1. Daniel Levy appeared at the Met Gala tonight wearing a stunning Dr. Suess ensemble
2. Naomi Osaka came dressed as a child’s nightmare.
3. AOC came in the latest season of DC’s infamous “cognitive dissonance” label!! Simply … stunning … and brave …
4. Kim Kardashian came dressed as as sadomasochistic stage hand from a blue man group show.
5. Lil Nas X stormed the beige carpet in Queen Elizabeth’s bed comforter, which was hiding that he was, in fact, a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger this whole time. Amazing.
6. Kind of out of the ordinary in these parts, but Harvey Weinstein’s ex wife and Adrian Brody took the beige carpet dressed like normal fucking people. What is wrong with them? Seriously, read the room
Notably, Grimes, Elon Musk’s wife and also a Power Ranger, nearly decapitated an entertainment reporter mid interview tonight. Really setting a new bar for celeb accessorizing! Incredible!
Tracy Ellis Ross rocked an ensemble arranged by Moira Rose, a fictional character from Schitt’s Creek.
Serena Williams came tonight dressed in the corpses of a thousand flamingoes … words are simply not enough to describe this ensemble
Billy Eilish came tonight in a piece that was precisely measured to cover the exact square footage of a one bedroom apartment in nyc’s housing projects. What a statement on the plight of abject poverty in a covid lockdown America.

I was going to end this thread, but …

Baahhh I got nothing

• • •

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23 Aug
Guys … stop doing gain of function

Incredible sound bites from Channel 4, wait until the end.
This is captain trips level fuckery
This is what they're talking about. People forget what CAUSED the moratorium.

We took a virus that was 60 percent fatal (!!!), but poorly transmitted among humans and subjected it to transmissability experimentation!

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22 Aug
This is a pretty flimsily supported conspiracy theory that (of course) blames the Koch brothers for the public interest in and resistance to CRT.

How does it do that? Well …
It says (several grafs deep) that 28 think tanks with “known ties” to the Koch Network produced 79 articles on CRT in schools during a whole year (!!!)
“Known ties” is a pretty well known rhetorical trick to try to insinuate without specificity some shadowy directive from on high.

A “known tie” could be just about anything. A one time donation. A shared board seat. Etc.

You see this frequently in the right’s Soros fever dreams
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22 Aug
What a lot of people might not remember is that the surge decision was predicated by a highly publicized leak of the Pentagon’s intended ask of Obama, who was, at least publicly, postured more toward drawing down. google.com/amp/s/amp.thea…
That either A. Forced Obama’s hand, or B. Justified what he wanted to do in private.

Either way, we gave Stanley McChrystal 100,000 troops for the hilariously bad idea he called “government in a box.”

In which McChrystal was planning to deliver governance to tribal people the way Amazon delivers your wife’s knickknacks.

I’m not going to get into the reasons it failed because they are basically obvious.

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19 Aug
I just read the Biden/Stephanopolous transcript and I’m shocked at how poorly Biden was held to account. I’m not sure if George’s knowledge of the situation is just superficial or if the intent was to speak in generalities as much as possible, but wow, really poor interview.
Like this right off the bat.

Literally corporals and PFCs on smokedecks in Afghanistan 10 years ago anticipated this.

Someone with some knowledge and depth needs a sit down with Biden, this was truly just George doing him a favor. Image
And then right here. Either Biden is lying or he’s just confused. The WH’s own comms director said yesterday “swift disintegration” was a contingency. ImageImage
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26 Jun
If you work in the USG, Biden just codified a hyper racial hellscape for you and all your coworkers.


Reality: Unscientific bullshit that does not measurably counter bias and likely ingrains “RACE ESSENTIALISM”

What does “Diversity Training” look like in practice? Well, it’s rife with principles and practices stemming from — you guessed it — CRITICAL THEORY.

This neo marxist mumbo jumbo manifests itself in privilege walks, implicit bias tests, lessons in white privilege, white rage
[You might be informed that white folks use “white talk,” which is “task-oriented” and “intellectual,” while people of color use “color commentary,” which is “process-oriented” and “emotional.”]


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22 Jun
I've read ~1,000 pages of academic and news copy on CRT in the past two months, and the folks who find it most difficult to define clearly are the liberal press.

Like here, in a wapo hit piece on @realchrisrufo that requires several corrections. archive.is/3pDwF#selectio… Image
On their way to taking the edge off CRT, they also took the edge of publishing several inaccuracies. Typically, in this business, we call these "corrections" Image
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