Bob Enyart, Dead.…
So about this:
Honestly. I teared up when I heard this guy was dead. My friends who died of AIDS were mocked and condemned by this asshole and others like him. Each and every one of my dead friends would've been first in line to get vaccinated against HIV to protect themselves and others.
AND OTHERS. Not just themselves. And this guy couldn't be bothered to get vaccinated against COVID even to protect himself. He encouraged others to put themselves at risk. To put others at risk. He was the moral equivalent of some asshole poking holes in condoms in 1986.
You wanna know who gay people are? This is who we are:…
Gay people and other queer people — lesbians, bisexuals, trans folks, queers.
Fuck this guy. I'm sorry, but I'm glad he's dead. And I'm glad he died the way he did. I hope he didn't suffer — really — but I hope he finally was able to see himself for what he was and had some time to think about what he did and felt some degree of remorse.
I'm so fucking angry right now I have to go clean the house.
Listening to Queen. Freddie will always be remembered. This guy will soon be forgotten.

• • •

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6 Aug
This seems... potentially problematic. Apple will be scanning photos on your phone for "known" images of child porn. "It will also scan messages sent using Apple’s iMessage service for text and photos that are inappropriate for minors."…
The story in the Washington Post suggests Apple will only be flagging/reporting inappropriate text messages that are sent to minors.
Apple also says there's less than a "one-in-a-trillion chance of a person being incorrectly flagged."
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Oh, shit. Jesus was listening.…
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Oh hey look a social media influencer who wants to ride her husband's supposed/imaginary porn addiction to TikTok stardom — thinking this guy might have a public humiliation kink and he's playing a game of four-dimensional kink chess against his wife?…
I mean...

You are not enough. No one is. Even if you're successfully and effortlessly monogamous, even if you two never watch porn, pretending you're enough for your partner or that they're enough for you places an unnecessary strain on a relationship.
The relationship is hostage to a lie. So much healthier to release each other from that pretense. Doesn't mean you have to open up the R and/or watch all the porn. Just means you don't have to pretend.
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27 Jul
The big news here is that Anita Bryant is still alive.…
Glad Anita lived long enough to not get invited to her gay granddaughter's wedding.
I was 12 years old when Bryant waged her campaign against gay teachers and called gay people pedophiles. My mom thought she was wrong, my dad thought she was right. They argued about it in the car with their closeted gay kid listening in the backseat.
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7 Apr
We talk a lot about queer kids being bullied by their peers, by their classmates. But for queer kids with with homophobic or transphobic parents... the worst bullies they encounter are at home. For many queers kids school is a refuge from the bullies at home.
School is where some queer kids can let their guards down—even if just for a moment. They can find other queer kids to connect with. At school they don't have to police every gesture or inflection at all times. They can risk asking someone to use the right pronoun.
What North Carolina Republicans are proposing here is to take that one potentially safe place away from queer kids with homophobic/transphobic parents at home—sometimes violently hateful parents.…
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22 Mar
I want to say, "I challenge anyone to listen to this interview @jessesingal did with youth-gender clinician Dr. Erica Anderson and tell me he's transphobic," but I know people will continue to insist he's transphobic. But he isn't.
I went through this myself a decade ago—people insisting I was transphobic. I was assaulted by people who insisted I was transphobic. People who weirdly invested in me being transphobic. It was an article of faith. I'm not.……
I haven't said anything about the long & dishonest campaign against @jessesingal because I didn't think it would help. It would be dismissed as one transphobe coming to the defense of another and quite possibly make things worse for Jesse and renew the accusations against me.
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