I just saw a post by a high schooler who was talking about the environmental impact of obesity. They brought up the notion that it costs more water to grow more cotton to create a shirt for someone my size. They state, emphatically, that we should not make larger sizes.
My guy, I'm just trying to go to work and keep my job. I gotta have clothing. It's a necessity. I gotta have stuff that fits so I can go out and work out so I can lose my weight.

All I'm trying to do is live.
When I'm talking about fat positivity and pride, loving my body for who I am, I'm not saying I'm not healthy. I fully realize the stress the weight puts on my joints, I can feel it tear my heart to shreds. I am keenly aware of my lack of mobility.
But I've never been allowed to love my self, even when I wasn't actually overweight and people just decided I was, so they would beat me up over it.

Can I not work out and have clothing that flatters my shape in the slightest? Can I not hate myself, for one minute?
Do I have to be disgusted with myself because you are uncomfortable with my existence? How much more punishment do I have to have for the sin of self medicating my untreated ADHD with whatever gave me the dopamine?
How much more do I have to suffer for drowning my depression and PTSD from an assault?

It's gonna take time, man. It's not an overnight thing. I can't just eat one salad and be done.
These are years of bad habits. These are decades of the wrong coping skills while fighting a brain that literally makes picking up anything that causes a reduction in dopamine to shut me the fuck down.
Why do I have to fucking hate myself at the same time I lose weight?

To the frat bro with the long ass post about how far positivity is evil (a separate person) you advocate for .w to lose my job because of "a lack of productivity and motivation" how the hell am I supposed
To survive and lose weight if I don't have a fucking job?

Like what the absolute hell. I'm sorry that I take up so much space on an airplane random dude with 157 numbers after my name I got to get from point a to point B and I don't like it more than you do.
33 years people have been making me feel awful for breathing. Could you all lay off for five fucking minutes? Please. I'm on my knees fucking begging you.


• • •

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9 Sep
How to do the mentally unstable, unreliable narrator trope without being ableist.

1. The protagonist is not evil

2. The people around them are trying to help them

3. Their doctors are not on some big pharma kick and actually care about their patients.
4. The character cannot tell what is real or hallucination. They are aware, and that is why they are seeking help.

5. The protagonist is not a danger to others, may be a danger to themselves, but are a capable adult just dealing with a sickness no different than cancer
6. The protagonist DOES have the mental illness they are diagnosed with.

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Out there is (or at least was) a variant of Odin who showed all three children the love and affection that they needed.

He valued Hel for her tactical brilliance, and raised her not to be a butcher but a leader.
Thor got to be the lovable himbo middle child who got two really awesome best friends.... Even if he doesn't realize his own strength and why they both get super annoyed with him sometimes
Loki is the doted on younger brother who gets to throw himself into his magical studies. He has a cool older goth sister that helps him not be an egotistical little shit... And is the reason why his pranks on Thor still contain stabbing.
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Gregg Abbott claims they don't need an exemption for rape in the Texas Laws because they are going to "remove all rapists from the streets"

Buddy, you can't remove all rapists from your own party.
I'm not even saying this flippantly.

Most rapes and sexual assaults go under reported.

And, cops aren't trained to handle how trauma effects memory in the first place, let alone take it seriously leading to survivors not coming forward npr.org/sections/healt…
The. There is the fact that the justice system treats it like a joke as a whole. According to RAINN  for every 1,000 rapes, 384 are reported to police, 57 result in an arrest, 11 are referred for prosecution, 7 result in a felony conviction, and 6 result in incarceration.
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4 Apr 20
So, one of my biggest complaints about D&D is how it treats races.

Ability scores have no place being in races. Saying all orcs are naturally stupid so they get a negative bonus to that smacks of eugenics.

Speed really should be a math equation like AC and passive perception
Because you can work on being faster than you are, and I've know many a person smaller than myself to be speedy dexterous little shits
And if we are looking at some of the magical bonuses you get... Any of them could be considered cultural teachings, but how they are written sound a hell of a lot like stereotypes that have been wished I to existence by magic. "All Halflings are lucky!"
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