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John Oliver has done a Brexit update, and it is utterly damning.

Part 1: Everyone's talking about Brexit


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight
@LBC Part 2: Explaining the English border in Ireland problem


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight
@LBC Part 3: What happens if there is a #NoDealBrexit?


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight
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Two right-wing think tanks in a row on #r4today this morning - the Institute of Economic Affairs followed by the Adam Smith Institute. No left-wing balance.

It's time the BBC stopped treating these ideologues as 'neutral' experts
Can you imagine the @CLASSthinktank going on followed by @NEF with no corresponding right-wing balance?
Yesterday a new 'student group' linked to the US far right was invited on the BBC to promote their cause, despite totally lacking a base (other than some rich donors). BBC called them a 'grassroots group' without evidence
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1. Lord Bew’s assertion that the ‘backstop’ is a only a ruse ‘to protect the economy of the Irish Republic’ is deeply insulting to Irish pols’ concerns about Brexit’s effect on the peace process, the Good Friday Agreement #r4today @nealerichmond /…
He also wants Strand 2 of the #GFA - north-south - to trump Strand 3: the relationship beteeen the British-Irish Governments. Since the UK, not NI, is the Member State that negotiators the WA in Brussels, Stormont is suspended for more than 2 years, that is quite bizarre.
3. Nobody in Dublin wants to use an NI backstop. A UK-wide agreeement with the EU is vital. NI makes up only a very small part of Irish trade - EU and GB are crucial. Moreover, the Backstop gives NI a major advantage over ROI if GB waives tariffs for NI commerce. No cynical ploy.
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John Humphrys' "solution" to the Brexit Irish border problem: have Ireland leave the EU too. Beyond ridiculous that the BBC provides him with a soapbox for such Boris Johnson-level buffoonery. High time for a changing of the guard on #r4today @BBCr4today…
More productive (and more accurate) to talk about it as the "EU border problem" because it arises from an EU country butting up against a non-EU country. Put in those terms, it's super-obvious why some kind of hard border would be needed if the rules on both sides are different.
And if you'd like to listen to the car crash interview itself (you'll be wanting to keep your head in your hands the whole time) the relevant bits are embedded in the thread below...
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So seems point 1 is an extension/elucidation of what @DLidington told #r4today on Dec 14.

FWIW am told by Brussels sources this is now focus of UK 'ask' on reassurances/ clarifications. To set clear aspiration date for trade deal to avoid backstop /1

@DLidington Which as @DavidHenigUK quickly pointed out is, to put it mildly, ambitious. /2

@DLidington @DavidHenigUK This is not least because even if you think a 'quick and dirty' deal is doable on some aspects (you hear some discussion of this) the UK would STILL need to know what it wanted.

And as the Political Declaration makes painfully clear, it doesn't know. Or cannot agree rather. /3
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Um... did Andrea Leadsom just try to blackmail EU with no-deal? ‘It’s in their interests to amend backstop because legal default is no deal’. After 2 yrs of not budging they’re bound to respond to that! The delusion, exceptionalism and outright stupidity just never ends #r4today
Oh good, now Leadsom has doubled down by accusing the Speaker of bias. Any other earth you’d like to scorch? #r4today
This can’t be stressed enough. Leadsom discusses ‘legal default of no deal’ as though we have no choice. But ECJ has literally confirmed we can stop A50 process at any time. If we have no-deal it will be through open government sadism on its own people - nothing more. #r4today
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Gove on #r4today: “I think it would be damaging for the country, if we said to all those people who had voted, if we were now to say ‘well, we think you were wrong’, I think that would do damage to our democracy.”

How absurd. How glibly spineless. The opposite of leadership.
For heaven’s sake nobody tell people they were wrong. Well, at least not the 17 million. It’s absolutely fine to tell the 16 million they were wrong. In fact, abuse them at will, call them ‘remoaners’, ‘citizens of nowhere’, etc., all that is cool.
The difference between right and wrong can be found, apparently, somewhere between 16.1 and 17.4. Someone alert philosophers.
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Some points from May's #R4Today thing:

Extension of Transition is decided by the Joint Cte (Art.132), which is composed of representatives of UK and EU (ie it's not solely a UK decision)

So even if role for Parliament in discussing extension, it'll also need EU agreement too

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What you need to know about the backstop: We can't leave it unless the EU agree we can. And that's a *good* thing.

You see, the backstop is a safety net, a guarantee that - no matter what the Government of the day wants - the Good Friday Agreement will always be safe.

Another way of putting it: "Do you trust that every single UK Government, now and forever, will have our collective best interests at heart in its future dealings with the EU?"

