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How many times does it have to be said before the government pays attention? "Deterrents" don't work. If you want to cut channel crossings it needs to be done by making it easier to reach the UK and access the asylum system. 1/

#r4today #RefugeesWelcome…
Removing carrier liability fines would be a great start, these are what airlines, ferries, Eurostar etc may have to pay if they are found to have facilitated the transportation of someone without correct visas. 2/
Fairly obviously refugees don't often get the chance to apply for a visa and then wait around for it to be issued when fleeing for their lives, so being prevented from reaching the UK via more "normal" routes forces them into having to rely on smugglers. 3/
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In no small part to government rhetoric, including Conservative leadership candidates, the hostile environment towards minorities in the UK has created a fertile recruiting ground for far right extremists. 1/ #r4today…
Despite so many claims to the contrary, you do not stop the threat of far-right extremists by pandering to the views of far-right extremists. All shifting the Overton Window to the right does is bolster the far-right and make it more likely that they will expand. 2/
Rather than doing anything to tackle the far-right though, we have a government and leadership candidates looking to make it more likely that they will grow further, particularly under the guise of "free speech". 3/
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Just like all other casino bonuses and promotions, password-protected slot tournaments are always subject to terms and conditions, which, again, may differ from one website to another and from offer to offer. Never skip the boring fine print because it’s hard #RoswellNM #r4today… of anything more frustrating than the inability to cash out your winnings. Fortunately, there is no need to comply with tons of extra rules, but usual wagering requirements (even if they are often pretty easy to reach) have not been repealed.… Also, in the majority of cases, players are entitled to only one freeroll between deposits, so make sure to fund your account on time. Similarly, newly joined patrons who have never deposited at the casino that runs a tourney will likely need to make
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While Sunak and Truss try to appeal to a dwindling hard right Conservative membership, by demonising asylum seekers, reality is it is government policy, bureaucracy and ineptitude which has led to backlogs and vulnerable people left in limbo. #r4today 1/…
Rather than defending a plan to deport people 4,000 miles where even British officials warn lives would be at risk and they are more likely to be trafficked. Rather than talking about fantasy caps which are unworkable, or deals with even more countries to deny people safety. 2/
We need to make the asylum system more accessible. Ensure that applications are processed quickly and fairly, instead of the feet dragging presumption of denial currently in place. We need to provide the right to work so people can rebuild their lives. 3/
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Whoever is made Tory leader, expect a rush to introduce deeper austerity to 'fund' tax cuts for corporations & income tax cuts that primarily help the wealthiest

The Tory debt mountain will grow massively all while they fill their own & their mates' wallets

#C4News #bbcaq
So predictable

Javid claims his cut in corpn tax is "fully funded" & "if we don't get the tax cuts, we won't get the growth"

Tell that to every country in the EU that has higher taxes than the UK, higher economic growth, AND better public services
#SundayMorning #Toryleadership ImageImageImageImage
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Patel's Rwanda plan isn't a new idea. It's been tried before and shown to have horrendous consequences. The people sent there end up being forced out rapidly, more often than not being trafficked, and dire conditions for those who manage to stay. #r4today…
You do not "tackle trafficking" by penalising the victims of it, and you damn sure don't "tackle it" by deporting people to one of the major global trafficking hubs, in a country with ongoing human rights abuses, and denying them access to proper safety and support.
Now the government has expanded this inhumane, unworkable, illegal, plan by signing a deal with Nigeria. Nigeria FFS, a country where being LGBTQ+ can mean a death sentence, among so many other rampant human rights abuses, including gender based violence.…
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Many of the people involved in Safer to Wait have been regularly platformed by the media, those platforming them have previously been provided with the evidence yet they continue to give these dangerous individuals the oxygen of publicity
Lucy Johnson is actively working with these disinformation groups, however she has a track record of running antivax stories running back more than a decade, from Wakefield MMR claims to HPV
Same way many in the media, and The Times is a major culprit here, are creating outrage culture war stories about education

