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Day 25 / Essay 95

Struggling to Find The Perfect Tool To Build Your Second Brain? Here Are 3 Resources To Help You

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What's your "perfect" tool? 😉

Are you an Architect, Gardener or Librarian? Find out below.

Great article by @anthilemoon

@fortelabs answers the number 1 question asked by his Building A Second Brain students

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#Ukraine️: Today's news from #UkraineWar: 1. Nr #Kreminna, RU troops have crossed P-66 highway & fighting is taking place at #Novosadove & #Chervonopopivka, with UA repelling these attacks. Enemy forces are targeted on sight. #tweet100

#Ukraine: 2. The #Bakhmut situation is still under control, despite constant onslaughts from SW & NE. Urban fighting at #KrasnaHora & UA repelling attacks S of #Ivaniske. #tweet100 (Maps here,above & below: @ChuckPfarrer)
#Ukraine: 3. According to RU they have already destroyed a M1 Abrams tank in UA's "unique desert climate"! At #Bakhmut another RU Lieutenant Colonel died, Vladyslav Ivanov. + Another good report from Kiyany (subtitles) (Pic: @Havoc_Six) #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Today's reports from #UkraineWar: 1. Reports of a serious build-up of Russian forces around #Kreminna, far more than defensive. A pending RU offensive? #tweet100 (Map: @ChuckPfarrer)
#Ukraine: 2. RU forces have firmed their control of #Soledar and making small gains towards the #Bakhmutse River and towards the T-05-13 highway N of #Bakhmut. Heavy fighting continues. #tweet100 (Map: @ChuckPfarrer)
#Ukraine: 3. Reports that RU lost as many troops killed attacking #Bakhmut & #Soledar as it did in the 2 Chechen Wars put together. Video from drone Master, Magyar: #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Today's updates from #UkraineWar: 1. UA forces attacking RU positions in #Kreminna with HIMARS & M270s. RU shelling UA troops in #VeryhinskeForest to SW. UA making steady gains overall. 2nd RU attack repelled at #Chervonopopivka. #tweet100
🎯🎯THREAD🇺🇦🇺🇦 (Map: @mhmck) Image
#Ukraine: 2. At #Bakhmut, RU forces still trying to cut UA lines of comms & supply & at #Soledar are nr highway T-05-13 + at #MyikaPond attempting to cut H-32. UA Cossack reinforcements have arrived to relieve pressure. Video report (subtitles) #tweet100 Map: @ChuckPfarrer
#Ukraine: 3. Reports that UA forces have captured 2 soldiers from #Germany fighting with the Wagner Group mercenaries. UA troops also destroyed RU ammo dump together with personnel nr #Bakhmut. #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Today's updates from #UkraineWar: 1. UA Gen. Staff confirms #Soledar is still under UA control. RU unit penetrated the salt mine area & was adjusting fire control for RU artillery. UA forces sought them out & eliminated. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. Under the salt mines of #Bakhmut/#Soledar area are 200 km of tunnels, large rooms where they have played football & held concerts. This is why Wagner slug #Prighozhin says he wants to capture them, to store armoured vehicles & ammo: #tweet100…
#Ukraine: 3. Fierce battles are taking place on the #Bakhmut/#Soledar front right now in below-freezing conditions, but UA forces hold on despite the difficulties. #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Today's news updates from #UkraineWar: 1. RU forces made gains at #Soledar yesterday taking the salt mine & other positions. UA withdrew to avoid flanking in the north. UA 46th Airmobile Brigade counter-attacked overnight. #tweet100 (Map; @mhmck)
#Ukraine: 2. Pic from journalist,Yuriy Butosov, this morning 7/12 at #Soledar shows salt mine regained & devalues RU claims of "taking the town". More like strategic manoeuvring. #tweet100 (Gif: @MILChronicles)
