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Priti Patel announcing her new headless plan for immigration on #r4today...

Hold tight, friends, I know it's awful. I'm going to try to take these proposals point by point.
Most immigrants in our system are forced into a "temporary" status for years or even a decade before they can get a permanent status. Patel loves this despite the pointless misery it causes.

Now they want to do the same for people recognised as fleeing persecution. #r4today
People who are recognised as fulfilling the extremely stringent requirements of the refugee process are by definition victims of trauma and persecution.

Making their lives unstable for years, denying them support, is obviously cruel, unnecessary & counter-productive. #r4today
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Really disappointed to hear a @BBCr4today programme interviewer talk about 'illegal asylum seekers'. No such thing.

On such a big issue, how is it possible to get basic terms wrong?
#r4today was getting this wrong 20 years ago when I used to work for a refugee charity - and when we had Straw and Blunkett thinking the answer to the asylum system was tough-talking not smart-acting
Years ago. The now defunct Press Complaints Commission issued editorial guidelines on the correct terms to use on asylum & immigration- overseen by @StigAbell
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Let's clear this up right now #r4today, it:s not illegal to seek asylum, or cross channel for that matter. There is also not legal requirement on asylum seekers to seek it in another safe country first. The delays in the system are all down to the government, not asylum seekers.
You can't make a system fairer by making it more discriminatory. What @pritipatel is pitching here risks creating a narrative of "good/bad asylum seekers" and fails to recognise people fleeing persecution often don't have a chance to wait for a government resettlement routes.
Creating this conflation in people's mind with people seeking asylum and illegality is a dangerous move which will just place vulnerable asylum seekers at more risk from likes of the far-right who we have already seen attacking them.
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Darren Conway on #r4today talking about his journey back to the school he filmed in 2013 after its bombing by the Syrian government for “Saving Syria’s Children” — very harrowing. This is an incident regime-supporting conspiracy theorists claim was staged.…
The very week the Panorama in the tweet above is screened: The same hospital is struck by a precision missile, in an area with no rebel military presence, no strategic importance, whose coordinates were shared with Russia as part of deconfliction deal to avoid civilian casualties
The layers of brutality here are mind-boggling: first they bomb civilian facilities (schools, clinics), then they lie about it, then when the stories are told they punish them again with "smart" missiles.
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New research analysing #r4today, raises questions about clarity, accuracy & impartiality in @BBCNews' senior broadcast journalists’ choice of language, where their choice of words & identifiers can be seen as undermining the @BBC's impartiality.…
Several senior @BBCNews journalists adopt the first-person plural “we” when reporting on matters of public policy.

The evidence suggests that more fine-grained guidelines on permissible circumstances for @BBC journalists’ usage of “we” & “our” need revising & disseminating.
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Vaccines hero Kate Bingham on her reaction to the Novavax success: "When I heard the news last night, I'm afraid I broke the Dry January rule and celebrated with a glass of wine." #r4today
How did UK secure vaccine supplies? Bingham: "We were clearly at a disadvantage in terms of size and buying power so the way we chose to address that was by being nimble, and as co-operative and supportive as we possibly could be."
Asked about prospect of EU export ban on vaccines, Bingham says: "I just don't believe it will ever come to that, we've worked very co-operatively with the European Union." Points eg to Valneva - French company now making vaccines in Scotland.
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The wholly foreseeable effects of leaving the EU have been clear for years - erecting trade barriers leads to less trade.

Johnson's Brexit surrender deal is done, businesses are going bankrupt and Brexiters are still celebrating it.


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive
@LBC Barnier on Brexit border friction:

"some things have “changed for good” as a result of the UK’s policy choices, “there are mechanical, obvious, inevitable, consequences when you leave the single market and that’s what the British wished to do”

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Matt Hancock tells @LBC that "at the moment" the UK is expecting to receive & administer half a million Ox/AZ doses a week. Claims that will increase in the near future.
Urging public to follow the rules closely, Hancock says: "We've only got a few more weeks of this - we have a vaccine, the cavalry is here."
Hancock tells #r4today: "The reason that we're not putting a numerical target on it is because the limiting step is a lack of supply... We're working with Pfizer & AstraZeneca who are doing a remarkable job in getting that supply ready so we can then deliver it through the NHS."
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This is a crisis for supply chains just 11 days before the shock of Brexit. The French ban applies to inbound freight but many European drivers won’t head to the UK if they can’t immediately make the return trip. The next 48 hrs could be a preview of what’s coming in two weeks.
Ian Wright, @Foodanddrinkfed CEO: “Tonight’s suspension of accompanied freight traffic from the UK to France has the potential to cause serious disruption to UK Christmas fresh food supplies... Truckers will not want to travel here if they have a real fear of getting marooned.”
Statement from @LogisticsUKNews: “Shoppers should not panic buy – retailers will be making every effort to ensure there is stock within the system... We are maintaining close contact with HMG to ensure that supplies of fresh produce are available throughout Xmas & the New Year.” Image
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Hey @BBCPolitics why did you cut out the most important part of the NEU press release?

