do it themselves”.
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14 Jun
On #Che93, here's a short note I wrote as a foreword for a book with Che's writings, drawing on Eduardo Galeano to understand why he & the Cuban revolution continues to be admired nearly a century later. To this, in the following tweets, I'll add more from Galeano on #CheGuevara
Of Che's remarkable decision to leave Cuba to join Bolivia's revolutionary movement where he was killed, Galeano wrote: "this is the unique case of a man abandoning a revolution already made by him and a handful of comrades, to throw himself into the launching of another." #Che93
Why did Che risk his life in Bolivia's revolution rather than enjoy the fruits of Cuba's revolution? Galeano answers: "the word solidarity offers the only key to understanding (Che), although it doesn’t appear in the vocabulary" of journalists #Che93 #CheGuevara
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29 Mar
I've had the most wonderful Holi celebrations on JNU campus & homes of friends in Allahabad, Patna. Likewise, I've faced sexual harassment on Holi, on streets everywhere. Lesson: Holi itself can be fun, beautiful. But to make sure Holi is fun for women, there's work for us
We need to acknowledge that Holi is widely used as a licence for sexual harassment. Only if we acknowledge it can we resist it. It's the sexual harassers who give Holi a bad name. Not the women who speak of their experiences of harassment. +
Here's an analogy: it's the priests who abuse children who give the Catholic Church a bad name, not the victims who speak up. Those who deny this happens widely, those who cover it up, are complicit. Likewise for Holi.
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17 Mar
Recently heard the podcast by @sikhyaent on Saravana Bhavan founder P Rajagopal, who stalked the young daughter of an employee & had her husband killed. Observations: the podcast's title ('Dosa King') glorifies PR, the script trivialises his crime, calling it a mere "scandal"
It refers to the whole stalking and murder episode as something that led to Rajagopal's "fall" - i.e a story of crime against a woman is turned into a story about the impact of the said crime on its perpetrator, not its victim.
It refers to the stalking victim as a fit antagonist for the protagonist Rajagopal, as Rajagopal's nemesis. But the point is, she set out to be neither. She didn't make him part of her life story. He forcibly, violently disrupted her life.
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1 Mar
How can I have anything but contempt for a CJI who asks a man who violently, repeatedly raped a minor girl, pushed her to attempt suicide, if he will marry his victim. How can any girl or woman in India be safe with CJIs like Gogoi & Bobde? #thread bit.ly/3b3yRI5
The accused stalked a Std 9th girl, entered the house in her family's absence, tied up, gagged & raped her. Then raped her repeatedly with threats of acid attacks, burning alive, killing her brother. The victim attempted suicide, then the mother got to know of the rape
At the police station, the mother was pressured by the accused's mother to sign a statement saying the accused wd marry the victim. This kind of 'compromise' is, by the way, a very common occurrence in police stations & even courts all over India bit.ly/3uLGRpk
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20 Feb
Please read the thread by @AudreyTruschke, and this one by me. The verdict that convicted Mahmood Farooqui of rape was a landmark one like the #PriyaRamani one of yesterday. The Feeble No verdict that overturned it is an affront to our legal system.
I had in mind the Farooqui case when I wrote yesterday about "campaigns (across political aisles) claiming that the amendments to India’s sexual violence laws in 2013 are “draconian” when applied to privileged men." indianexpress.com/article/opinio…
Remember, men's reputations survive even rape convictions. They survive even when the man has argued in trial court that he did not touch the woman, to turn around & be acquitted in the HC on the basis that he assumed she consented since her No was too feeble.
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19 Feb
Golwalkar in his own words - from Bunch of Thoughts, the RSS manifesto. @MinOfCultureGoI these are the ideas you're celebrating. @AmbLindnerIndia these are what you bowed to in Nagpur. These are the views which underpin Modi Govt policy.
For Golwalkar, Hindu = national, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Dalit, OBC, feminist, Tamil, Kannada, Manipuri etc = communal, separatist.
Golwalkar celebrated Islamophobic bigotry, decried calls for Hindu-Muslim unity
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19 Feb
Which thoughts are those, @MinOfCultureGoI? The one where he said the Nazi purge of Jews was something India "should learn and profit from"? Or - there's more, see thread.
Golwalkar: Muslims, Christians "must lose their separate existence to merge in the Hindu race, or may stay in the country, wholly subordinated to the Hindu Nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges —not even citizen’s rights." These his profound thoughts @MinOfCultureGoI?
Read Golwalkar's "Bunch of Thoughts" whom @MinOfCultureGoI is celebrating today. He said Sikh, Buddhist, Tamil, Dravidian, Dalit, OBC, feminist identities and causes were all anti national, divisive. He celebrated Islamophobic bigotry as national sentiment.
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18 Feb
FIR says a 9 Yr old girl in Bandipora, Kashmir, abducted and molested by 3 Army men. Military then "raids" her home to pressurise her parents to withdraw FIR. Shameful. But unsurprising. Why? See thread below m.thewire.in/article/rights…
Read this for some context of systemic sexual violence in conflict areas where there's virtually military rule theleaflet.in/major-gogoi-an…
Read this piece on the Handwara girl wandemag.com/handwara-girls…
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4 Feb
#Thread The FIR against @GretaThunberg isn't a joke. @DelhiPolice claims the toolkit is proof of a "conspiracy". In the protests against the Islamophobic citizenship law CAA, the same police used a WhatsApp group as pretext to arrest scores of activists for "conspiracy" to riot!
