A quick thread on fantasy wheelchair design, since I've been giving the same note repeatedly on several different projects recently.

Before you make it cool, make it practical.

Giant, throne-like chairs with big weapons are awesome in theory, but they ignore the essential function of a chair--to give a person mobility and equal access. An armchair-sized device is nearly impossible to maneuver, won't fit through doors, and is immensely heavy. 2/
Ideally, a manual wheelchair is (typically) as light as it can safely be, has a slim profile to allow the focus to be on the PERSON, not the device, and has thin, lightweight tires similar to bicycle tires, plus front casters. 3/
The back height is, at the most, up to the top of the person's head, depending on their disability and support needs, but is generally as low as possible to allow for more maneuverability, to allow the person to see behind them, and for aesthetics. 4/
For electric chairs, the profile tends to be a bit sturdier, but it still is always as slim as possible because it is there to support the user, not the other way around. It will have a control mechanism, either in front, on an armrest, or as a mouth/eye control device. 5/
If you are adding weapons/gadgets, think about how the person would operate them, particularly in a manual chair. You can't use a typical bow and arrow without stopping, since you need your hands to propel yourself. 6/
Lots of gadgets are cool, but without considering HOW someone would use them, you are focusing on the devices, not the character.

In short, remember that including disabled CHARACTERS is important. Their devices are there, but should not be the focus of their art/design. 7/
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13 Sep
LRT: I’ve spoken about this before a bit, but let’s talk about my engagement ring, and why it was arguably the most important $20 I spent last year. (Thread.)
Fairly early on in the pandemic, like most disabled people, I recognized the increased danger that I was in, not just from the virus, but from ableism. 80% of doctors believe disabled people have a lower quality of life.
I locked down before almost anyone I know, I took every precaution I knew – – I already had masks because I wore them prior to the pandemic. But as soon as I saw what was happening at hospitals, that’s when I panicked.
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So, one for the “how do we tackle this issue in the industry” list: work over the weekend.

People are entitled to days off. Recognizing that not having them is:
a) a major contributor to the burnout we are facing, and
b) challenging because so much of our work is after hours,
How do we find ways to get freelancers regular days off? No shows take hiatus at the same time. Projects email constantly, with endless follow-ups. I’m trying to track messages/threads/projects across, at minimum, eight communication platforms.
I woke up to two follow-ups to emails from Friday. I dealt with a family emergency on Fri. and then was filming all day yesterday.

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Last night, I talked about what I loved about 2e. Tonight, I want to talk about what I love about 5e.

Five things follow.

(This is a long thread, because there's a lot to love. I don't cover it all here, but these are some of the main things.)
1) The versatility. 5e gives the flexibility to have a maps and minis tactical campaign OR a cinematic, Theater of the Mind epic OR a campaign that has features of both. It has huge, expansive stories that span continents and tiny tales that can be told within a small town.
It fuses some of the best features from all of the previous editions and gives a new, turn-it-on-a-dime, ultra-flexible system that can bend to pretty much any whim a DM can throw at it.
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29 Jan 20
CW: Really gross ableism

Summary of this morning:
I was using my wheels today—pain in my hip and POTS stuff. I had an appt. with my cardiologist. I was sitting in the waiting room & a guy strolls in and starts wishing everyone a great day. He is loud, but seems well-intentioned.
Next, he, having walked past, but facing away from me, starts saying to people “Hey, things could be worse. You could be in a wheelchair. It could be raining and you could be in a wheelchair. You could be on the bus and the driver dropped you too far and it could...
...be raining and you could be in a wheelchair.” On and on. I don’t say anything. They call me up to collect my co-pay. I roll to the counter.

Behind me, I hear, “Well, at least it’s not supposed to rain today.”

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