THREAD/ This is a great question. How do we know that the 2020 election was the most secure, verified, and transparent election in US history? I've answered it many times, but I don't mind answering it again. Please read below. /1
2020 had the most auditable paper ballots cast in modern American history. ~95% of all ballots were cast on auditable paper, including ALL the ballots in ALL the swing states. /2
GA, NC, PA, VA - ALL paper in 2020, compared to all or most ballots in those states being digital, unauditable ballots in 2016. In fact, only 75-80% of all ballots cast in 2016 were auditable paper ballots. /3
More states audited those ballots than ever before, meaning that humans compared some or all of the ballots to the counts, and confirmed the outcome was correct. /4
Audits confirming the results were conducted in AZ, MI, and many other states, including most notably, Georgia, where every single presidential ballot was counted THREE times, including once entirely by hand, under the eyes of bipartisan observers. /5
We had more pre-election litigation confirming the rules than ever before. Both sides won some, and lost some, but courts (with judges appointed by Rs and Ds) ruled clearly, and both sides knew the rules on Election Day. /6
We had more post-election litigation than ever before, and in every case, the losing side failed to present any admissible evidence of significant fraud, and in fact, conceded that there was little if any fraud, with Giuliani conceding in PA "this isn't a fraud case." /7
That's why over 80 judges, incl. many appointed by the losing candidate himself, reviewed the challenges brought against the outcome and rejected them. They considered the merits and delivered the losing candidate an unprecedented record of defeat. /8

The losing candidate appears to realize that the election was secure and he lost, even if he won't publicly admit it. He could have requested full statewide recounts in MI, PA, and WI, and he chose not to. He wouldn't even ask for recounts in states he lost. /9
This is why the former president's AG, DOJ, DHS, and FBI all concluded that the election was secure, and there was no evidence of significant fraud. Their findings didn't stop the WH from pressuring them to assist his efforts to overturn the will of the voters, however. /10
The 2020 election wasn't particularly close. President Biden won by over 7 million votes, with the same electoral college margin as the former president enjoyed in 2016. It's the largest margin for a presidential election in this century, when Obama wasn't on the ballot. /11
So that's how we know the 2020 election was not only secure and accurate, but that it was the most secure, most accurate, most verified, most transparent, and most scrutinized election in US history. And 2022/24 will be even more secure. /12
All of this is mostly due to the efforts of professional election officials, of both parties, all over the country, who facilitated the greatest turnout in US history, in the middle of a global pandemic. If you'd like to help their efforts, volunteer to be a poll worker! /13
Finally, these public servants are under attack, and if you're one of them and need help, or if you're a lawyer and you'd like to volunteer to help election officials in need, please check out the Election Official Legal Defense Network. /END

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1 Sep
/1 TX SB 1, passed yesterday, is indeed one of the least-justified laws passed in service to the Big Lie, but as many focus on the unnecessary provisions that restrict early and mail voting, there are several other aspects of the law that raise greater concerns for me.
/2 While TX is one of the least secure states for voting, due to it having the largest number of digital, non-paper ballots, and no effective audit requirements, SB 1 does nothing to address those deficiencies.
/3 In fact, SB 1 has an audit section requires "random" audits in only 4 of TX's 254 counties each election (which isn't a random audit). And you cannot conduct an effective audit without paper ballots. Best practices require a random statewide audit of the paper.
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13 Jul
Those who have fallen prey to the scam that there were "stacks of affidavits" should read this eye-opening report on yesterday's hearing in MI to sanction Trump's attorneys. /1…
The original case sought to "disenfranchise the votes of the more than 5.5M MI citizens who, with dignity, hope, and a promise of a voice, participated in the 2020 Election,” with “nothing but speculation and conjecture that votes were destroyed, discarded or switched.” /2
"The affidavits filed to support claims included obvious errors, speculation and basic misunderstandings of how elections are generally conducted. “There’s a duty that when you’re submitting a sworn statement that you have done some minimal due diligence,” Judge Parker said." /3
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22 Jun
Important analysis of the ongoing AZ review of ballots, from two real election experts, @KYTrey and @bcburden:

"Because it lacks the essential elements of a bona fide post-election analysis, the review will not produce findings that should be trusted."…
"The ongoing review of ballots from the November 2020 general election in Maricopa County as ordered by the Arizona State Senate and executed by their inexperienced, unqualified contractor, Cyber Ninjas, does not meet the standards of a proper election
recount or audit." /2
"The Cyber Ninjas review suffers from uncompetitive contracting, a lack of impartiality and partisan balance, a faulty ballot review process, inconsistency in procedures, an unacceptably high level of error built into the process, and insufficient security." /3
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27 Apr
The ongoing mess that is the AZ “election audit,” lacking any sense of transparency, conducted by an inexperienced, biased out-of-state firm, contaminating chain-of-custody and the ballots themselves, is not only a bad idea. It also likely violates federal law. /1
52 USC 20701 requires that election officials, and ONLY election officials, preserve all fed’l election records, including ballots, for at least 22 months after an election. This is to preserve evidence in case of a violation of voting laws. /2…
@USDOJ’s Public Integrity unit has a manual on the Prosecution of Election Offenses. That manual is very clear about the responsibility to maintain the provenance of ballots and other fed’l election materials, and the penalties for failure to do so. /3…
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26 Apr
FL SB90 just passed the Senate on nearly a pure party-line vote (23-17, with only 1 R voting "no"). This completely unnecessary bill fails to recognize the exceptional election FL just held, accessible to all with maximum integrity - a model for the nation. /1
Two provisions of particular concern.

Like GA, this bill outlaws giving "any item to a voter" waiting in line. Not water, not a sandwich, not a pen, not a book, not an umbrella. What this provision is fixing, and how it will be enforced, remains a total mystery. /2
SB 90 also severely limits drop boxes, which now can only be open during early voting hours, and must be staffed during that time. Voters who wish to return a mail ballot without relying on the USPS and work late, well, they're out of luck. /3
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26 Apr
Read this. "Critics in both parties charge that what began as a way to placate angry Trump voters has become a political embarrassment and another blow to the once-inviolable democratic norm that losers and winners alike honor results of elections." /1…
"Hoping to head off a dispute, the supervisors hired two federally approved firms to conduct a forensic audit of the county’s voting machines. The audit concluded that the equipment had performed flawlessly." /2
The R senate leader stated “A lot of our constituents have questions about the validity of it. What else could we do to verify the votes were accurate.” She could start by telling the truth, and telling those voters that multiple audits confirmed the election was accurate. /3
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