Anti-LGBT hate group LGB Alliance gives away the game with their formulaic boilerplate mentions of bisexuals, as seen here. According to this group's extremist fringe gender ideology, being attracted to "both sexes" would have no incompatibility with trans attraction...
...but in order to dodge their own reputation for biphobia, they have taken to ostentatiously "including" bisexuals as being among the groups whose "rights" they "represent" (specifically by attacking trans rights and in no other way, ever), but always with that same boilerplate.
According to me (and who else would know?), I'm female. According to the way @AllianceLGB does gender identity - the sole issue they care about - I'm male. By their own insistent definition of bisexual, my existence is fully compatible with bisexuality even if they are right.
The @AllianceLGB is a hate group created by cis straight people with an ultimate goal of destroying all queer people. Trans are just their first target. They have slipped in some attacks on bis. Ultimately they want to end homosexuality, too. It's a divide and conquer op.
Thread inspired by this tweet, which is the first I saw of what is LGBA's apparently now-standard boilerplate mention of their supposed support for bisexuals. It jumped out at me for how completely it undermines their core ideology.

So I did a search and saw they now throw it out there regularly, sometimes pre-emptively and sometimes in response to mentions of their biphobia.
I should not attempt to engage with LGB Alliance. There is nothing to be gained in verbally jousting with a disingenuous hate group... but the sheer facileness of their scam compels me. I find it offensive on a level of craft.
It's not that I want the enemies of gay and trans and queer people to be clever. But I wish they *needed to be*. I wish the world required transphobes and homophobes to *make sense* to gain any momentum.

• • •

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14 Sep
Playing Prey (2017) is a lot of doing the Family Guy "TWO priests? How can that be?" bit but with buckets or trash cans.
My Imitation Crab Meat Morgan theory took a bit of a nose dive when the turrets kept telling me "no Typhon material detected", until one of them watched me try to pick up a container of ramen and didn't start shooting until it tried to eat my arm.

(No spoilers.)
Imitation Crab Meat Morgan theory picking up steam as I learn you can get a brain implant that lets Morgan wriggle through tight spaces by turning into a delicious Hostess fruit pie.
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So after having logged hundreds of hours playing various Dishonoreds over the last year, I decided to get Arkane's Prey after seeing my mutuals gushing over it as their new game Deathloop drops.
Not going to spend a lot of time playing it today as I'm not feeling great -- signs point to me actually being sick -- but the opening reminds me of Half-Life x Dishonored, which is two of my favorite franchises.
Assuming that the reading materials in the "apartment" aren't at all random -- which is a good assumption given that it's a designed environment both in game and not -- I have some theories about what's going on. But I'm not asking for confirmation, and I will block for spoilers.
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14 Sep
Every once in a while I think how much "injected with ______ DNA" was a thing in kid-facing sci-fi, like in cartoons and such, when I was growing up, and I wonder how much impact that had on our current nightmarish misconstrual of science.
Like, did cartoon mad scientists create fly people by injecting people with fly DNA because that's a natural naïve understanding of how DNA works, or is that a common misunderstanding of how DNA works because of all the cartoon mad scientists?
No, that was presented as actual genetic engineering... splicing genes together and then gestating a new organism. Which is roughly how genes actually work.

I'm talking about the idea that "injecting DNA into" someone would do the same thing.

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14 Sep
Right now my choices seem to be being wide awake in bed or dead tired out of it, so I am choosing bed because at least this is comfortable.

(Stop typing that advice, I didn't ask you.)
I think I am coming down with something/fighting off something, and that always makes me achy and fatigued, and the effort I have spent making my bed comfortable means a lot of that disappears.
So if I lie down my sore muscles and joints are supported and the temperature is nice and the texture is nice and I feel fine... but if I get up and try to do something, everything comes flooding back.
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13 Sep
So, uh, if you share that "Alex Jones blood libel rants turned into soothing folk song" video because you find the dissonance between the vibe and the lyrics hilarious or whatever, please ask yourself who benefits.

Can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding.
"But it's so ridiculous, it's not like anybody's going to hear it and actually believe it." I mean, why do you think he has a show? And says those things on it? Because people are prepared to believe it.
And if you and your friends decide the song is just a funny jam and then you start making in-jokey references to it, so now you're just off-hand casually mentioning the baby-eating goblins and vampires and cannibals and reptiles that run the world.
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13 Sep
Also, the fact that he killed half the plants and animals, coupled with the destruction wreaked on supply lines across every planet, means he did nothing to address starvation even in the short term.
And no, non-sapient plants being snapped away is not something that was visually represented, but something that I believe the filmmakers confirmed as their intent.
I don't believe he even did that. If we take earth as being in any way typical as a representation of the "problem", it's not a lack of resources but intentional bottlenecks in distribution.

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