#Ukraine: 3. At #Bakhmut UA Border Guards repelled RU advance & killed RU unit commander. Waves of RU forces sent against city and many dying. This pic shows at least 46 RU dead nr #Bakhmut. RU troops so exhausted they accuse UA of using "chemical weapons". #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Today's reports from #UkraineWar: 1. Despite the supposed Russian "ceasefire for Orthodox Christmas", journalists have confirmed that attacks on UA positions in #Bakhmut are relentless. Jan 6th update with subtitles. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. Just N of #Bakhmut, nr #Soledar, Russians are reported to have made some gains around a salt-mining complex. US Intel has suggested this is aim of Wagner Group-owning slug Yevgeny Prigozhin, to take control of UA salt & gypsum mining. #tweet100 (Map: @ChuckPfarrer)
#Ukraine: 3. Heavy fighting continues in the forests near #Kreminna, with UA forces making some gains. According to the 2023 Global Firepower Index, UA now ranks as the world's 15th strongest army, up from 22nd. #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Latest updates on #UkraineWar: 1. Tension building around #Kreminna as UA forces approach southern urban areas of city, while another Russian attack on #Bilohorvika was repelled. Both a RU Mi-8 helicopter & Su-35 jet downed.#tweet100 (Map: @ChuckPfarrer)
🇺🇦🇺🇦THREAD🇺🇦🇺🇦 Image
#Ukraine: 2. Putin has requested a ceasefire in UA from noon Jan 6th to midnight Jan 7th "to allow celebrations of Orthodox Christmas". UA has declined to take part. UA sees it as "hypocrisy" & as a ploy for RU to regroup and rearm. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. Also the weather on the #Svatove/#Kremmina front is about to crack down. Friday forecast -15C, Sat -17C, Sun -15C at night. More badly equipped Russians will likely freeze to death. UA armour will be able to move on solid ground. #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Today's updates from #UkraineWar: 1. Horrific Russian attack on central #Kherson today on Christmas Eve, 1 rocket landing nr a supermarket. 10 killed, 50 injured, 17 seriously. Christmas Eve! #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. UA artillery are now bombarding Russian positions that fired on #Kherson today from across the #Dnipro River. Better news from #Bucha. Japan has donated 3 powerful generators & 6 heaters - & McDonald's reopened today! (Pics: @NikaMelkozerova & @ToddKolod) #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. Suspiciously, Russian forces in the occupied #Kherson town of #Hornostaivka have imposed a curfew from Dec 25th-Jan 3rd, telling residents to not leave their homes. New offensive? #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Latest news updates from #UkraineWar: 1. UA Gen. Staff says up to 150 Russian troops were killed in a strike on #Khakovka, #Kherson region + 20 units of Russian military equipment destroyed. In total, another 550 Russians were killed yesterday. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. In #Bakhmut, this drone footage shows Russian forces trying to advance in the east of the city - for them a deadly result. #tweet100 (Map: @Tendar)
#Ukraine: 3. The US has assessed that the Russian Wagner group has around 50,000 personnel fighting in UA, 10,000 contractors & 50,000 convicts, costing them $100 million a month to support. #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Today's updates from #UkraineWar: 1. Last night in the USA President Zelensky delivered a powerful speech in English to the US Congress, receiving a standing ovation on entry and chants of "Slava Ukraini! #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. As Congress members chanted "Slava Ukraini!, Zelensky replied with "Geroyam Slava" and struggled to hold back tears. Earlier President Biden told Zelensky, "It's an honour to be by your side". Image
#Ukraine: 3. Cleverly, Zelensky said UA had never asked Americans to fight instead of them & that Ukrainians could "perfectly operate American tanks & planes". "Your money is not charity, it's an investment in global security & democracy". #tweet100
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Transitioning from a stay at home mom w/ a hobbyist scifi/fantasy #worldbuilding research newsletter to someone w/ a full time job, a part time job, & a moderately popular tech newsletter has been interesting in terms of the impact it's had on my notes process.

