Every time I find myself struggling, either personally or professionally, I ask myself these 4 questions to help me get back on track.

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1/ Am I sleeping well?

• Have I let my bedtime slip?
• Am I looking at screens an hour before bed?
• Am I getting up at the same time (even on weekends)?
• Am I actually measuring the quality of my sleep?

Sleep is essential. It's when all the growth & restoration happens.
2/ Am I exercising consistently & vigorously?

• Am I out of breath multiple times per week?
• Am I working up a legitimate sweat?
• Am I training for a specific goal?

The benefits of exercise are well-documented but the daily endorphin rush alone can snap us out of bad ruts.
3/ How is my nutrition?

• Have empty carbs/sugar sneaked into my diet?
• Am I overdoing it w/ alcohol or caffeine?
• Do I have guardrails or am I overly reliant on willpower?

Just like any animal, the way we look and feel is a direct consequence of what we put in our bodies.
4/ Am I protecting my mental health?

• Am I meditating every day?
• Am I practicing gratitude?
• Am I conscious of my screen time and what information I am consuming?
Every time I get in a rut, I think I can outsmart myself by thinking my way out of it.

Every time, I am wrong. I'm reminded that feeling good is a practice.

And that I have to come back to the basics.

Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Health.
If you found this thread helpful, follow me @gregorycampion for more strategies to optimize habits, careers, and physical & mental health. And check out my newsletter, Intentional Wisdom, for one big (but practical) idea in your inbox every two weeks.


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