If not, don't you think a backstop they can't tear up in a fit of pique sounds like a darn good idea?
Built-in protections prevent the situation from going out of control when stuff goes wrong. That's why plugs have fuses, train tracks have buffer stops, engines have limiters, baths have overflow pipes, skyjumpers have backup parachutes... and Brexit comes with a backstop.
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Theresa May’s interview on #r4today is the defining car crash of her premiership. She is in total denial.
PM: ‘Yes I have heard your question, but if I may, I’ll just return to my rehearsed talking point’ #r4today
It’s impossible to imagine a less illuminating interview. May throws out words with the deliberate intention of saying nothing. She asks MPs to take the vote seriously, but refuses to do us the same courtesy #r4today
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It could well take even longer to get new drugs to patients if we get the medicines regime wrong after Brexit. #r4today
The Chequers White Paper proposed that the UK would seek participation in the European Medicines Agency (EMA) “as an active participant, albeit without voting rights, which would involve making an appropriate financial contribution”
So the Government thinks that the best result that can be obtained after Brexit is to remain subject to, and to carry on paying for, EU regulation in this area even while no longer having any say in that regulation.
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Extraordinary Hammond interview on #r4today. First, admits we’ll be poorer under any scenario. Then gives just two mitigating benefits, both lies: third country trade deals, impossible with backstop, and control of our waters, which we’ll cede in trade deal. Couldn’t make it up.
Need to take a step back from this. Gov admits Brexit will make us poorer in all circumstances. Again, take yourself back to 23 June 2016. If campaign had admitted that, how many would’ve voted to leave? At every point they promised increased prosperity. This is a unique outrage.
For two years, ministers have repeatedly lied that Brexit will deliver prosperity. Even now PM champions the Brexit dividend. Now they casually admit that, no, it won’t happen, and people weren’t voting for it anyway. And then have the gall to call a people’s vote undemocratic?!
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This all started because the #MetPolice & #LBRUT couldn't do their day jobs properly & decided to take the law into their own hands. It started as a small cover up 12 years ago but has turned into British State Persecution.

#Skynews #BBCNews #DailyMail #Guardian #Euronews
My company was raided. It should have been a straightforward matter. But the #MetPolice & #LBRUT forgot to seize my computer & came back to do a 2nd raid. The search warrant didn't permit a second entry, however, #LBRUT entered unlawfully

#Guardian #Telegraph #DailyMail #GMB #UK
Complaints were then made to my MP #VinceCable. He liaised with the #Metpolice & #LBRUT. And then weeks later, the search warrant was completely changed & was passed off as the search warrant executed on the day of the raids.

#DailyPolitics #Libdems #Conservatives #labour #bbcdp
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The annual cost to the NHS of securing all necessary visas and other documentation for its overseas staff post-Brexit (i.e. under the new immigration regime) is estimated at £490 million. 2/40…
Panasonic is moving its European HQ from the UK to Amsterdam (the legal aspects of the move were completed in October 2018, as the £200 million capitalised UK company was absorbed by Panasonic's Dutch entity). 3/40…
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Steris PLC, a company with $2.6 billion in annual revenue, is planning to redomicile from the UK to Ireland due to Brexit. What that means is that, as an Irish company, the Irish tax authorities will collect its taxes going forward and not HMRC. 2/50
8 health providers have warned of medicine shortages in the event of a no-deal Brexit: "we do not believe that the current medicine supply plans will suffice, and we will have widespread shortages if we do not respond urgently." 3/50
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Hey Matt:
1. Your govt cut £700m from public health budgets, so>
2. NHS weight loss & stop smoking clinics scrapped/replaced with “apps”.
3. Biggest causes of ill health=inequality, poverty, over-work, late/inappropriate treatment. All of which your govt is worsening.
Plus your govt has singularly failed to properly regulate any of the industries that get rich off making us unhealthy, from food to road transport. It might be convenient to blame patients, especially those poor ones, for their ‘choices’, but it’s also deeply flawed, @MattHancock
Remember this, from a month or so ago? Nearly half of families can't AFFORD to follow the government's healthy eating recommendations.…
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UK govt claims it wants an EU "deal", with a few weeks left. So, the Foreign Sec compares the EU to a Soviet prison, dashing hopes that the insults of his predecessor will now be replaced by moderation and alienating EU members UK badly needs on side. /1…
Today, the Prime Minister doubles down by trying to focus attention on the new post-Brexit migration policy. In doing so, she proudly announces on #r4today that free movement will end. This alone is being blind to the fact that it means no more movt for Brits (if they care?) /2
Insisting on the end of FOM also says to the EU explicitly that their citizens will no longer be able to come to the UK because the UK wants 'high skilled only'. Ergo, EU workers are low-skilled and therefore undesirable. /3
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The truth about Brexit, the "EU is punishing us" narrative & what "no deal" actually means... (1/19)
#bbcr4today #gmb #r4today #bbcbreakfast #victorialive #politicslive #LBC #bbcnews #C4News #itvnews #skynews #5news #bbcpapers #skypapers #peston #bbcqt #itvtonight #bbctw #bbcaq
The EU isn't punishing the UK for Brexit. We are punishing ourselves. Losing all the benefits of EU membership IS punishment. Just like no longer being able to use the fitness equipment or the weights is punishment for quitting the local gym. 2/19
You might well put on weight because you cancelled your gym membership. But you wouldn't turn around and say "Hey, the gym's punishing me for leaving by making me fat!" That's the consequence of losing your gym membership, not the fault of the gym. 3/19
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This all started because the #MetPolice & #LBRUT couldn't do their jobs properly & then decided to take the law into their own hands. The result of this decision has led to events stranger than fiction