Likewise, members of the Elgar Parishad, who formed an anti fascist front and held a peaceful event which was attacked by far-right mobs, have been in jail for 3 years + now, accused of vague "conspiracies". In India under Modi, any plans to protest = conspiracy.
Meanwhile the @DelhiPolice did not even touch far-right Hindu supremacist hatemongers who instigated people to shoot Muslims & anti CAA protestors, and led rioting mobs to kill Muslims last year. Did not touch RW mobs that entered JNU campus, broke skulls of students & teachers
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2 Feb
. @guardian reports on #NavreetSingh death: Dr Basil Purdue, a pathologist registered with the UK Home Office who examined the video footage and postmortem, said: “To me this is one gunshot wound, possibly two, unless proved otherwise. You cannot get these injuries from a fall."
9 journalists face sedition & other criminal charges, for reporting on questions #NavreetSingh's family have about his death. The same lot that spent weeks claiming Sushant Singh Rajput's death was murder not suicide, brands it sedition to ask questions about Navreet's death!
Video footage, postmortem show a huge hole under Navreet's lip, and another one behind his ear on the other side, with brain matter spilling out. Gee, what could possibly explain two round holes on opposite sides of the head 🤔. Why prevent journalists from asking the obvious?
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23 Jan
It's the shrug in this tweet that is part of the problem. If you share the survey minus a context where you explain how constitutional morality (as opposed to majoritarian morality) is supposed to work in law-making & life, you make the results seem like a mandate. #journalism
Such findings are not surprising. What @IndiaToday @sardesairajdeep could do for context for eg: discuss SARI surveys which found that most Indians across caste lines want intercaste marriage outlawed. No govt said that's a mandate for such laws? Why not? thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/…
SARI surveys, which are high on context & analysis not clickbait, also found that a majority practices untouchability. That is not a mandate for legalising untouchability, and that needs to be underscored, explained when shared in media @IndiaToday
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27 Dec 20
21st century India: This @INCIndia MLA's demand that women be forced to seek parental consent to marry so as not to "hurt sentiments" of parents, is a reminder that BJP's poisonous "love jehad" lie flourishes in a larger climate of social & political hostility to women's autonomy
In my book, Fearless Freedom, I make the case that violence against the autonomy of women & LGBTQ persons is the most widespread and harmful kind of gender-based violence in India, one that hides in plain sight, masquerading as "safety" & protection. @PenguinIndia @sorcerical
If you are interested in understanding how India got to the point where a ruling party can openly seek to criminalise interfaith marriage with "love jehad" ordinances, if you want to understand how to fight back, do read #FearlessFreedom. (Yes, plugging my research, hard work!)
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21 Dec 20
My account in @thewire_in of meeting Muskan and Rashid, victims of a series of violent acts by the Bajrang Dal, and by a range of UP government authorities including the police, shelter home and hospital. thewire.in/communalism/up…
Advised by @SartajAlamIndia Muskan was taken to Bijnor, where she got an ultrasound done at a private clinic. The report shows that there are “retained products of conception” (foetal matter left over after a miscarriage or abortion) in her uterus.
The hospital denies causing Muskan to miscarry – but their denial rings false. They declared no miscarriage had occurred – which is now proven to be a lie. Most shockingly, in actions that befit a Mengele, they did not prescribe any antibiotics to Muskan after the miscarriage.
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20 Dec 20
कल कांठ, मुरादाबाद में AIPWA, AISA, और HRLN की टीम गई थी, UP के लव विरोधी अध्यादेश से पीड़ित दम्पत्ति मुस्कान और राशिद से मिलने. वहां दिए गए मेरे बयान का, और फिर राशिद और मुस्कान से बातचीत के वीडियो ke अंश इस ट्वीट की लड़ी में साझा किया है
फ़िल्मों में प्यार की कहानी देखो और अपने समाज में प्यार की हत्या होने दो - देश के लोगों को ऐसे ढोंग का विरोध करना चाहिए
मुस्कान के स्वास्थ्य का, उसके पेट में पलते बच्चे का जो नुकसान हुआ, उसका न्याय कैसे होगा?
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19 Dec 20
We - myself from AIPWA, @kawalpreetdu from @AISA_tweets and advocate Sneha from @HRLNIndia are in Kanth, #Moradabad to meet the Muskan and Rashid, the couple who are victims of illegal arrest, forced abortion by @UPPolice under the hateful ordinance passed by @myogiadityanath
We found that 1) Muskan is very weak after her miscarriage, and the Moradabad District Hospital where she was admitted has not given her the treatment papers, nor any course of antibiotics and painkillers to prevent post miscarriage infections that can affect fertility in future
2) The first dose of antibiotics & painkillers Muskan received is today - after we got her to speak on phone to a senior gynaecologist in Delhi, who explained that antibiotics are always prescribed following a miscarriage, to prevent infections.
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24 Oct 20
. @thirumaofficial quotes anti women stuff the Manusmriti says. @khushsundar & BJP twitter erupts in outrage, gets case filed against him. Folks, he's only QUOTING the Manusmriti! If you want to get offended, perhaps you should get offended at the Manusmriti?
That said, imho, it is far more necessary to discuss how Manu mandates that women be treated as property to be controlled by men (that's the quote Yogi A chose to amplify in his writing), than to cite shock value bits that imply he "treats women like prostitutes".
Manu continues to have power in the 21st century because across communities & ideologies, even among those who politics is anti Manuvad, the violence against women's autonomy (especially sexual autonomy) is rampant.
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