Serious concerns have been raised within the scientific community and an article in the BMJ about the unreliability of LFTs, they should not be used as a replacement to isolation
So @BBCPolitics still gaslighting education workers valid concerns on safety.
Not a single mention of LFT concerns and their use on #r4today when @PaulWhiteman6 was interviewed either

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Thread: Details of testing in schools is out 😅🤣😂😲🥴🤢🤮

Got to be kidding, as if we needed any more proof the DfE is totally out of touch, this could be the crowning glory.


Reads more like a PR exercise than a Public Health initiative…
2/ Worth beginning with the press release earlier today, dont worry not much work you just need to use January Inset day to retrain as public health officials.

Note that many support staff won't be in as schools cut their training to save money years ago
3/ Step 1 retrain and retitle staff.

100 tests a day will need 9 staff, 11-13 tests an hour per testing bay, so we either need to spend all day testing or have a lot of bays.

How many staff do they think we have in 10 years into a retention crisis deepened by covid?
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Earlier this year, songwriters, composers and performers started sharing how little they got from streaming – while big music companies raked in billions #BrokenRecord...

#FixStreaming #KeepMusicAlive

.@IvorsAcademy and the Musicians’ Union started campaigning for a Government review - and over 17,000 of you backed the call...

#FixStreaming #KeepMusicAlive…
Press picked it up, including @pitchfork, @WiredUK and @bbc5live. They’re still going - catch up with @MrTomGray and MU Deputy General Secretary @NaomiPohl speaking to @Ed_Miliband and @GeoffLloyd on @CheerfulPodcast...

#FixStreaming #KeepMusicAlive…
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A thread for everybody interested in whether @BorisJohnson and @RishiSunak are intent on breaking a manifesto promise from the @Conservatives to both the country and some of the poorest people in the world and cutting our life-saving, world-changing #UKAid.
The view from the @CBItweets and the International Chambers of Commerce. Cuts to #UKAid would “hamper gains made on social and economic development, which are prerequisites for businesses to trade".…
The moral case for keeping to 0.7% on #UKAid as made by the Archbishop of Canterbury. "We mustn’t limit our concept of neighbour simply to those close by to us. We need to heed that message in the tough times as well as the good".…
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The virus has exposed not only gross incompetence, but cronyism & corruption at the heart of government

With contracts for chums and billions of tax-payers money siphoned off to the private sector

And unnecessary lives lost

Thread ⬇️

1/ #Dispatches #bbcnews #r4today
Testing and trace is a vital component of infectious disease control

Against the advice of public health experts, the government outsourced both elements of the process to favourable private companies, with no expertise

Resulting in a dog’s breakfast of incompetence

Deloitte was given the contract, of undisclosed value, to set up off-site testing centres & run the new Lighthouse Laboratories, bypassing existing NHS infrastructure

Deloitte then went on to outsource the running of the testing centres to numerous other corporations

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#r4today give Sir Rocco Forte a platform to complain about the impact of efforts to curb C19 transmission on his business.

He is not challenged to say what he actually wants, so we have to assume that it is the Let It Rip idea.

So let us explore Forte's plan 1/
The Let it Rip group lost the argument in Cabinet back in February 2020, but did not give up. In fact their policies may have been influencing the implementation of Johnson's C19 response, which would explain his many failures, notably of Test n Trace…
Under Let if Rip, vulnerable people (elderly, hypertensives, smokers, obese, diabetics, cancer patients, etc) just hide away as best they can for the foreseeable future, and others carry on as normal, and the disease spreads rapidly among them without any hindrance.
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Yesterday, the news was so relentlessly awful for the government. By half way through the day when the free school meals stuff really picked up I said the words out loud: look out for a tough-on-immigration headline tomorrow. #r4today... right on cue 😑
So what's this "new tough policy announcement"? #r4today is reporting that EU citizens with past prison sentences of one year or more will be "turned away" post-Brexit.
This makes no sense - we have established there will be visa-free travel with the EU, so how would they check?
Seems more likely EU citizens will be brought in line with existing rules for non-EU migrants on criminality, i.e. they'll face automatic deportation if they serve a prison sentence of over 12 months here in the UK.

