1/ We show that Statin-induced insulin resistance is a drug CLASS EFFECT. Cerivastatin was removed from the market because of "side effects". Our results show that Cerivastatin was the most potent Statin in promoting adipose insulin resistance.

2/ "We show that statins impaired insulin-stimulated lipogenesis in an adipocyte-autonomous manner, which was prevented by supplementing isoprenoids required for prenylation". WHY ??

3/ because Statins interfere with the Mevalonate pathway & deplete so many organic compounds with great structural diversity and functionality.

- and you can't always put back what Statins stole in the first place. The overriding message is
Stay away from Statins.

• • •

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9 Sep
1/ Apoptosis (cell death) is an essential component of the maintenance process of our bodies. It is a highly controlled and regulated technique for removing unwanted cells from any organ by the process of induced metabolic suicide.

2/ Tinkering with this process is a potentially catastrophic game. This is the game of Russian Roulette that we play when we take Statins.
That good old law of unintended consequences could have a field day here.

3/ Statins promote apoptosis. They do it in diseased tissues - Cheers for Statins. Unfortunately they ALSO do it in NORMAL tissues too; Boo for Statins.
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9 Sep
1/ Where do you find the highest concentration of cholesterol in your whole body ? YUP ! In your brain.

Although the brain represents only 2% of total body weight, it contains 20% of the body’s cholesterol. What is all that cholesterol doing up there ?
2/ Synapses - where communication between brain cells takes place are lined by cholesterol-rich membranes responsible for passing neurotransmitters like serotonin, GABA, and dopamine back and forth.

3/ Myelin, the white matter that insulates brain circuits, is made from tightly-wound membranes containing 75% of the brain’s cholesterol. Cholesterol also helps guide developing nerve endings to their destinations on “lipid rafts”.
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5 Sep
1/ Someone sent me a DM a few days ago "what range should our cholesterol be" ? I think it’s important to stress that cholesterol reference ranges are merely an average of the general population, and that traditional populations with NO heart disease have healthy cholesterol

2/ levels which are often much much HIGHER than the baselines for Western Societies. Reversing insulin resistance by lowering fasting blood sugar, and lowering inflammation by dietary changes is a far more sensible approach than lowering cholesterol.

3/ Total cholesterol is a TOTALLY MEANINGLESS number, since it doesn’t tell you what that cholesterol is made up of, but guidelines say it should be around
250mg/dL - ( 6.465 mmol/l)

LDL cholesterol 130mg/dL ( 3.3618 mmol/l)

HDL cholesterol 60mg/dL (1.5516 mmol/l)

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2 Sep
1/ GABAPENTIN ! Yeah another great drug according to Docs and Veterinary surgeons: "This is what I have since learned about the drug: Stanford University did a study on gabapentin in 2009 and found that it prevents the formation of new synapses in the brain.
2/ Many who take it long-term eventually develop cognitive impairment and short-term memory loss. Gabapentin affects GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid—a “calming” element) in the body. When taking the drug, one’s body will adjust to the artificially induced GABA and start to

3/ produce less of its own. (That fact is similar to benzodiazepines except that gabapentin affects GABA through calcium receptors rather than GABA receptors.)

Though not technically addictive, dependency can happen very quickly. If taken incorrectly, stopped abruptly,

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2 Sep
1/ SOS ! Can any of my followers or anyone connected to the veterinary industry help me.? If not can you please give this an RT to reach out. I have a friend who has a dog which has Osteosarcoma. It has now been revealed that there is a hairline crack in the bone.
2/ It has been suggested that intravenous Bisphosphonate treatment is the solution. I disagree because I did my research years ago when I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. What I found was that Bisphosphonates increase mineralisation and reduce the ability to absorb energy

3/ which could result in accumulation of micro-cracks. The mechanism by which BPs cause osteonecrosis is probably due to a combination of decreased bone remodelling, poor wound healing, and an antiangiogenic effect leading to ischaemic changes and subsequent

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1 Sep
1/ WTH ? They seem to be basing PCSK9 inhibitors on cardio-protection in PCSK9 knockout phenotype. That's a huge leap of faith ! - knockout of genes has pleiotropic effects. Inhibiting their products can have completely different and unexpected effects.

2/ The PCSK9 gene plays a part in the regulation of blood pressure, and has many other functions I guess they conveniently overlooked that.

Look at the case of Ezetimibe, the last drug approved without outcomes data. Billions were spent on a drug with minimal

3/ to no effect on outcomes. What were the benefits missed of those billions? Healthcare budgets are limited. If we spend money on unproven drugs, we aren't spending it on cardiac rehab programs, parks, bike lanes, honest school nutrition programs, and many other useful

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