I would like everyone to take a moment to look at the obscene headline on the filth Zinnia's linking here and explain to me why people think it is OK to talk about absolutely any group of people like that.

Like what kind of a fit would people have if someone lead off a headline
talking about, I dunno, "the extra wide dark bump-ringed areolae of call center workers" or something? Would we not all immediately demand to know how the hell that ever made it to print?
And before anyone points out the metaphorical usage of that particular phrase to refer to unchecked egos and power moves, it is quite clear that bigots ARE, in fact, literally invoking vivid physical descriptions of how they imagine the genitals of the objects of their fixations.
That said, the metaphorical usage would be a downright baffling way to talk about a demographic that constantly walks on egg-shells because we get murdered at such a high rate half of us don't live to see 30, if I recall the statistics.

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14 Sep
I don't know if anyone was actually following me for this, but it's been a while since I've talked at all about the whole mess we'll call "the Wi Spa thing" and people who HAVE been talking it for the past... entire time it's been a thing have been continuing to do so via asses.
So here's a vague overview where I'm going to be intentionally fuzzy about a lot of details because from where I sit, that's the only remotely ethical way to bring people up to speed on this.

So on July 3rd, a raving far right weirdo walked into a spa in LA and recorded a video
wherein she screamed a whole bunch of completely unhinged gibberish which, if I properly recall, mainly consisted of a bunch of ranting about people burning in hell, a man exposing his genitalia to little girls in a hottub and/or changing room, and a lot of thrusting her camera
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13 Sep
I see a lot of people today are once again talking about that one old stalker of mine who got himself booted off this website permanently after years of vile behavior most notably including trying to shut down a children's charity, and I have two main thoughts on the matter.
The first and honestly more important is that it's all very rude of you to keep mentioning him where I can see it because it is so incredibly rare for any of the awful people who have spent years using this website to make my life hell to actually get kicked out, I cherish that.
The second is that he's apparently pursuing frivolous lawsuits against various people for talking about him, and I'm reasonably certain he can't do that to me since I'm both American and unemployed. So, have some golden oldies? Upthread and what's nested.
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12 Sep
Writing prompt accepted. Transphobia in reality vs. cis people's weird fantasy version of it.

So there's this weirdly popular myth, which people buy into to varying degrees, but at the most brutal end it goes like this:

We've got these people we call trans women, who look like
men but you have to call them women, because they have some weird brain thing and going against it is just completely devastating to them.

And some of the more worldly ones will also add on to that that there's people who look like women but you gotta call them "them" or "enby."
Obviously this is all complete BS and I am also being a bit tongue in cheek assuming people this removed from reality just full on do not comprehend that trans men exist or AMAB nonbinary people etc. etc. the 101 class is still over here if anyone is new: secretgamergirl.tumblr.com/post/186627278…
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11 Sep
... OK, just to make it clear, there is not, and inherently can never be, a "non-scam use" for "NFTs."

The entire PREMISE is inherently a scam, confusing people into thinking they are purchasing... something (I don't know what people actually think it is they get, and I'm not
sure they even have a clear idea, almost tempted to survey) when they are in fact just forking over huge sums of money to someone in exchange for them popping an imgur url or whatever into what's essentially just tinyurl.com but worse.

And THAT whole fraudulent trade
is really only happening to inflate the perceived value of bitcoin, because my little "but worse" there is doing the real heavy lifting of "incrementing the totally arbitrary counter that is 'the blockchain' that by design requires someone to burn even more fossil fuels than last
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11 Sep
Just saw one of those "it would magically solve all harassment if everyone had to use their full legal name as a handle" dudes, and while I am too tired to spend the hour it'd take once again laying out how this would do absolutely nothing to reduce harassment and place targets
of such in such extreme harm they would have to completely abandon all such platforms (not to mention things like all the trans people and people with non-Christian names constantly tossed off Facebook due to their "suspicious name" policy) but I really genuinely have to ask:
In the year 2021 are there still people out there so disconnected from reality that they genuinely believe the reason Twitter is a hotbed of harassment is that the people who run twitter can't pin down the people doing the harassment?

Like, forget how thoroughly you have to have
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10 Sep
If I had a dollar for every time someone I'd previously thought was a friend cut all ties with me and started blindly nodding along with every wild baseless rumor and"bad vibe" that crossed their path with this as their only justification, I could always pay my rent and utilities
"I don't know, I mean, I've heard some things..."

Yeah, no shit. There are literally people out there whose entire lives boil down to waking up in the morning, finding lists of trans women, and starting rumors about them all being baby-eating puppy-kickers who blight everyone's

Similar things get floated around about every marginalized group, and I kinda figure if you're in "social justice spaces" that's something you are, in fact, aware of. And if there's a particular minority about whom you think "well maybe THESE claims are worth considering"
Read 5 tweets

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