Most people have been horrified by the tyrannical madness out of Australia. With politicians and police acting like dictators and their jack booted enforcers

So here is a thread of the craziest most authoritarian things that have happened so far
1: Lets start with perhaps the most sickening of all, Four newborn babies died because they were denied heart surgery because of Covid restrictions.

For a disease with an age of death above life expectancy and >99% survival rate…
2: Homes of people who are quarantining must have sign displaying their quarantine status by law.

Its important that all those around you are aware of your private medical data
3: Australia has built quarantine camps that people who test positive must go to.

Forcing people to go to camps is always something the good guys of history have done.

4:Here is a video from a quarantine camo where people are treated like prisoners and a woman gets harassed by the police for lower her mask to drink tea.

Winning Hearts and Minds

5: Australian authorities thought it was appropriate to install massive concrete barriers to block children playing on their bikes.

Stopping children playing is another tell tale sign you're one of the good guys

6: South Australians will be forced to download and App that combines facial recognition and geolocation technology to track their movements and force them to send a picture at random times to verify its them.

Cant see any way this could be abused...…
7:Here is a Senator threatening to "Go full lock stock and barrel" and "Become more agitated and more hardcore" with people who choose not to get the jab.

8:Politician first spreads misinformation implying only unvaccinated can spread the virus then says anyone who doesn't fall in line will be "Locked out" of society.

Your human rights are contingent upon consumption of a corporate medical product
9:Multiple NSW politicians referring to the post covid world as the "New World Order"

At some point they are going to have to stop making it so damn easy for the "Conspiracy Theorists"…
10:The Austrailan Prime Minister can fly and not quarantine to see his family despite this being against regulations

But its ok because he got an exemption from the Chief Health Officer, someone who works for him.…
11:This man was arrested and wrestled to the ground by several police officers for not wearing a mask OUTDOORS. This is also a news worthy story not because of the insanity of the police reaction, but because someone had went for a walk unmuzzled.
12:Australia passed a law that lets the police take over all of your data, including your social media account,
to add, copy, or modify your data, all without a warrant.

They are controlling you to help you, like little child you are!…
13:Locked down Aussies in NSW are having their deliveries inspected by police and having limits on the amount of alcohol they are allowed to consume.

Did somebody say social credit score?…
14: Here are the Austrailan police pepper spraying young girls for not wearing masks outside.

These are the good apples diligently following orders. Makes you wonder how bad are the "Bad Apples"

15:There are countless examples of Australian police brutality but here is an article showing not only is it despicable, its not doing a damn thing to covid numbers.

Which is what every example from around the globe has shown for over 18 months…
16: Rescue dogs were kept in a shelter and to stop people picking them up and giving them a loving home (Which may have broken covid guidelines) they had the dogs shot dead.

If shooting puppies doesn't stop covid then I just don't know what will!…
Thanks for reading. I'm sure I missed out on lots so if there's anything please post below and ill keep updating this horror show.

Please give this a share so we can have one place to show all the authoritarian madness together in one nightmarish collage

• • •

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