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Our natural wiring leads us to seek the truth where it is easy, rather than where it actually is.

It's a known phenomenon coined "drunkards search" or "streetlight effect".

THREAD: The mental wiring that keeps us stuck and the mental toolbox to combat it👇
First, a story:

A police officer sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight.

"What's going on?" inquires the officer, "do you need help?"

"Yes, I lost my keys," the drunkard mumbles.

They both look under the streetlight together.
After a while, the police asks if he is sure he lost them here, and the drunk replies, "no, I lost them in the park."

"Why would you be looking under the streetlight here then?!" the police asks.

"This is where the light is," says the drunkard.
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#Ship30for30 changed my life…

How I went from never creating


✅ 300x Twitter growth
✅ Mastering hosting #TwitterSpaces
✅ Writing my first book
✅ Leading my own creator accountability group

//THREAD// 👇

Day 49 #Tweet100
When I did #Ship30for30 back in March…

I was scared out of my mind 😬

👉 Had no idea what I was going to write about
👉 Thought anything I *did* write sounded stupid
👉 Avoided publishing my thoughts for YEARS
It’s not about how you start, it’s how you finish.
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Time travel gives you a new perspective on life

Read my #ship30for30 Essay #47

It's hard to appreciate progress in the present
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"All my friends are dying.",
I realized as I lay on the floor contemplating how to live to 100.

I am dramatic
and obsessed with longevity.
Dramatically obsessed with #healthspan
not #lifespan.

I'm on a quest to live well for a century.

Here's the problem:
The problem:
I have no idea what health actually means.

Do we eat meat or not?
Does dairy actually cause cancer?
What about mercury in fish?
Is coffee good or bad?

There's too much conflicting information,
too many buzzwords
and @instagram was making it worse.

Frustrated, I decided to look at the places where people DID live to 100.
At least I could begin there. These places are called @BlueZones.

Dan Buettner's work studies the world's longest-lived populations and finds best practices.

Turns out, there are only 5 blue zones:
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Q4 is here. Time for a quick reality check.

Here are 20 questions you should ask yourself today that will make you rethink your life. 🧵👇

1. Do I go to bed genuinely happy every night?

If not, aim to fix that in the moment. When I've had a rough day and am feeling defeated, I think of this Paul Walker quote. It makes me snap out of it every time.
2. Who are the 5 closest people I can't imagine life without?

When did you last spend time with them? Get something on the schedule today. Don't take that quality time for granted.
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Know what the key to changing the world is?

Start the day by making your bed.

I learned this from one of my favorite speeches of all time by US Navy Admiral, William H. McRaven. Quick excerpt below👇
"If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day.

It will give you a small sense of pride, and will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another.
By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.

Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter. If you can’t do the little things right, you’ll never be able to do the big things right.
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My Twitter account grew by 2,488.12% in 204 days.

Here’s how 👇
My Twitter account was dead.

I had a handful of followers from 10+ years ago...
Back in March, I decided I need to start creating.

To be brave and share my ideas with the world.

… But I didn’t want to create on platforms where my millennial mom-friends hung out 😬
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You wrote an amazing thread or article.

But the response? Crickets.

Here are 3 reasons influential people aren't sharing your content — and what you can do to change that:
1/ They're incentivized to earn engagement on their own platforms.

Your content needs an obvious connection to that goal.

If it doesn't, people with followings or gatekeepers of publications are unlikely to amplify your work.
2/ They get these requests a lot.

Their inboxes are flooded with requests for RTs, inclusion in newsletters, press coverage, etc.

So standing out from the crowd is especially difficult.
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"The very thought of 'relentless self-promotion' sounds anxiety-inducing to me. Any tips?"

That's a question we received yesterday during @SquadCastFM & @NCBalto72's workshop on avoiding burnout for podcasters.

Find my answer(s) in this thread👇👇

Here are a few things to AVOID when doing self promo things on social media:

1⃣Dropping links to your latest episode willy nilly w/ no explanation or context
2⃣Logging on once/day for the sole purpose of self-promo
3⃣Only following other podcast-related accounts
Here are some things you SHOULD do when self promoting on social:

1⃣Drop links/info when someone asks for a show/info in your niche.

Do that by following hashtags that pertain to your podcast's topic. Interact w/ those people. Become twitter friends. Make a name for yourself.
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So I’ve been a software engineer for over 5 years at this point so let’s do a thread on the 5 lessons I’ve learned in my career so far #tweet100
#1 use your network.

this goes for both inside and outside or your current company. I personally would have saved myself a lot of tears if I had asked people within the company about specific teams before looking for mobility opportunities.
#2 know what you want.

