Every #RoshHashanah I reflect on this one prayer: Avinu Malekeinu. This prayer creates a strong juxtaposition: we provide to G-d deep reflection & merciful prayer for ourselves while, at the same time, demanding of G-d action for injustice others suffered at no fault of their own
It is easy for us to reflect inward on our own faults, sins, things we wish we had done, and seek mercy for those trespasses. But what can we say about our neighbors, the innocent, who suffer from pestilence, war, famine, captivity, destruction, iniquity, religious persecution?
For those neighbors, whether they live down the block, or around the world, we demand action from Avinu Malkeinu. But, these two concepts merge, as my rabbi once told me: if we treat our neighbors as we would treat ourselves, then we would not need mercy & the hungry would be fed
As we come through yet another tumultuous year, let us renew our faith in what new beginnings can bring us. #ShanaTova: may all of you have a sweet, peaceful, happy, healthy, and joyful New Year

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13 Sep
Thoughts on my Twitter conversations today w/ a few Republican strategists about COVID-19 & vaccine mandates (1) they are desperate to avoid topic ongoing death toll (and hospitalizations) & how more vaccines will ameliorate this horrible situation: they want to talk politics ...
Important here to emphasize: the Republicans are conceding that 1,000+ people are dying per day, that vaccine mandates will get people vaccinated and save lives, but they think that they can win the politics of the fight (2) Republicans acknowledge opposition is not that big ...
Republicans counting that like abortion & guns, the can create a bunch of one-issue (anti-vax) voters, that can overwhelm the vast majority of US that are pro-vax: fortunately pro-vax group is quite motivated right now & anti-vax group is already *very anti-Democratic* ...
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13 Sep
I have a tough time separating the love & respect NYC gets from media & politicians in 9/11 with the hatred & derision it gets from media & politicians for the other 364 day per year.
From the mocking delight that so many took in NYC's suffering & death in the spring of 2020, to Republican rally cry in the summer of 2020 to bankrupt NYC to general typecasting of NYC as a scary, dangerous place, when it is, in fact both safe & prosperous, funding the rest of US
2004 Republican convention was basically a big FU to NYC: hosted in a City that hated Bush, a reelection campaign built around using 9/11 to attack Iraq AND pushing a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage, mass protests were ignored & mocked by mainstream media.
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6 Sep
We have a nostalgia for factory jobs with good pay, benefits, time-off, safety, but for most of history factory jobs sucked: low pay, no benefits, brutal schedule, dangerous. It is collective bargaining of unions that made these jobs great, not the work itself …
Now that the work has moved to service sector, healthcare, etc we need to bring the fight to these sectors, make the type of jobs that exist, with high demand for workers, great: good pay, benefits, time-off, safe …
Owners of capital have massive bargaining power over workers, they have a lot more information than the workers about the work & more flexibility about who works when, only when workers unite, to bargain collectively can they get their fair shake from the owners …
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31 Aug
Unified pro-war, pro-Republican propaganda spewed by mainstream media over the last 2 weeks should terrify all of US.
America having two main groups of news media (1) Republican propaganda (2) Pro-war, Pro-corporation mainstream media, that dips into hardcore Pro-Republican propaganda to further pro-war & project false equivalency on US: terrible equilibrium for US.
Mainstream Media (2021) tries to spin miracle (popular) withdrawal from Afghanistan into biggest disaster in US history (2016) elects Trump w/ bad-faith attacks on Clinton's email server (2010-2016) drags down ObamaCare, helping to block Medicaid expansion & elect Republicans ...
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30 Aug
George W. Bush is one of the 5 worst presidents in US history: 2 failed wars, Katrina, Great Recession, Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage (failed).
Trump also in top 5 worst: Muslim ban (cruelty), support for white supremacist terrorist in Charlottesville & others, making US pay him to fly to his resorts (corruption), accepting support for Putin (disloyalty to US), selling our security for personal gain (authoritarianism) …
And, in his final year: complete failure to contain COVID-19 (incompetence), putting his son-in-law in charge (corruption), then orchestrating an insurrection against US when he lost re-election. Not recency bias or coincidence that last 2 Republicans both 2 of worst of all time.
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30 Aug
Every day mainstream media *chooses* what topics to cover & how to cover them: there are *very few* stories that mainstream media *needs* to cover on any day. Right now the mainstream media is choosing to make Afghanistan withdrawal the top story & choosing to make it a disaster.
Mainstream media could *choose* to frame withdrawal as massive success: 116,700 evacuated since 8/14 from war zone (when MSM demanded we could never get 50,000 out). Or, they could focus on US nearing 1,000 deaths/day from COVID-19.
When mainstream media does talk about COVID-19 they tend to frame it in terms of the political fight, who to blame & who will win. Instead, instead they could focus need for vaccines, need for cheap/plentiful testing, etc.
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