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14 Sep
Late bloomers get a bad rap.

But that's about to change.

Structural shifts unfolding in today's economy mean that not "having it all figured out" by your 20's may actually put you at an ADVANTAGE.

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1/ Today's education system is still set up to support the industrial economy. Sit down, be quiet, memorize... and eventually, you might just learn to become a cog in the great wheel and get yourself a guaranteed pension.
2/ Unsurprisingly, this has produced generations of workers who are good at following orders, not causing too much trouble, and completing repetitive tasks. But, there's a problem...
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13 Sep
Every time I find myself struggling, either personally or professionally, I ask myself these 4 questions to help me get back on track.

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1/ Am I sleeping well?

• Have I let my bedtime slip?
• Am I looking at screens an hour before bed?
• Am I getting up at the same time (even on weekends)?
• Am I actually measuring the quality of my sleep?

Sleep is essential. It's when all the growth & restoration happens.
2/ Am I exercising consistently & vigorously?

• Am I out of breath multiple times per week?
• Am I working up a legitimate sweat?
• Am I training for a specific goal?

The benefits of exercise are well-documented but the daily endorphin rush alone can snap us out of bad ruts.
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12 Jul
12 years into a lucrative investment banking career:

• I quit my job
• Moved to a city where I knew no one
• Hit the reset button on my life


• I'm an MD @ a $300bn asset mgr
• Have published 2 books
• Create content for a living

10 lessons on career reinvention
1/ When you're doing it solely for the money, it's time to go.

•It will never be the ideal time to leave.
•The golden handcuffs only get tighter.
•Money is just one component of 'rewarding' work.
2/ Leave well.

•How you leave an organization will overshadow every bit of work you did while you were there.
•Exercise grace, humility, and empathy on the way out the door.
•The world is smaller than you think.
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7 Jul
I humbly present:

52 ideas to make you:


The key insight from each of the first 52 issues of the #IntentionalWisdom newsletter.

1. Contrary to popular belief, coming up w great ideas is not about magic or luck.

We can actively cultivate the conditions for creativity by:

- Getting inspired (see #12 on content diets)
- Getting physically active (walk, run, whatever, just sweat)
- Letting our minds wander
2. The best way to make progress toward any goal is by actually doing the thing. Getting the reps.

We tend to get in our own way, convincing ourselves that motion is the same as action.

It is not.
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