Late night of September 10, 2001, I landed at Dulles airport. Had flown in from San Francisco

I had a 9 am meeting the next day

A joint VA / DOD meeting about improving preventive care for veterans and members of the military

The meeting was to be held at the Pentagon

Had booked a hotel next to the Pentagon in Crystal City

Getting off the plane, I realized meeting had been moved

Construction at the Pentagon so meeting was moved to VA headquarters, near the White House

Next morning at 9:10, meeting began and beepers started going off

All the DOD personnel left

By 9:30, meeting was adjourned and we evacuated the building

I walked out and strolled towards the White House, was stopped by police

Standing around, heard that WTC had been attacked

My mom, brother were in lower Manhattan near WTC that day

Couldn't get cell service, Metro station was packed

So walked for a bit, got on at a different Metro stop, took train which went by Pentagon but didn't stop there

We could smell the smoke

Made it back to my hotel by noon

My mailbox was full

My mom and brother were fine

My family thought I had been at the Pentagon

VM messages from them, every 10 minutes, each more desperate than the last

I called them and could hear the huge relief in their voices

Over the next 5 days, sat in the hotel room, trying to get back to SF

And had a few reflections
I thought about all the families who also had left desperate messages but never heard back

Watching the news and President Bush's response,

I felt deeply American

And committed to doing what I could to love this country that had given me so much

One small commitment I made that week was to dedicate my life to caring for veterans

It was a very small way to give back

So many painful reflections of loss on this anniversary

For a while, 9/11 also created a shared sense of purpose

I hope we can capture that again


• • •

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12 Sep
Quick update on the state of the pandemic in the US

The fourth wave has peaked and is turning down

The downturn is broad-based

What happens next is up to us

So lets start with where we are

Infections down about 10% from the peak

Deaths will turn around soon as well

Thread Image
Beyond the national picture, its always worth looking at the Big 4: CA, TX, FL, and NY

Together, about 1 in 3 Americans live here

And they are geographically and politically dispersed

So what do we see?

FL, CA turning down

NY flat

and TX rising, but slowly

All good Image
I often next go to @CovidActNow to quantify what we see

Their estimates of Rt -- infection rate

Here again, you see Rt <1 in FL, CA, at 1.0 in NY, and slightly above 1 in TX

Though PA and OH worry me

But overall Rt <1.1 in about 35 states

So that's good

3/6 Image
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10 Sep
If you are vaccinated, why should you care if there are a lot of unvaccinated folks?

After all vaccines are really protective, right?

Yes, vaccines are really protective

But what happens to unvaccinated folks affects us all

Why we have to get more people vaccinated

So if you are fully vaccinated, why should you care?

1. Hospitals full of unvaccinated COVID-19 patients

Don't have room for people who have appendicitis, heart attacks, or a car accident

2. Spikes in cases shut down schools, which is terrible for kids and parents

3. Raging infections shut down restaurants, stores, make it hard for folks to get people back to offices

4. High infection rates put vulnerable people who can't get immunity at risk

Pandemics sicken and kill a lot of people

But they also disrupt the social fabric

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9 Sep
I'm pretty thrilled with @potus announcement today

COVID is killing 1500 Americans. Every. Day.

We have the tools to defeat COVID

1. Driving vaccinations

This is not about mandates

This is about creating safe work, hospitals, schools, houses of worship

2. Testing: this is a VERY big deal

We have way underestimated the power of rapid, frequent, ubiquitous testing

Ramping up testing is exactly what our nation needs

3. Boosters -- President says we need a plan for 3rd shot for the vulnerable

Science on this increasingly clear
High risk people: immunocompromised, frail, elders, chronically ill folks need 3rd shot for greater protection

4. Schools -- my goodness. Who doesn't want schools to open safely?

So @POTUS uses the playbook: masking, regular testing, vaccines, ventilation

That's right

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8 Sep
Given COVID is now a largely vaccine-preventable disease

We can judge how well states are managing once vaccines became plentiful

So lets look at two big states: California and Florida

And see what we see in the data

In a nutshell, bad news for Floridians

So why compare FL and CA?

Two large states in southern half of US (less seasonal confounding), both with diverse populations

But with very different approaches

CA continues masking, testing, pushing vax

FL? Not so much

So how have people of CA and FL done?
We could examine cases but might be affected by testing (CA does more!)

So lets focus on deaths per capita

Here are daily deaths in CA, FL

They track closely from April through mid-July

Then, FL took off while CA rose slowly

Now, per capita, FL has 6 times daily deaths of CA
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5 Sep
Close family member just called to say he tested positive for COVID

He's 21, healthy, college senior, vaxxed

Feels OK. Sore throat, cough, can't smell

Called for advice

He'll be fine

Its his inept university and others like this one that worry me

He got tested yesterday after he woke up with symptoms

Thought he had allergies but he's a super responsible guy

His university has no regular testing

He couldn't get a rapid test -- which would have come back positive yesterday

So got PCR. Results back this afternoon

He asked what he should do

He's heard nothing from contact tracers


University only does contact tracing from 9 am - 5 pm weekdays

He'll get a call Tuesday or Wednesday

Isolation protocol?


He lives "off campus" with 4 friends in an apartment.

He's on his own
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31 Aug
With US averaging 1200 COVID deaths daily

Things look bad

But there is some good news. May be

Case Fatality Rate is dropping

In fact, CFR down 50% over past 6 weeks

That's good. Mostly

Because its driven largely by who is increasingly getting infected



One strange feature of our Delta surge is that our CFR has been VERY high

Other countries like UK have had much lower CFR

They've seen a disconnect between infections & deaths

Largely because they did a fabulous job vaccinating the elderly

The US? not as much

In UK about 95% of elderly fully vaccinated

In US? About 80%

Impact is clear in our high death rates

But first, lets talk CFR

CFR is cases leading to deaths -- with a lag

How much lag? Many of us use 22 days

So a death on July 23 is from a case on July 1

On average

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