Even the social mobility czar is involved in these groups alongside GB News, Brexit Party ppl
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It's not "racist" or "condescending" to point out that shipping vulnerable people more than 4,000 miles away to a country with a record of human rights abuses is absolutely inhumane. Everyone should be using #CHOGM2022 to condemn the UK government's deportation plan. 1/ #r4today
We're not talking about "sending people home", as has been claimed by a number of people, when highlighting how forcibly transporting asylum seekers to a country where they don't speak the language, know anyone, and face serious risks of trafficking is fundamentally wrong. 2/
You can't even claim "UNHCR says it is okay" when UNHCR has had to go to court and say the government is lying to refugees about its involvement. UNHCR uses Rwanda as a TEMPORARY transit point. The UK is talking about forcing them to live there for the rest of their lives. 3/
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All this government knows how to do is strip rights from people. The thing, which all those celebrating this miss, is that human rights are there for everyone. When you start curtailing them you risk your own being curtailed. 1/ #r4today… Image
I know plenty of people are saying that asylum seekers should have fewer rights, in a clear statement that they don't see asylum seekers as human beings, but those people had better be very certain that they will always agree with every government now and in the future. 2/
Stripping away human rights isn't a sign that Britain is "taking back control", or a "sovereign nation". It's a sign that it is on the road to being an international pariah. The reason that the ECHR could overrule UK courts is because UK courts were overriding human rights. 3/
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Yeah lads, spending half a mill to deport eight people is really going to "disrupt" gangs who have already brought them here. Do you think the gangs give a damn? Particularly as by shipping people to Rwanda the government makes them even more vulnerable to traffickers #r4today
Anyone using the whole it's to "save lives" or it "breaks the business model of gangs" lines about the #RwandaMigrationPlan is either lying or doesn't know/understand it enough to comment on it. The outcome of this policy is that it will increase trafficking and loss of life.
Most people who cross the channel seek asylum, 98%, and more than 3/4s receive it. So we're talking about "genuine refugees" no matter what pundits like to claim. That means they are guaranteed the right to enter a country by any means without penalty under international law.
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Long thread: On the 14th June the government claims that it will start forcibly deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda. Let's be brutally honest here, the plan only appeals to imbeciles and racists. Apply any humanity or sense to it and you see how terrible it is. 1/ #r4today
It's facing multiple legal challenges. Those challenges are likely to succeed. Not because of "lefty lawyers", but because it violates multiple laws. If courts find it illegal it won't be because of "do-gooders" it'll be because the Home Office is, yet again, breaking the law. 3/
The Home Office's own statistics show that 98% of those crossing the channel seek asylum and more than three quarters receive it. So they know they are talking about asylum seekers whose rights, including to use irregular means of entry, are legally protected. 4/
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Of the many deeply disgusting and inhumane anti-immigration policies this government has pushed, the Rwanda plan is potentially the worst. It's a policy designed to be cruel, designed to hurt people. It needs to be stopped. #RwandaMigrationPlan
No-one should be forcibly transported to Rwanda, a country with a track record of human rights abuses, but particularly children. No matter what claims the @ukhomeoffice may make, incorrect age assessments will inevitably see under 18's shipped off.

Number of age disputes rose from an average of 840 per year to more than 2500 in 2021. During a similar period outcomes shifted a higher proportion being assessed as children, to the majority being treated as adults. It's not statistically likely such a swing happens by chance.
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🔵 Boris Johnson needs the backing of 180 Tory MPs to remain as party leader
1) Sajid Javid

“I’m supporting the Prime Minister” he tells #r4today
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Huge pseudo-detention camps for refugees, away from communities capable of supporting them is a recipe for isolation & hostility.

This govt is the first to use unsuitable hotels for asylum seekers, now it’s using its own failure there to justify this terrible solution #r4today
Refugees need decent conditions in communities that are adequately resourced - in funding from central govt and in terms of availability of services, access to legal & cultural support, etc.

And crucially given decisions quickly so they can move on & rebuild their lives #r4today
But what do we get?

Yet another unpopular, ill-thought through performance of cruelty from a govt that couldn’t run a bloody bath, let alone a credible asylum system.

They have got to go. We deserve a decent system for refugees and they are completely incapable of it. #r4today
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Every day for six years, the Brexit press, MPs, & lobbyists have hunted for a positive, material Brexit outcome; something that would make the £bns in lost trade, removal of personal freedoms, inflation, and the fracturing of Britain, worth it

They've found nothing

This is why we end up with front-page stories about stuff that never happened (EU banning imperial measures & crowns on pints) or stuff that was always happening ("UK opens door to world's top graduates") on an increasingly regular rinse & repeat cycle

That these things are happening before our eyes every day is undeniable.

