Practicing your right to choose
to not wear a mask or get a vaccine or even proclaiming you dont think COVID-19
is serious, doesnt change the fact the Virus is real, very contagious and deadly 1
Stating you think there's long term side effects of the vaccine, doesnt defy the fact that vaccinated ppl are NOT DYING and THAT MANY OF THE UNVACCINATED ARE DYING AND DEAD .DEATH IS THE WORST LONG- TERM SIDE EFFECTS . 2
Lying that hospitals are killing pts bc the deny IVM, Doesnt make IVM an effective tx, bc it's not. But the vaccine is. It prevents hospitalizations and death. The vaxxed are not dying , the unvaxxed are. 3
4 Crying that you're being denied a chance to live with early tx of IVM OR Hydrochlorquine doesnt change the fact both drugs are studied and don't work. You had the choice of a vaccine that prevents illness and death. You chose death as evidenced by the unvaccinated are dying 4
5 Proclaiming you have had the virus and it was nothing, doesnt change the fact Delta is much worse and you can catch it again. Those that have are very
Sick and many have died. 5
Saying you don't trust Doctors, Nurses, the govt etc is your right. If that's the hill you want to die on, can we assume when you get COVID-19 you will not visit the place the untrustworthy ppl work? Bc thusfar all you Antivaxxors have 6
Lastly your sense of entitlement is a false delusion. After you have made all these decisions and show up at an ED, you don't get first dibs or special rights. Sit down wait 9 hrs for your hall bed, 3 days for an ICU bed that will be 200+miles away.After all you created this.7
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3 Sep
With FDA and AMA cracking down on Ivermectin and Vaccine mandates now increasing, Anti-Vaxxors are becoming more desperate and aggressive. Why the Dirty dozen generate the bulk-there are HCPs doing the same
2- HCPs use Twitter and FB to generate bad info and push false information, that generates FEAR. This can not be OVER STRESSED. The comments and tweets reflect innocents with a great deal of -fear, anxiety, and anger.
3 Dramatization, exaggeration, and outright lies are used to fear-monger. Below is an example of a documentary a RN is making. 3…
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23 Aug
PSA- response to layperson question regarding COVID-19.
YES- it can effect EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY. The brain- from temp cog fog, strokes, a drop in IQ. Teeth, people have had teeth break or just fall out 1
Heart and lungs- COVID attacks the heart muscle and vessels and can do irreversible
damage, same with the lungs.
The GI track leads to weeks of pain and diarrhea with long haulers 2
3 Circulatory- Corona clots-
DVT, pulmonary embolism, and these clots migrate leading to strokes and death. Complications can be Pneumonia, organ failure or death. 3
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17 Aug
Dear patients- THIS IS NOT
- A MCDONALDS, or JIFFY LUBE. No , 1 or 2 ED docs can't stop and run and speak to you during a trauma alert. You don't get to "have it your way" and demand a med not approved by the FDA. 1
The ICU nurse is not a bad nurse if they can't take your call. Patients lives usurp your call. So you came to the ED 2 hours ago? Sorry rescue goes back before you. The sickest patients first 2
No you don't get to- spit, yell at, hit, or threaten staff. Yes if your family does this, they can be removed or arrested. No we do not have food 24/7 for you and your family. No you can't visit for an hour in ICU. 3
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13 Aug
Imagine if every RN and MD called in sick from - August 13th- 16th. In Florida, Texas, MS,AR, and LA. What would happen? System wide collapse.
Would ppl die? 1/
Yes they would. Are ppl dying and going to die? Yes they are.
Can staff stop most these deaths? A few. What would the state and federal govt response be to such a call off? Or lay persons response? 2
Shock, fear, anger, anxiety, and yes swift response. Governors would worry about their jobs, citizens would demand action. The majority of citizens wld back HCWS. But action would follow to correct existing problems- bc ppl died. 3
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6 Aug
The American healthcare system has devolved to an abusive-toxic for profit entity. It operates in a fashion
that facilitates the noncompliant for money and fosters a dangerous and negligent environment. This results in a harmful scenario for compliant patients and HCPs. 1/
Psychology addresses situations where abuse and addiction can harm not only individuals, but businesses,and families. The abuse and toxicity continues as long as others ENABLE IT. The individual or system must be deprived of enablers and allowed to hit rock bottom.2/
COVID-19 is far from over. As long as the unvaccinated
are coddled to and facilities are there to serve them, COVID-19 will continue. HCPs are the key to the system and by remaining in a toxic environment enable it. 4 profit systems will not respect HCPs, until it hurts the $ 3/
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30 Jul
The most marginalized, disrespected group of people today globally,are our front-line heath-care professionals. Make no mistake this is an urgent
and the most important problem humans face. Without health our species will parish.Our systems are collapsing right now as we speak. 1
During the past 19 months during the Pandemic millions of HCPs have sacrificed their lives and that of their families. Too many have died, even more have left, some are disabled, and the rest hang by a thread. That thread is compassion, and even that has been depleted. 2
World leaders, administrators, and citizens need to
take note, very few countries conscript HCPS. Either
establish strict mandates on lockdowns, masks, vaccines, and passports or prepare plan D and watch each institution close due to lack of resources- humans 3
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