A #tweet100 🧵👇
Now that I'm busier, I still read & highlight stuff from my "easy" passive feeds, like the ones that I see in Reader and don't rely on any cleanup. But I've basically stopped casually reading the high-noise-to-signal feeds like AskHistorians that I mostly kept track of for fun.
In some ways that means I take fewer notes, and it's true I do a lot less of the fun stuff I really enjoy, i.e. less actual learning, but in some ways it means I take more notes -- of the boring stuff I don't like, for example lists of what I need to do in a given day.
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#Ukraine: Latest news reports from #UkraineWar: 1. Pres. Zelensky confirms that UA forces have now liberated more than 30 settlements in the #Kharkiv region. Believed to be 1,000 sq. km now back in UA hands. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. Pres. Zelensky also confirmed that fierce battles are continuing in the #Donbas and #Kherson regions. Report that #Blahodativka in the Kherson region is also now under UA control. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. I don't know how accurate this animation is, but an outstanding advance by UA forces towards Kupyansk and Lyman, where fighting is reported this evening. #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Latest updates - lot's happening in #UkraineWar: 1. In the NE #Kharkiv region UA forces have liberated 700 sq km, taken 20 settlements & penetrated 50 km into Russian defence positions today. Freed villagers in tears. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. UA forces have confirmed they now have control over the city of #Balakliya, #Kharkiv region and the UA flag has been restored to #Borschivka just to the north-east. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. Russian troops ran away so quickly from #Balakliya that they left a lot of equipment and ammo - much of which will be shot back to Russian targets. Raising the flag over Balakliya:
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I'm often juggling multiple projects at a time.

It feels natural between work, friends, classes, hobbies, etc.

But sometimes, working on too many things at once can slow us down.

Here are 4 benefits to limiting your work-in-progress: 🧵👇

#ship30for30 #tweet100
1. Improved focus

When you limit your work in progress, you can focus.

You can have increased access to flow.

You can allocate all your cognitive resources to one goal.

Plus, it just feels good to focus.

Having too many things on the go can leave us feeling scattered.
2. Less context switching

It produces waste each time you context switch.

You have to load a different project into your working memory...

...and then again once you switch back.

Every switch takes time and energy, which is a tax on your productivity.
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#Ukraine: Latest updates from #UkraineWar: 1. A lot happening in #Kherson and #Kharkiv regions. Videos/pics suggest UA forces are gaining ground & making substantial progress. Suggestion UA has acquired so much equipment that Russia is now UA’s biggest supplier! #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. As we await confirmation from UA General Command, UK intel says heavy fighting has taken place in the last 24 hours nr #Kharkiv, #Donbas & #Kherson regions. Russia facing threats over 500 km which will test their operational ability, as earlier in the war. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. Claimed that UA forces have wiped out a Russian Special Rapid Response Unit at #Balakleya , #Kharkiv region
and many Russian prisoners taken elsewhere, including a lieutenant colonel. Reports some Russian units surrounded. #tweet100
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Julia Cameron offers a daily practice called Morning Pages.

This practice is 3 pages of stream-of-consciousness journaling done first thing in the morning.

Here are 5 benefits you'll get from adopting this practice: 🧵👇

#ship30for30 #tweet100
1. Increased awareness

It can be hard to focus when small things are tugging on your attention.

Sometimes, we aren't even aware of the things calling us.

Morning Pages can help bring those things into our awareness.

Once we're aware, we regain our power to react.
2. Processing of emotions

When we don't process our emotions, they tend to stick around and increase in intensity.

These emotions can drive us to do unhelpful things.

With Morning Pages, we can start to process those emotions.

