$FUV Hey... @nardopolo... question... I know you vehemently denied the things in the Bonitas short report, done a while back (where they claimed, since Dec. 2018 you had 19 recalls); yet, according to NHTSA's website, you now have seen a total of 61 recalls, vs. a total of 3...
... recalls for the other 10 EV motorcycles currently avaiable from the other EV motobike makers out there (i.e., Harley-Davidson LiveWire + Zero SR/F + Lightining LS-218 + Eneergica Eva Ribelle + Lightining Strike + Monday Motorbikes Gen7 + CSC City Slicker +...
... Curtiss Motorcycles Zeus Radial V8 + Evoke Urban S and Urban Classic + Electra Meccanica Solo). That's 61 recalls for Acrimoto vs. 3 recalls for the rest of the entire EV motorbike filed (based on my calculations, and NHTSA's website). Are your bikes...
... less safe (I understand new cars have a lot of recalls, but you've been in biz 11yrs, correct)? NOT saying they're not, but I found that statistic rather interesting. And... when are we chatting? nhtsa.gov/recalls

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10 Sep
Cool. You didn't really address why you've had a total of 61 recalls vs. just 3 for the rest of the entire US motobike industry (i.e., 10 players combined), but maybe we can take this offline. However, is the below chart still accurate (based on your 2Q orders, assuming no new...
... orders, you've converted only ~12% of your pre-orders; if yes, can you understand why some may see your reported pre-orders as "sketchy")? Also, can you explain why on November 19, 2020 you announced a 90-day trial period with the City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s...
... office as a potential first responder vehicle, which sent your stock price MUCH higher to $9/shr from $20/shr within 2 days; yet, a day before, on Nov. 18, 2020, the day before your Orlando 90-day first responder trial period was announced, Arcimoto filed a safety recall...
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10 Sep
1/21 A thread on why we feel TSLA's "billions of miles collected" claim is likely false. So, to answer your question, which I'm sure you understand is not an easy topic for non-experts (98.9% of all those on twitter who opine) to understand, you have to know that TSLA collects...
2/21... video in 10 second intervals. Yet, the only mandatory collection events are accidents and AEB actuations. TSLA CAN request specific events from the fleet (subject to the 10 second video limits obviously) and they do. But they seek for VERY SPECIFIC conditions for the...
3/21... most part; so all those "I had something rare happen and now Tesla has a record of it" is for the most part "pie in the sky". Stated differently, unless you happened to have a "trigger" for that specific condition running - nothing is collected. There's a #'r of polls...
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8 Sep
"Goes for jugular"? Hahaha... what did they say that's wrong? Because US regulators do nothing to stop alleged abuses by TSLA does NOT mean the abuses aren't occurring. Maybe, @Reuters should stop doing "stories" on E. Musk tweets (word for word), and actual do some...
... journalistic digging to see if: (1) the allegations that 10 people have died relying on TSLA's autopilot tech are real tesladeaths.com, (2) TSLA has collected billions of miles of driving data as the company claims (ask where these miles are stored, and how they...
... are transmitted OTA real time for starters), (3) has TSLA invested anything to begin producing a "Model 2" car as claimed, (4) beyond the $3 of patents purchased from Springpower Intl. ahead of battery day, WHAT has been invested to make 4680 battery cells work, (5) Why...
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5 Sep
1/7 Tesla Market Share - "a Thread". So, @iamtomnash - via his plagiarism of "incorrect work" from @jpr007 - claimed that TSLA has taken over VW as the leading seller of EVs in Norway in 3Q21. As detailed below, this claim is demonstrably incorrect, yet has been repeated...
2/7... on twitter thousands of times. And, by way of background, due to competition, Norway fell to 8.8% of TSLA's EU sales in 2020 vs. 17.1% in 2019 and 29.4% in 2018 (i.e., it's simply not a key market anymore). So what about the U.S., China, and the EU overall? How's...
3/7... TSLA's market share doing in these three key EV markets? Well, in the U.S., where the only competition currently is the Chevy Bolt (which was completely recalled) and the Mach-E, TSLA's market shr peaked at 82% in 1H20, falling to 79% in 2020, and has fallen further to...
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14 Aug
$AMC 1/6 Wow. That's all I can say is WOW. When assessing what a stock is worth, you typically look at the current value of its assets, how profitable it will be in the future, and the amount & seniority of any other competing claims against those assets and earnings. So, when...
2/6... considering AMC lost $343mn in 2Q20, has current assets of $2.0bn vs. current liabilities of $1.6bn, and has debt outstanding of $11.1bn (much of which is trading at distressed levels) vs. cash of $1.8bn (and $5.4bn of "hard debt" looking at its capital table),... Image
3/6... and an equity value of ~$17bn (and free-cash-flow burn of ~$255mn/qtr) not to mention it was dying a slow death before COVID hit due to the explosive growth of the streaming industry and its dire impact on movie theatre operators, what is @cvpayne basing his price...
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13 Aug
1/4 TSLA's market share in China is collapsing to both the big legacy vendor (i.e., BYD) and the new EV start up IPOs (i.e., NIO + Li Auto + Xpeng). While many are quick to point to TSLA's exports from China to Europe as a reason for this, TSLA isn't gaining share in the EU... Image
2/4... either. In fact, it's fair to say TSLA is maintaining JUST 6-7% share in the EU NEV market (from 22% share in 3Q19); keep in mind that TSLA exported just 8.210K MIC Model Y cars to the EU in July, or ~32.6K/yr (TSLA ships its full quarter's worth of demand from Shanghai... Image
3/4... in the first month of the qtr), meaning a 500K car/yr plant in Germany may be ILL ADVISED. While one bull argument is the dominant player (BYD in this case) in a rapidly growing market loses market share as competitors flood the space, the data simply does not agree... Image
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