(🔐) NEW from PROOF GAMES: Fall 2021 Sales Data for Sealed and Graded Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Games

If you're a video game collector, you know how useful this hard data is. I hope my fellow hobbyists will use it to save money and avoid scams. sethabramson.substack.com/p/fall-2021-sa…
Just want to remind those who subscribe to a substack: if a substack you subscribe to has multiple sections dealing with different topics, you can decide which sections to get emails from in your account settings. If you’re getting emails you don’t want, just change the settings.
Every time I write about anything besides politics, I lose subscribers and get messages expressing confusion. I've done all I can to let readers know how sections work, but I think at this point @SubstackInc needs to step in and email all its users. I can't do QC for the company.
And I feel bad for the folks who unsubscribe, as major articles on politics are upcoming—and they’re unsubscribing simply because they don't know how to manage their account settings.

It's such an avoidable situation, but it's not something Substack authors can deal with ad hoc.

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16 Sep
(🔐) BREAKING NEWS: A Secretive Meeting That Trump Attended in December of 2020 May Explain Both Trump's Role in the January 6 Insurrection and Why General Milley and China Feared Trump Would Start a War

I hope you'll subscribe, read, and share this news. sethabramson.substack.com/p/breaking-new…
1/ Donald Trump's domestic insurgency has changed *profoundly* in the last 48 hours. The reason that "Treason" keeps trending on Twitter is because the Trumpists now believe that they have proof of a "deep state" anti-Trump conspiracy *and* collusion with China by Trump critics.
2/ There's no limit to what the Trumpists think this new information will allow them to do. They plan to use General Mark Milley as a scapegoat for almost everything that happened following the November 2020 presidential election. His testimony on September 28 will be a sh*tshow.
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15 Sep
Amazed I hadn't seen this before.

I was thinking a lot today about how rarely those who work in public-facing spheres think about what they actually hope to accomplish that's special and meaningful for others and that they're uniquely capable of offering.
Many in public-facing spheres look at what they think worked in the *past* in trying to appeal to people *now*.

They're not perpetually renewing the question of what *special* contribution a) folks would be gleefully surprised to encounter that b) a new voice can uniquely offer.
The reason Trump only lost the popular vote by millions in 2016 rather than the tens of millions he should've is because he was a novelty. These sad Trumpists trying to ape him are pathetic—and don't have a clue what they're trying to accomplish or who they could do anything for.
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15 Sep
So is what we learned in California tonight that Republicans running on an ANTI-VAX / PRO-VIRUS platform might *not* be the winner absolutely no one thought it was?
PS/ To be clear, I do agree that to the extent Trumpist Republicans can *hide* the fact that they're sleazy seditious death merchants, they *can* still win elections. I'm saying that as long as voters receive the intel that Trumpists are selling DEATH and INSURRECTION, they lose.
PS2/ Larry Elder had neither the ability nor inclination to hide that he's a sleazy seditious death merchant, so he lost. Yes—California. But at this point the loss looks to be 30+ points.

I think if Trumpists fail to cloak their intent elsewhere, they'll lose, if more narrowly.
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14 Sep
(FEED NOTE) If you're one of the thousands and thousands of people who subscribe to PROOF—and *thank you* if you are; you've made it the #1 Culture substack in America!—please use your account settings to select which PROOF sections you'd like emails from: Sethabramson.substack.com
1/ PROOF has grown so exponentially over its first 8 months that it now has 200+ articles and 13(!) sections:

🟥 January 6
🟧 Politics
🟨 Media
🟩 Games
🟦 Music
🟪 Culture
🟫 Law
⬛️ Marginalia
⬜️ Q&As
🟥 Podcast
🟧 Books
🟩 Extras

*You* decide which to get emails from!
2/ If ever—even a single time!—you receive even *one* email from PROOF on a subject you’re not interested in, a quick click in your account settings fixes that forever. People are subscribed to PROOF for many different reasons—which is great! You get to customize your experience.
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14 Sep
Wow. I thought it was bad that WATA failed to clean or reject a severely damaged game and refused to note the damage on its label—and that Heritage Auctions then gave no notice of the damage to buyers—but the guy discussed here got it even worse from WATA.
(PS) The TLDR version of this is that a guy sent a $10,000 item to a company to grade it, and the company appears to have damaged, lost, then *desecrated* the item. It took no responsibility for its actions and took weeks to even respond to the poor guy.

WATA critics were right.
(PS2) WATA has the potential to do good work—but apparently not under its current management. After an ethics scandal, a market manipulation scandal, a self-dealing scandal, the refusal to issue population reports, and now these 2 incidents, why hasn't a change been made at WATA?
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13 Sep
Just so everyone knows what a "9.2/B+" from WATA looks like, I got this in the mail from Heritage Auctions today:
(PS) In case you're wondering, I got the game because Marble Madness has some sentimental value for me. A copy of it with poop or mold or soda stains on it...? Not so much.
(PS2) Here's how the auction house displayed the game, so it wouldn't be clear that there was a problem:
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