If we want to avoid lockdown in the Autumn, we should all be taking the best precautionary measures against transmission.

Instead, we are behaving as if the pandemic is over.

The pandemic is not over.

We may be getting bored with Covid, but SARS-Cov2 doesn’t do bored.
At present, the “libertarians” are running the show.

Cases, hospitalisations, ICU patients and deaths are all going up, but the “libertarians” say, “Fine. Let it Rip. Take it on the Chin”.

Is this OK?

We need to have a discussion
The alternative is that we ventilate liberally, and where this is not possible we install HEPA air purifiers.

And we refresh our social distancing skills.

And we mask up again. Problem is, the “libertarians” will have a fit of the vapours if we ask them to do this.
So what are we going to do about the Covid sceptics?

The solution is for medical scientists to produce an accessible website that refutes the claims of the sceptics in simple language. As climate scientists did with @skepticscience .

Maybe such a site already exists.
If so, I’d like to see it.
What we want is a site that lays out simple, sound statements, as in:

Covid-19 virus is a real problem
If case numbers are going up, they will keep going up faster if we do nothing to slow transmission

Simple masks do work, if the vast majority wear them
If the user clicks on a claim, they will go to a page that sets out the case in more detail. And so on until we are getting back into referenced science.

Each and every one of the sceptics’ claims will be met in this dendritic structure

And yes…
…I know that the hard core of sceptics are unchangable.

But there is a large number of good, sincere, non-stupid people out there who are being fed misinformation by opinionated family and friends, and they deserve to be given access to sound information

Or possibly 8/8
(3a) and of course, we vaccinate all who wish to be vaccinated, and methodically address vaccination reluctance (see further down this thread)
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4 Jul
One of the things that are holding us back from change is the very widespread, very understandable belief that it is useless writing to your MP.

Thing is, is enough of us write asking for the same thing, they must take notice. We just have to be of one mind
One thing that pretty much unites us all is that we value the NHS.
So we could all write to ask our MP (and all PPCs* too) that they will work to oppose and reverse the privatisation of the NHS.

Most MPs will respond with declarations of love towards the NHS, followed by guff
We must then start to disentangle and respond to their evasions, brining them back to a clear declaration of intent to halt and reverse the privatisation of the NHS.

This will take some work, but it can be done. Maybe in letter writing groups.

It’s will be hard. But…
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7 Jan
The riots on Capitol Hill in January 2021 will occupy social psychologists for decades.

Here is my preliminary formulation as a psychiatrist:

1. There exists a widespread delusion that a political elite exists whose aim is to remove people’s rights and freedoms

2. In this delusion the elite operate by creating elaborate myths about general threats to well-being such as man-made climate change and Covid-19

3/ These myths are propagated using the scientific community (!) who are drawn into a quasi-religious system of false thinking
4. Step 3 of this delusion represents projection

5. The delusions are propagated and amplified through right wing voices in the MSM (e.g. Daily Mail and Telegraph), alt-right channels such as Breitbart, and talk radio shock-jocks

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7 Nov 20
One of the most important and common tricks used by deniers of Covid and man-made climate change is to pick up on a single error made by their opponents and magnify it into a total, all-encompassing "proof" that the deniers are right.
This is called the Fallacy of Composition, when it is falsely reasoned that what is true of the parts of a whole must be true of the whole. nizkor.com/features/falla…

Deniers use many other techniques. One is an emotional tone of absolute certainty in all their pronouncements on their topic, so that it feels that anyone who disagrees with them is clearly a fool.

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29 Oct 20
#r4today give Sir Rocco Forte a platform to complain about the impact of efforts to curb C19 transmission on his business.

He is not challenged to say what he actually wants, so we have to assume that it is the Let It Rip idea.

So let us explore Forte's plan 1/
The Let it Rip group lost the argument in Cabinet back in February 2020, but did not give up. In fact their policies may have been influencing the implementation of Johnson's C19 response, which would explain his many failures, notably of Test n Trace greenerblog.blogspot.com/2020/06/list-o…
Under Let if Rip, vulnerable people (elderly, hypertensives, smokers, obese, diabetics, cancer patients, etc) just hide away as best they can for the foreseeable future, and others carry on as normal, and the disease spreads rapidly among them without any hindrance.
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15 Oct 20
Humanity is bound together and empowered to collaborate by means of shared belief in a succession of gods.

At present the god is Money, who rules through the Invisible Hand of the Market, and who requires infinite expansion into a finite space.

This is an impossibility
As well as demanding an impossibility, the prevailing religion of Money is causing mass extinctions, and destroying the energy balance of our Earth.

This is the modern equivalent of human sacrifice.

We will eventually, late in the day, reject the dogma of Money and replace it with a reality-based belief.

This will be the understanding that we humans are one part of a vast, intricate ecological web of living things. We will shift towards protecting and healing that web
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