But how are so few people, especially in the news media, able to see it, and willing to report it?


#r4today @lbc
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Are we really doing this again?

Even the propagandists at the Mail on Sunday know the EU never banned the crown from appearing on pint glasses - something Tories established for themselves in 2007

Desperate stuff

#BrexitLies #SundayMorning @LBC
Also, at no point in my adult life has any pub refused to sell me a pint of orange juice or diet coke or any other fruit or soft drink.

It's all so pathetic.
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10 years ago, Theresa May first publicly coined the term “hostile environment” - a set of policies designed to make life impossible for anyone who cant prove their formal immigration permission, in hopes enough cruelty would make them disappear.

These policies are proven to cause racial discrimination, wrongful detention & deportation of thousands, & to be a boon to criminals, traffickers & exploitative employers.

They have also caused an INCREASE in people living here without formal permission.…
They include extortionate fees to renew a visa, increased use of temporary, short term visas & making it much more difficult to get your visa back again if you drop out of this restrictive system.

It doesn’t take a genius to see why this means more people trapped in the shadows.
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Johnson boasting about traumatising 50 vulnerable asylum seekers by notifying them they'll be shipped 4,000 miles away, while acknowledging he can't actually do it because of legal challenges, shows this is all about performative cruelty rather than practical policy #r4today 1/
It's sick and twisted. Are we seriously saying because a Ukrainian citizen gave up waiting for one of the mythological visas the government promised, and crossed the channel in a small boat instead, that they aren't a "genuine refugee"? Well, the same goes for everyone else. 2/
Shipping people thousands of miles away doesn't break up trafficking gangs. What the hell do you think happens next? The traffickers prey on them with promises of helping them return. You are creating a never ending supply of victims for them. A never ending trade in misery. 3/
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There has always been a question in my mind as to where sophistry met stupidity in Jacob Rees Mogg’s answers on Brexit

Listening to him today on #R4Today I realise I have been wrong.

For all the self assurance and well modulated tones his answers are entirely stupid
As the full scale of the Brexit disaster unfolds in the midst of our Cost of Living Crisis the haunting question is how has our system of accountability failed so comprehensively as to allow this gang of incompetent outlaws to wreak the harm they do
Johnson’s government is out of touch and out of ideas. Pumping out a succession of knee jerk announcements to appease their base and their media partners. Today’s is the hit on the Civil Service
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How many of them will join those already being incorrectly classed as adults by Home Office social workers? How many risk being sent to Rwanda or stuck in camps? The government rejected amendments to the #antirefugeebill which could have helped. #r4today…
Does the @ukhomeoffice think that increasing the inhumanity of the UK's asylum system will deter children seeking safety? Does @pritipatel think it will stop them trying to reach family members? Because anyone with half a braincell knows it won't.
We are already seeing separated children placed at more risk of trafficking and exploitation because of @ukhomeoffice policies. That's why organisations such as @Love146UK are fighting for child protection to the priority. Please support them today.!/Donati…
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The @ukhomeoffice has released its guidance and information relating to Rwanda and to say it is a hot mess is offensive to other hot messes. Ignores human rights abuses, dismisses the LGBTQ+ community and gender based violence and more. #r4today 1/… ImageImage
There are very real concerns regarding illegal detention, torture and forced disappearances Rwanda, hence why the UK receives Rwandan refugees, which the @ukhomeoffice breezes past in its analysis of the country. 2/ ImageImage
Sorry @ukhomeoffice what exactly is this? "We know of discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, but as we think it is mainly against trans individuals that's fine". Really embedding transphobia. Not to mention the de-facto criminalisation of the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. 3/ ImageImage
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I voted Green yesterday, and I'm happy with my decision.

Gains made by @LibDems & @TheGreenParty, while @UKLabour massively underperformed, sends a strong message that Starmer needs a #ProgressiveAlliance to be PM.

He won't listen though.

#r4today #bbcaq #LE2022
@LibDems @TheGreenParty @UKLabour This is what happens when you provide no meaningful opposition, have no policies, & no personality.

What is the point of @UKLabour?

#LE2022 #r4today #bbcaq

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