If so, I cannot stress this enough, this is NOT NEWS. #r4today
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Towards the end of last week, over 15,000 UK coronavirus cases were not entered into the official figures, and none of their contacts were traced. It's time for those in charge of test, track & trace to be held accountable. It's just a complete shambles.…
I'm afraid to say, but the government has now lost control of the virus and where it is in the community. Contact tracing is broken and we are getting dangerously close to another situation like March where Covid begins to rip through communities. #r4today
For my own city of York, data on Friday was showing 66 weekly cases per 100,000. Now after a weekend of adjustment, analysing the data in detail shows the true number was actually 125 cases per 100,000. We should actually have had enhanced lockdown measures for the weekend.
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Am sure the 'ship migrants to Ascension Island' story was only leaked so the real 'lock them up on a ferry' story would seem more 'reasonable'. They then say 'Denmark do it', using Denmark as code for tolerance, when in fact, it currently has, like us, a hard right govt. #r4today
You can find a good analysis of Danish politics shift to the right and the increasingly hard-line approach to immigration here:…
I should slightly correct that - the restrictive Danish ideas on immigration (and that Time article) date back to early 2019, when the right wing Liberal Party was in power with the far right Danish People's Party in 2nd place. The current Prime Minister is now a Social Democrat.
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Programme on #LongCovid on @BBCRadio4 this morning. Treatment unlikely to involve a prescription for medication; instead work with a physiotherapist and psychologist. Patients better start getting used to self-management and inadequate/inappropriate support from NHS. 1/ #r4today
Presenter's claim #LongCovid is "a brand new illness" is not strictly true. Some symptoms ie. respiratory damage clearly relate to Covid-19, but many more symptoms #longhaulers suffer clearly resemble the post-viral illness par excellence #MECFS. 2/ #r4today
#MECFS is conspicuous by its absence from this discussion of #LongCovid. Is it deliberately being ignored because #longhaulers are keen to avoid the stigma/disbelief/neglect people with #MECFS still experience from some medical professionals? 3/ #r4today
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Matt Hancock on #r4today says again that the problem isn't the failure of Serco Test & Trace, rather that demand is exceeding supply of testing because it is "free & easily accessible".

2nd time in days he's floated this concept that the problem is people not having to pay. 1/5
How long before GP, A&E or treatment waiting times are blamed on the fact that it's "free"?

The Health Secretary should not need reminding of the founding principles of the NHS, that it be free at the point of delivery; that it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay. 2/5
Those pledges make our NHS the world class health service that it is.

But it isn't free, we just pay for it differently. The challenges come when governments decide not to fund it whilst blaming clinicians for the problems caused by not being adequately funded. 3/5
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AstraZeneca, the company working to develop a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, has stopped the trial to review the “potentially unexplained illness” in one of the participants. 1/ #r4today #pwME #MyalgicE #MEcfs #COVID19 #vaccine
One report suggests the participant has developed myelitis (spinal cord inflammation) - a feature of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (aka ME/CFS) that's difficult to test for. There's also some disagreement over how often it's present and to what extent. 2/ #r4today #MECFS #vaccine
Have researchers inadvertently discovered a way to trigger ME? We already know that some people develop ME or experience a relapse following vaccination. Could this be an opportunity for ME researchers to catch ME emerging? 3/ @OpenMedF @OpenmedfCanada #r4today #MECFS #vaccine
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Listening to Matt Hancock on #R4Today he sounds like a mutant Dr Pangloss where everything he does is for the absolute best , irrespective of whether in practice it achieves any of the benefits he claimed
Thus ignoring Council Leaders in Trafford and Bolton who pleaded with him not to lift Local Lockdown , and reversing his decision 12 hours later ( at point Starmer sat down at end of PMQ's) becomes 'swift and decisive action'

Not muddleheaded Westminster arrogance
Today Hancock is doing media round to promote Operation Moonshot ( you really couldn't make it up) using new test technologies to roll out mass testing

Wide availability of testing is unambiguously a good thing . But important strategic issue is how used and to what effect
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Really interesting @MattHancock interview on #r4today, lots covered a few reflections I think worth making.

On the headline of £500m for mass testing - this is potentially really important for helping us get back to normal, but two points really need emphasising:
1 - false positive rates crucial to understand when testing large populations with low prevalence and no symptoms- has real issues for how people might react to +ve results. @mgtmccartney @carlheneghan @deb_cohen all explored this…

2 - testing negative will only tell you that you aren't shedding the virus at that moment in time. It doesn't mean you won't be infectious the next morning so if you've been in contact with a case, you will still likely need to isolate.
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