"89 Psychology Hacks to Crush Procrastination"

1. Respect your time

2. Get into the flow

3. Remove online temptations

4. Set a barrier to entry
5. Turn off alerts

6. Avoid visual distractions

7. Learn to say NO

8. Daydream about success
9. Find productive ways to procrastinate

10. For the stuff you’re stuck on, try using a Power Hour

11. Set exciting goals

12. Live in proactive mode
13. Make verbal commitments

14. Focus on five goals and eliminate the rest

15. Batch similar tasks

16. Start every task with a verb
17. Set a deadline for each task.

18. Prioritize

19. Plan for Monday on Friday

20. Use The Rule of Three to rule your day
21. Delegate

22. Outsource

23. Identify clear targets

24. Break tasks into smaller chunks
25. Schedule work time in blocks

26. Give yourself less time than needed

27. Set timer for tasks

28. Create to-do lists
29. Cross things off your to-do list

30. Know The “One Thing”

31. Ignore daily news

32. Unsubscribe from newsletters
33. Only read industry news

34. Learn while commuting

35. Two-minute rule

36. Pareto principle
37. Eat the frog

38. Plan ahead

39. Visualize your goals as already accomplished

40. Your brain is for processing, not storage
41. Focus on the outcome

42. Be effective, not efficient

43. Start with a clear agenda

44. Use productivity tools
45. Make temporary commitments

46. Set up a “Distraction” list.

47. Try aeroplane days

48. Find your biological prime time
49. Eliminate the non-essential

50. Multitasking doesn’t work

51. Check email 3-5 times per day

52. Set an email-answering hour
53. Create email reply templates

54. Establish a “Reply by X day” folder

55. Turn yesterday’s emails into today’s to-do list

56. Organize your workspace
57. Declutter

58. Optimize your work process

59. Replace five tools with a single one

60. Manage your attention
61. Do homework before the real work

62. Take periodic breaks

63. Evaluate your achievements

64. Silence your inner perfectionist
65. Quit to win

66. Invest in good headphones

67. Listen to background sounds

68. Improve your typing speed
69. Learn to speed read

70. Attend fewer meetings

71. Cut the meeting time to 30 minutes

72. File the agenda
73. Leave less-important meeting in the other half of day

74. Have “No-meetings” days

75. Use scheduling tools

76. Work from home
77. Surround yourself with success

78. Regard problems as challenges

79. Schedule 1-2 hours just for yourself

80. Get enough Magnesium
81. Drink coffee strategically.

82. Fall in love with your job

83. Focus on the present

84. Do it for 10,000 hours
85. Set a weekly goal

86. Create personal rituals

87. Try power posing

88. Slow down and reflect

89. Just start
Do you need more discipline in your life?

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1. They Take Action:

It is important to organize, plan, & set priorities, but without action, a plan is nothing more than potential.

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2. They don’t wait for anyone else to motivate them:

True motivated is self-motivation.

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Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.

You can also set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes and commit to doing your task until it goes off, usually just starting will give you momentum and you’ll be likely to continue for longer.
2. Comparison

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