"10 Habits for Wisdom"

1. Hang out with people who can challenge you intellectually

Be open-minded to other people’s points of view, discuss topics that you may want to learn from them, & gain insights & understanding of things you haven’t known before.
Always be willing to have deep and meaningful conversations instead of small talks and avoiding them at all.
2. Do new things that are unfamiliar to you

We learn from experience, so what’s stopping you from trying out new things?

Challenge yourself in new ways and be able to apply your gained knowledge to improve your everyday life.
3. Write more

Whether in a journal or in a blog, write more!

Writing, in general, can help you become more creative in the process which boosts your intelligence as creativity requires thinking out of the box and helps generate ideas.
4. Learn a new skill and make it a habit to improve regularly

Learning a new skill ensures that you keep yourself challenged and helps your brain stay active.

It means you are open to learning and improving yourself to become a better person than you once were.
5. Meditate

Meditating changes the structure of the brain, it will help you become more focused, makes you feel less stressed, healthier, self-composed gives you a lot of knowledge about yourself that you don’t usually notice,
- and develop self-awareness of what is going on inside your mind that can help control all the negative thoughts that you have and improve emotional intelligence.
6. Listen and ask questions.

Wisdom implies listening.
You struggle with listening. You want to be heard.

True sages don’t struggle with this. They have much to learn, and you can’t learn with your mouth open.
7. Learn a new language

No, you don’t need to become quickly fluent or trot off to a foreign country to master the language of your choosing.

You can work away steadily from the comfort of your desk and still reap the mental rewards.
8. Make a “Did” List

A big part of intelligence is confidence and happiness, so boost both by pausing to list not the things you have yet to do, but rather all the things you’ve already accomplished.
9. Make time to reflect

We’re all so distracted, it’s easy to dash from one thing to another without pausing to consider what it means.

Make time to pause and reflect–reflection is an important part of the learning process.
10. Read books or articles online daily

be smarter about your time spent onlin.
Research and read physical books and articles online that might help give you wisdom, no matter if you’re doing it out of curiosity.
Unwanted thoughts cause plenty:

- distress
- frustrations You’re not alone in wanting to make them go away.
Work on your mental models:

• control of mind
• focus on what matters
• understand how the world works

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