A lot of opportunities will open up for you when you’re clear on exactly what you want to do and can take the next steps to get there. It may seem like you have 10000 options toward you but realistically you have 4.
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For many podcasters, downloads are the key metric for a show's success.

Here's why you should maybe stop thinking about hard downloads, and instead look at what really makes for good podcast download numbers – growth and engagement.

A thread. 1/16 #tweet100 #podcasting
I get it – downloads are something that every podcaster wants to be as high as they can be.

After all, it’s – arguably – one of the main metrics podcasters ask about, and something to be used for sponsors.

The problem is, not all podcast numbers are "good". 2/16 #podcasting
- A download isn’t necessarily a listen (auto-downloads, queue for later, etc)

- Unless your podcast host offers IAB V2 Certified Analytics, then bots and scripts can skew the numbers

- High downloads aren’t a sign of a highly engaged audience 3/16 #podcasting
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When I talk with service professionals, we often talk about whether or not content marketing is useful, necessary, or effective.

So this week on the show, I'm talking with @DefineFinancial, who says more than 90% of his clients come from his podcast 🤯

(thread) 🧵...
Taylor Schulte started his financial advisory firm in 2014 in San Diego, California.

For a city with millions of people and a ton of existing competition, he knew he had to stand out.

So he started by making his online presence head-and-shoulders above the competition.
But it's more than just good-looking design, it's also highly-considered and functional design too.

We really go into the weeds in how the site is structured, from the headline to the call to action.

It's all a well-oiled marketing machine curating the RIGHT leads for him.
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Do you set goals for your content? Does it align with your business goals? 🧵#tweet100
Establish goals for your content is so important to ensuring that everything that you post is full of intentionality and purpose.
Your goals for your content should align with the goals you have for your business and should work together as you grow and scale.
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Most of the successful creators I talk to mention "luck" as being a key ingredient to their success.

And whether they explicitly call out the role of luck in their success or not, it's *always* a piece of the puzzle.

Here's what that means for someone just starting 🧵 ... Image
If you feel like you haven't gotten lucky yet as a creator, there are a couple ways you could react to this Thread:

1️⃣ You can be annoyed or spiteful that YOU haven’t caught that break

2️⃣ You can be excited about the luck that will inevitably come your way
I’m in the second camp.

Because even though I often identify “luck” as a key ingredient for these creators reaching the heights they have, it’s not as if they rolled the creative dice one time and came out on top.

Their luck is hard-earned.
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Marcus Aurelius wrote a book.

Arrian wrote down the ideas of Epictetus.

Seneca wrote 12 essays, 124 letters, 9 tragedies, & probably a lot more.

Writing communicates to others but first it clarifies your own thinking.

Here are 7 ways you can do it 👇 Image
1. Journal

Marcus Aurelius's Meditations was never meant to be a published book.

It was simply a Roman Emperor writing to himself.

Journaling helps get thoughts out of your head that would otherwise bounce around in there unchallenged.
"I like to think of [journaling] as windshield wipers, swiping away anything that stands between you & a clear view of your day."
- Julia Cameron

“The [journaling] pages aren’t intended for anyone but me. It’s the most cost-effective therapy I’ve ever found.”
@tferriss Image
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Earlier this week, I shared a Thread talking about *creative independence,* and how you can find it even while employed full-time.

A great example is Jason Feifer (@heyfeifer).

Jason is my guest on Creative Elements this week, so let me tell you about him (thread) 🧵...
Jason is the Editor In Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine.

But Jason is also the host of an independent podcast (Build For Tomorrow), the author of two books, a keynote speaker, and more.

And he's more than happy to own the fact that he does independent work while being employed!
He calls your "work" responsibilities "Opportunity Set A" and your independent projects "Opportunity Set B."

No one is forcing you to pursue Opportunity Set B.

But Jason says Opportunity Set B is the most valuable place to allocate time towards for your long-term career.
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Late bloomers get a bad rap.

But that's about to change.

Structural shifts unfolding in today's economy mean that not "having it all figured out" by your 20's may actually put you at an ADVANTAGE.

🧵 #Tweet100
1/ Today's education system is still set up to support the industrial economy. Sit down, be quiet, memorize... and eventually, you might just learn to become a cog in the great wheel and get yourself a guaranteed pension.
2/ Unsurprisingly, this has produced generations of workers who are good at following orders, not causing too much trouble, and completing repetitive tasks. But, there's a problem...
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Our culture is fixated on financial independence.