#BBCNews #Skynews #Itvnews #Channel4News #ThisMorning #TheresaMay #UKGov #LBC
My company was raided. It should have been a straightforward matter. But the #MetPolice & #LBRUT forgot to seize my computer & came back to do a 2nd raid. The search warrant didn't permit a second entry, however, #LBRUT entered unlawfully

#Guardian #Telegraph #DailyMail #GMB #UK
Complaints were then made to my MP #VinceCable. He liaised with the #Metpolice & #LBRUT. And then weeks later, the search warrant was completely changed & was passed off as the search warrant executed on the day of the raids.

#DailyPolitics #Libdems #Conservatives #labour #bbcdp
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Discussing contingency planning on #r4today, @DominicRaab persisted with the lie that a No-Deal “will affect the EU as much, if not more in some areas, as they will affect us”.

Name some of those areas, please, Mr Raab or perhaps @DExEUgov. I am really curious.
We’re not talking about loss of trade, but about disruption of critical supply chains and a regulatory void. Name an area, like medicines, in which EU face disruption to supply. Name an area, like aviation, in which EU step into a similar legislative abyss. @DominicRaab @DExEUgov
Isn’t it high time you cut the lies and stopped peddling the notion that facing tariffs on a few products representing 3% of trade to the EU is equilibrant to food shortages or grounded planes or hospitals running out of insulin? @DominicRaab @DExEUgov
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.@BarryGardiner effectively saying on #r4today that we have to trash our country with Brexit to stop right-wing xenophobes from rioting. FFS.

What is the point of @UKLabour? Absolute joke.
Perhaps @BarryGardiner needs reminding of the way that decent British people deal with fascists: we don’t cower and let them get their way, we fight them and their ugly, racist, xenophobic ideology.…
Brexit: New EU referendum vote could spark ‘civil disobedience’, says Labour's @BarryGardiner.

Remember when Labour’s front bench wasn’t occupied by fascist-appeasers?

Still, at least the members who put them there get to sing a song about the leader.…
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I am sorry I have to put my poor followers through this. But if similar nonsense is said on #r4today it takes a bit of a correction (thread)
1) First things first: the Withdrawal Agreement. During the transition period we all hope that things will continue as they are now. Including EU FTAs. That is not unlikely, but not guaranteed. Why is it not guaranteed?
2) EU FTAs are treaties between the EU, generally also its member states (they are mixed agreements, all but two of them, soon three, I’ll spare you the details) and a third state.
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My dream Today Programme...

Presenters: Mishal Husain, Carolyn Quinn, Eddie Mair
Editor: Alistair Burnett

- relax format scaffold, eg 0810 not *always* combative i/v, 0820 not always ‘fun’, 0840 not always ‘debate’
- drop religion

That’d get me listening again #r4today
... also:
- no thought for day. It’s a news, not beliefs, programme
- reduce blocks of sport and business. If there’s important stuff, it bubbles up into main prog anyway.
- have some longer-form packages with expert reporters providing more insight and depth on a story
...and most of all build an investigate reporting team. The Today programme has long given up on leading the news agenda, beyond a clip from the 0810 interviewee about a story from yesterday’s papers or today’s official line from government. Needs to get its mojo back.
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It's a criminal offence to falsifying a legal instrument. But if the #MetPolice / #LBRUT do it, then there is not even an investigation. 12 years of silence. Evidence to prove it -

#skynews #lbc #theresamay #uk #bbcnews #coverup #c4news #worldnews #ukgov
Welcome to the #Metpolice who also changed & falsified my arrest details. Have a look at the evidence here as it's all easy to prove & that's why it's never addressed

#R4today #corruption #coverup #leadership #values #corevalues #bbcnews #skynews #itvnews
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