We can sit with them and feel them through.
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#Ukraine: Today’s news reports from #UkraineWar: 1. UA’s General Staff reported today (6th) that it had repelled Russian offensives nr #Soledar, #Zaytsevo, #ShakhtaButivka and #Spartan in the #Donetsk region. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. This evening UA strikes are reported in #HolaPrystan , another location which the Russians are trying to use as a port for barges and ferries to supply their troops on the #Kherson frontline. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. In #Berdyansk, currently Russian occupied, the Russian appointed commandant of the Azov port city was severely injured today when his car was blown up nr the civil-military admin building. Partisans busy. #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Today’s news from #UkraineWar: 1. UA forces are taking territory from Russia in the South, but at a heavy cost. Russians are reported to be fighting hard with lots of equipment, but few men. “They’re throwing everything against us,” said UA soldier.
#Ukraine: 2. Despite UA having recaptured a number of villages, Russians are not fleeing without a fight say UA troops & are attempting to hold off UA advances with tanks, artillery & helicopters. Western analysts say UA is achieving its tactical objectives. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. Natalia Humeniuk, spokeswoman for the Southern Military Command, said today that Russia had suffered “significant losses” in the #Kherson counter offensive and promised more details shortly. #tweet100
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#Ukraine: The latest posts on the #UkraineWar: 1. Shortly after the IAEA nuclear inspectors left Kyiv for the #Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, Russia shelled their approach route. The inspectors have made their 1st checks and 5 will remain there. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. At the same time Russia is claiming that Ukraine sent 60 commandos to “recapture the nuclear plant and 3 were taken prisoner”. None of which makes sense. UA intel says long term Russia is planning to evacuate the #Zaporizhzhia plant altogether. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. Earlier, Energoatom, the UA atomic operator said it shut down 1 of the 2 operational reactors because of Russian shelling in the area. Rafael Grossi, director of the IAEA said, “There was a lot more to do” & they were “establishing a continued presence”. #tweet100
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#Ukraine: Latest updates from #UkraineWar: 1. UA Operational Command now says it has killed 117 Russian troops in the #Kherson offensive & RUS equipment destroyed includes 9 T-72 tanks, 3 Grad multi-missile launchers, 1 Giantsin-S howitzer & 18 armoured vehicles. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. Following above, UA forces report they also struck 4 Russian control points & 4 transportation/supply routes including again the Antonivsky Bridge nr #Kherson. Possible Russian column hit this afternoon in the Oleshki district outside Kherson, locals say. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. In #Mykhailivika in the #Zaporizhia region explosions and fire were reported last night at a Russian base/warehouse. At #Tomak in the same region there was a detonation of Russian ammo early in the morning nr the railway station. #tweet100
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6 visual tips for social entrepreneurs starting out, inspired by the amazing work of @milanicreative👇

@milanicreative 1. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Find a proven solution and innovate from there.

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In my @obsdmd, I keep track of my 12 favourite problems using tags.

Whenever I create a new source note, I tag it to associate it with at least one of my 12 favourite problems.

Here are 4 benefits of this practice: 🧵👇

#tweet100 #ship30for30
@obsdmd ( In case you're not familiar with the idea of 12 favourite problems, or in case you're curious about how I track and tag my 12 favourite problems in Obsidian, check out this tweet: )

@obsdmd 1. It can provide a sense of progress

When you're just starting your PKM, it can be hard to know if you're doing things "right."

It can be hard to know if you're making progress at all.

Associating your notes to your 12 favourite problems with tags can help.
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#Ukraine: Latest updates from #UkraineWar: 1. Locals report multiple strikes on #NovaKakhovka nr #Kherson at the dam and on the “Sokol” factory, a suspected Russian base. Nothing left of the base after 5 UA rockets hit the target. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 2. UA forces killed 35 Russians, destroyed a Msta-B howitzer, a NONA self-propelled mortar system & 9 armoured & military vehicles yesterday in #Donetsk region. Today they took out 8 Russians, a MT-LB armoured vehicle & 2 Giatsint-S self-propelled guns. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. Multiple UA strikes reported in the #Kherson region nr #Oleshki not far from a bridge across the Konka River where locals say there is a Russian base. Explosions reported. #tweet100
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