Fuel buyers / utilities. I know your getting angry and emotional but you brought this on yourselves. You can sit on your hands and tell each other that you’re gonna wait this #uranium spike out and refuse to buy but your just gonna look even more stupid the longer you wait.
You guys bankrupted the #uranium mining industry to chose to not contract at fair prices and secure your future needs.

Now you are angry cause you didn’t see this coming and your fragile egos are preventing you from admitting your were wrong.
You guys are on the wrong side of what the financial world is a suicide short. We know you will pay up and must buy uranium. We are prepared to buy hold and wait as long as it takes for you to crack. There’s a date on each of your calendars when we know you will have no choice
You’re gonna hit the spot market regardless of how angry you are about it. Better to understand that there is literally trillions in capital that know have eyeballs on this trade. The sooner your admit your were wrong and hit the spot the better off you’ll be.
It’s very hard to admit your wrong and cut your losses. You should get busy and purchase the fall spot volumes we know you need.

Just prepare yourself to sign long term contracts centered off $100/lb with $75/lb floors and maybe Cameco and cap will give you $160/lb hard caps
If your a large shareholder of Cameco or kap you should be telling them you are invested for them to get the sort of contracts I describe above. Pressure them not to sell to cheap and screw this up. (Like they did last cycle)
I think the fuel buyers are gonna try to wait this out as long as possible. My bet is the market is gonna spank them all as the longer they avoid spot purchases the bigger a hold they dig. Ego’s are preventing them from buying what will soon look like super cheap lbs.
One amazing thing is that the fuel buyers for the utilities think themselves smarter than all of us. But these guys have no understanding of how badly they positioned themselves and how obvious it is to professional traders who smell the squeeze coming
For those of us that cut our teeth in the financial markets and had to learn to admit mistakes and cut losses, we can’t help but me amused. Hearing of the anger fuels empty promises to not buy just makes us want to squeeze your even more. The market is bigger than all of us
Fuel buyers are in a suicide short on the wrong side of the market and very few have the experience required to study the trend with an open mind, wake up to reality and cut your losses.

• • •

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16 Sep
“Gitzel said approximately 1000 people were affected by the shutdown.
He explained that once satisfactory purchase contracts are in place for McArthur River uranium, it may take one-year to 18-months to restart production.” mbcradio.com/2020/12/no-imm…
I ain’t afraid of the Mcarthur River restart as far as uranium price goes for the next 2 years.

You can bet when Cameco laid off 1000 people 4-5 years ago they would have kept the best and offered older employees early retirement
Point being it will be more difficult than the market thinks to hire 1000 work in a market where skilled mining labour is hard to come by globally. Hire and train then commission. It’s also not a ‘simple’ mining project
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16 Sep
Everyone should consider this tweet and what horse shit this is from $cco $ccj is stuck in a bear market mindset and once again missed the turn to the bull market.
My prediction is that $cco $ccj is going to have to burn huge sums buying spot to feed contracts they must deliver into. They will end up rushing the restart of Mcarthur River out of desperation and dig themselves out of a contracting hole by offering utilities longer term deals
This happens all the time at in bull markets companies extend poor contracts and just make things worse. End up giving up huge profits.

I prefer investing in companies that are lead by execs that have the vision to see that the market has changed from bear to bull
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15 Sep
Hello Fuel Buyers, are you starting to understand what’s gonna happen in the coming months?

When spot Uranium jumps $3.50 to $49/lb it actually attracts more money to the sector. More money in $urnm and more money to $u.un
The investment community looking for ‘squeeze plays’ doesn’t get sticker shock, they get excited. The $3.50 jump is just confirmation that people like me will be proven correct and the price will run and break the all time highs. $180/lb inflation adjusted
The $3.50/lb price jump is confirmation that the financial community has the utilities caught in a squeeze.

Would be sellers of uranium will continue to lift offers and fear selling in this environment.
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15 Sep
As I see $pdn crossing $1 and being added to the ASX 300 feel a great sense of accomplishment cause this time I nailed the bull market in Uranium on my own. I don’t have to argue with co-workers about who made the uranium call this cycle as people try to take credit for my work
Also the gains are mine, I don’t have to stress for months and wait for ‘the big guy’ to get around to calling me into his office to ‘have the bonus talk’. I don’t have to plead my case and wait for others to decide what bonus I deserve for making the clients money
I don’t have to make my rounds and have one on ones with a bunch of partners in the firm and argue with them to try to get my fair share of the fees I generated. So much bullshit I’m so glad to not have to deal with anymore. :)
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14 Sep
Well, I’m long 1mm+ shares of $mno.v now

Chatted with @METhompson72 about the project in the summer and have been picking away ever since. I find I’m waking up in the morning with the latest drill results stuck in my mind and feeling the urge to get a bigger position.
Huge Brazilian land package with the last two rounds of drill results being some of the best holes I’ve seen in my entire life. The value / grades of the copper holes make it an excellent huge copper play with amazing economics regardless of the copper price
The value / gold grades over huge widths would make it an excellent stand alone gold mine as well. With both high grade gold and copper it simply blows my mind and I find it surfacing in my dreams. This is a $5/sh company in the making even if the gold and copper price stays flat
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14 Sep
This is a very constructive day as after the big 2 up days we had sput is doing volume at a healthy premium. Given its drop and premium shrink my bet is many took profits in the morning on mining stocks
But the resilience is a sign of strong new buyers. The diamond hands are coming in and taking stock away from longer term holders that have made incredible gains already. Can’t blame some for taking what’s already been life changing gains.
But it’s the action like that that shakes out the original bull riders. The patterns change and we are now in that more steep wide mouth column and it’s time to consider the use of semi log charts to look for new extremes to be hit
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