What I did (wouldn't consider it a 'recipe' yet) ~ soaked around 2/3rds of a cup (the size in the pic) of dal in about 3x water with salt (to taste) and a third of a tsp of haldi. For abut 40min.

Chopped up 4 cloves of garlic fine and an inch (maybe a little less) of ginger...+
...real fine. Also sliced up some 5 green chillies (not length-wise).

After the soak, pressure-cooked the dal for around 15min (reduced the flame after the initial steam release) and let it cool off on its own. Used a wooden buttermilk whisk (the traditional kinds)...+
... to mash up some of the dal to a creamy consistency.

Heated 2 tbsp of ghee in a kadhai with a tsp of jeera and a pinch of hing and the garlic + ginger. As garlic started to turn brown, mixed in the dal with the green chillies cut. Let it simmer while I added in ... +
... a half tsp each of coriander powder and red chilli powder (may be a little less than a half tsp; the idea was to keep the masalas low/mild).

Chopped up some coriander fine by the side. After about 15 min (with water being added a bit to adjust consistency), switched off...+
... the heat and tossed in a pinch of garam masala and mixed it up. Garnished on top with the coriander.

Turned out rather nice. I didn't think I'd get this figured out. Of course, the test of it would be replication. :)

• • •

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11 Sep
Had picked up a great BT speaker from @MonsterProducts some 4Y ago, not used the last year or so. Randomly tried to charge it last week to discover that it'd charge but would not hold for more than 5min.

Mailed the Co to be informed that servicing/battery replacement...+
...would not be possible. Hated the thought of throwing away an incredibly good sounding speaker. So, figured I'd troubleshoot it myself.

Everything else worked fine, while on USB cable/power. So it had to be either the battery or the charging circuit.

Figured I'd deal with the easier issue first - replace the battery. Haven't really electronicked in a couple of decades now, so wasn't sure if I'd find something that fit. Not much by way of info on troubleshooting the speaker available online either.

One fellow had...+
Read 9 tweets
11 Aug
This is funny and true, but on reflection, it hints at something tragic ...

The "types" this thread describes are deservedly out from those who can move/shake the GoI - mostly a bunch of people who thought they were as good as the Brits and masked their attitudes ... +
... under a professed desire to working for "progress" of the "Indian people". They couldn't care to know what we're like on the streets or in the hinterland. Or, maybe they did and which is why they wouldn't really care. And thus mostly "governed by proxy".

The problem ... +
... though, is that those who replaced them - claiming to be "true Indians" and "patriots" and "nationalists" - KNOW us only two well. Well enough to abuse and exploit as they do.

Maybe, that's us - fit to be lorded over and used and abused. It's either one or the other.
Read 4 tweets
6 Aug
This illustrates tokenism and half-measures taken to the extreme. And a large part of the problem is the teaching community in these IIsT (and the like).

When you think of Reservations for a particular class of people, you also have to anticipate the problems ... +
... they might face in adapting to the expectations of making it to and thriving in an atmosphere they have no exposure to (socially/culturally).

"If you got in here, you're expected to *get it* on your own and by yourself" - does not cut it. And it's self-serving AF...
... because it excuses the teaching community from actually thinking through what they are REQUIRED to do - to make sure the "reserved" category of students cope, thrive and succeed.

When you decide you're going to take affirmative action, you've got to anticipate ... +
Read 12 tweets
3 Aug
Done reading. Seems a bit out of date, with the references to "blogs", but it isn't. What it describes is now mainstream media practice.

Excellent read. Helped affirm intuitions that built up in me over the past 3-4 years as well as fill in gaps re: the mechanics.
+ Image
Also helped assert a sound basis to some rules I've found myself adopting online e.g. on here:

If anything is a trigger, I refuse to act on it. The check is always what I feel - if angry, outraged or shocked, the reflex-in-training is to feel the emotion and Do Nothing.
Reaction from me does not come cheap and certainly not easily or so frequently. If someone wants it, they have to work harder/do better.

If something's rapidly getting traction, ignore it till the dust settles. As it is, there's sweet f'all I can do about something already ...+
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8 May

This is something I observed at the first dose as well, at a fancy hospital for a paid appointment.

Out of three, there are two stages which take time, one of which could be eliminated, if the GoI wanted. More on that later.

Registration takes ...+
...between 5-15 minutes. Typically, there seems to be only one registration desk per centre. The injection takes less than 5 minutes. A 30 minute observation wait is mandated.

The numbers of *immediate* AEFIs following injection suggest an infinitesimally minuscule risk. +
But you wouldn't want to have the observation area unsupervised by a trained medical staff. So, it's possible to hold a mid-sized count of people safely at that stage.

Ideally, if I were to hold 10 at a go in the observation area for 30 minutes. I would need to get 10 ...+
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8 May
#COVID19India: Summary View

TPR > 40%: GA
TPR > 30%: DL,WB

TPR growth negative for CT, DL, MH, MP, UP
#COVID19India: Summary View

Weekly Case Growth
> 40%: AP,AS,HP,JK
> 30%: GA,OR,TN

*Negative for CT, DL,GJ,MH,MP,TG,UP

Average of 15% with a max of 52%

*Validate with testing growth/CFR
#COVID19India: Summary View

Average testing growth is a very low 3% against 16% for cases. AP, GA, HP, OR, PB and TN stand out with growth > 10%.

Negative for AS, BR, GJ, JH, KA, TG, UT. Marginally positive for JK, RJ

MH the only state with case decline > testing decline.
Read 4 tweets

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