And why wouldn't we be? Doesn't it sound so alluring to have freedom from worrying about money?

But I think what we actually yearn for is *creative independence.*

And I want to talk about why (thread) 🧵...

There are a lot of paths to financial independence. And they don't all require working more hours to achieve.

But a lot of well-meaning people find themselves trapped working more than ever to build a future where they work less...but what if we just started there?
And what happens when you *do* achieve financial independence?

I think people are REALLY looking for:

1. Freedom of Choice
2. Freedom of Expression

Let me break that down...
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Every time I find myself struggling, either personally or professionally, I ask myself these 4 questions to help me get back on track.

#Tweet100 🧵
1/ Am I sleeping well?

• Have I let my bedtime slip?
• Am I looking at screens an hour before bed?
• Am I getting up at the same time (even on weekends)?
• Am I actually measuring the quality of my sleep?

Sleep is essential. It's when all the growth & restoration happens.
2/ Am I exercising consistently & vigorously?

• Am I out of breath multiple times per week?
• Am I working up a legitimate sweat?
• Am I training for a specific goal?

The benefits of exercise are well-documented but the daily endorphin rush alone can snap us out of bad ruts.
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Love him or hate him; Dave Chappelle is a storytelling genius.

His shows sell out in minutes.

But most impressively, he’s able to hypnotize audiences for hours. His record- 6 hrs 12 min.

Here’s what makes him a brilliant storyteller (and you can apply it too) 👇

🧵 #tweet100
1. Audience

To speak and move people, you’ve got to understand what matters to them…

Their struggles and circumstances

Chappelle knows his fanbase. He connects with them through relatable anecdotes.

They can put themselves in the character’s shoes.

How he learned? 👇
It was a combination of observation + trial and error

Early on, he played at the Apollo. His jokes didn’t make anyone laugh, so they booed him off stage.

After that, he studied the crowd, adapted, and succeeded.

Learning is an iterative process.

Create. Review. Adjust.
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3 Writing Elements All Great College Applications Essays Have in Common & How To Include These In your Essays

Application essays are used to reveal yourself to the reader.

Without these 3 elements, the reader will struggle to understand who you are and why you belong.

Element #1 - The very best writing is specific.

Being specific gives details that allow the reader to understand the picture you are painting with words.
Element #2 - The very best writing is clear, not clever.

Being clear, and not clever, is rooted in not knowing who will eventually read your essay (not all readers will understand your humor or sly references).
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Is College Worth the Cost? 1 Reason Why It Makes Sense to Get a College Degree

Tuition costs are skyrocketing. Student loans and the crushing debt can weigh heavily for decades.

If a college degree no longer means wealth or a good job, is a degree worth it?
1/ Years ago, this wasn't even a question. Prosperity was only paved through college (and often, it had to be the right college).

With the rise of the creator economy and the leverage of the internet, degrees are now not always necessary.
2/ If you are entrepreneurial, you no longer need to wait to get your start. Online classes and communities make success a possibility, sometimes overnight.

If you do go college, you are looking at years and big $$$ before you graduate and have permission to join the workforce.
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We have been building homes in rural Haiti over the last year and have completed 8 of 15. In the recent earth quake, these homes survived. I’m just starting a gofundme so we can begin the next 7. I committed myself to share it by EOD. #tweet100
2/ Check out the link! It’s the first time I’ve ever run such a drive so if anyone has experience or feedback I’d love to hear it. The project origins: At the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns in spring 2020 our family first had to adjust to the shock to our own lives..
3/ but as we adjusted to the change our next thought was our friends at @MPM_Haiti Years ago, when I was first wondering how to go about charitable giving my friend @matt_belcher said I should talk to his friend Christian, who co-founded the charity..
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The majority of children under the age of twelve may be infected by the delta variant before a vaccine is available to them. I just donated 1000 kf94 masks to our local mutual aid. If you have or know a child in school consider doing the same.… #tweet100 Image
Apologies for the lack of chill. I hope that by doing the #tweet100 challenge that I might diversify my engagement a little bit, but when push comes to shove I had to start here: this is the most important thing I know. In modeling funded by the CDC..…
.. 25%-50% is the *lowest* infection rate we can expect over the next three months in elementary schools given reasonable assumptions (the green and orange-ish lines). Three months is close to the fastest the fda might get an approved vaccine out to children under 12 months. Image
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