This week is a reminder that politicians win battles by painstakingly amassing comprehensive legal cases before taking a big swing, so it’ll withstand inevitable legal challenges.

Winning has NOTHING to do with the “why don’t Democrats grow a spine” rhetoric coming from morons.
95% of politics takes place behind the scenes, and is all about setting the stage for making sure your big deigns can actually succeed.

Every pundit knows this.

Most pundits present politics 59 you as a simplistic fantasy land anyway, in order to pander to you.
Most political activists have a child’s understanding of politics, both because they want to pretend it’s a spectator sport, and because most pundits are invested in keeping their audiences stupid. Until you figure this out, you’ll continue to be confused everything that happens.
At least most of you have finally stopped whining about “why don’t the Democrats DO something” and “all hope is lost.” But many of you are still asking why Biden didn’t do this sooner, as if it were just a matter of him waving a magic wand. You still don’t get any of it.
Biden and his legal team (including Merrick Garland, the guy you waste your life trying to sabotage) have spent all this time painstakingly crafting the legal basis for Biden’s big swing, so it wouldn’t be overruled by the courts. It could not have been (successfully) done sooner
Most of you are still so clueless about politics, it’s like you’re watching football, thinking it’s baseball, and demanding it be played like basketball. You’re that clueless. But the media and the pundits want you this clueless, so you remain easy to pander to.
It also means you’re basically useless as an activist, because you don’t know what’s even happening, and you waste most of your time inaccurately whining about your own side - which costs your side votes when you do it loudly enough.
Biden and his team are basically scoring these victories through sheer force of will, with almost no help from liberal “activists,” because all that most of you do is whine like babies about Biden and sabotage him in the process.
Please for the love of God, make an effort to understand how politics really works. Stop sabotaging your own side why whining like a clueless two year old. Start supporting your own side for once in your life. This is too inept and for you to be this fucking clueless.
Right wingers are doing us a huge favor this week by becoming whiny self-sabotaging “all hope is lost” crybabies. They’re costing their side votes with that shit. Now, will we finally knock that shit off and decide to support Biden and the Democrats like the winners they are?

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16 Sep
In spite of sensationalist headlines, January 6th wasn’t a “test run” for anything. It was a one off, based on the element of surprise and Trump still having control of federal law enforcement, and it still failed miserably. Just as January 20th was non event, so will Sept 18th.
That doesn’t mean we can just ignore Sept 18th. Whenever right wingers threaten to gear up for something, the government must always meet them with much stronger forces, so the right wingers will cower like the snowflakes they are. Which is what the government is going to do.
The point is, YOU shouldn’t cower. Spend all day on Sept 18th making fun of these right wingers for being the whiny fragile losers that they are. Do NOT assign them imaginary magical powers to overthrow the government; that only gives them leverage that they don’t otherwise have.
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15 Sep
As a liberal activist, your ONLY message today should be “Democrats won in a blowout because they’re great.” That’s it. That’s the message. That’s how you fire up the liberal base. It’s how you get people in the middle interested in voting Democrat next time. It’s that simple.
Don’t get lost in the weeds by lamenting about how the recall election shouldn’t even have happened, or how it could have succeeded if things had gone a certain way. None of that messaging is ever effective in rallying or attracting anyone to your cause.
You want your side to be seen as winners. It’s what attracts more volunteers, donors, activists, and voters. Winning is contagious.

No one wants to fight hard for, or even bother voting for, what they’re being told is a lost cause anyway or a hollow victory.
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15 Sep
Everyone on CNN and MSNBC hopes to remain on the air just by being insightful. But some of them eventually realize it’s not going to happen, so they resort to saying absurd things to try to stir up enough ratings to keep their job that way. It explains Chuck Todd and many others.
Kasie Hunt didn’t work out at MSNBC. Now she’s got a second (and likely last) chance at CNN. Instead of trying to be insightful and hoping it’s enough, she’s skipping straight to saying absurd things to stir up controversy, in the hope people will hate-watch her.
It’s doubtful any political analyst truly WANTS to be hate-watched, ratioed, only relevant due to being seen as a punchline, etc.

But if and when you realize it’s the only thing that’ll keep you on TV, it’s either humiliate yourself, or give up on your TV dreams altogether.
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15 Sep
Here's how it'll go: Senate will vote on the latest revised voting rights act this month. It'll fail 50-50 by design. Biden will then use it as a rallying cry and apply major pressure on Manchin and Sinema to exempt it from the filibuster. Biden should win that fight eventually.
Keep in mind that while Biden is super savvy (and the President), and Manchin and Sinema are lightweights, Biden will still need us to apply pressure to them. Call, write, etc.

The "Manchin and Sinema will never cave" defeatists will need to shut up and let us fight and win.
Keep in mind that the midterms are still more than a year away. This is a long term play, not some panic move. It's more important to succeed than it is to rush it.
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15 Sep
MSNBC can't scare viewers into staying tuned in by suggesting Newsom might lose tonight, since most viewers know he's very likely to win. So instead MSNBC is trying to scare viewers by suddenly suggesting... Wisconsin might be overturned? Cable news will do anything for ratings.
If Newson were ahead in the polls by 5 points, every MSNBC segment tonight would be based on the narrative that he's likely to lose.

Instead he's ahead in the polls by 15 points, so the recall race is getting about two minutes per hour of coverage tonight.
Which is a shame, because there's a huge story here. If Newsom does win in a blowout, it'll mean the "Resistance" (or whatever we call ourselves these days) can still mobilize and dominate in elections – including Virginia this November, and in the midterms in 2022.
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14 Sep
It would have been literally impossible for Mike Pence to magically overturn the election results even if he wanted to. So no, we were not one Dan Quayle phone call away from Trump magically remaining in power forever. Can we stop with this sensationalistic nonsense already?
January 6th had literally zero chance of magically keeping Trump in power, no matter how it might have played out. The notion that he almost magically “pulled it off” it’s a child’s fairy tale invented by the media to boost ratings and infantilize viewers.
The Capitol attack cost Trump his social media presence, his financial prospects, and his political future. It destroyed him. What’s more, there was no other possible outcome. Trump threw his life away that day, in the zero/chance hope of getting back what he’d lost.
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