The Health Protection (Vaccination) Regulations 2009) place the following requirement on the Health Secretary with relation to 💉
"The Secretary of State must make arrangements to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the recommendation of the JCVI is implemented."
Is there any reason to believe this advice is not "reasonably practicable?
Does the buck passing statement on the 3rd September JCVI statement make the decision lawful?
"JCVI is constituted with expertise to allow consideration of the health benefits and risks of vaccination
and it is not within its remit to incorporate in-depth considerations on wider societal impacts, including educational benefits.
The government may wish to seek further views on the wider societal and educational impacts from the chief medical officers of the 4 nations, with representation from JCVI in these subsequent discussions."
So perhaps this decision is legal? Hopefully some lawyers will urgently probe. Whatever happens it is clearly unethical as JCVI established that it is not sufficiently beneficial on health grounds.
'Overall, the committee is of the opinion that the benefits from vaccination are marginally greater than the potential known harms (tables 1 to 4) but acknowledges that there is considerable uncertainty regarding the magnitude of the potential harms.
The margin of benefit, based primarily on a health perspective, is considered too small to support advice on a universal programme of vaccination of otherwise healthy 12 to 15-year-old children at this time.
As longer-term data on potential adverse reactions accrue, greater certainty may allow for a reconsideration of the benefits and harms"
The CMOs have argued that 💉 will reduce disruption to education but they made no mention of the adverse reaction reactions on school attendence
JCVI considered this in their statement Delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine programme for children and young people is likely to be disruptive to education in the short term, particularly if school premises are used for vaccination and
there is potential for a COVID-19 vaccine programme to impact on the efficiency of roll-out of the influenza programme. Adverse reactions to vaccination (such as fevers) may also lead to time away from education for some individuals.
The big question is why has the gvt dropped all standard protocol for approval of 💉, potentially risked a legal challenge & gone into the murky ethical territory of approving for either adults protection or to reduce the impact of their own non pharmaceutical interventions?
The CMOs recommendations were far from clear to me and echoed of the JCVI press conference on 4th August when Wei Shen Lim struggled to explain the justification for 💉 of 16 year olds.
We now have a situation where there is no clear risk benefit analysis for parents to advise their children & children will be expected to have these vaccines in a school environment where peer pressure will ride over any parental advice given prior to the event.
Hopefully the recent evidence on myocarditis is wrong & no further serious long term adverse effects come to light otherwise we could be simply following other countries lead into a future time bomb for our children.
We need to remember that the last time there was a 💉 emergency authorisation in the UK was due to an over reaction to Swine Flu, which resulted in hundreds of children suffering from Narcolepsy. This was only 12 years ago, what has changed since in the approvals process?
Warning signs were identified at the beginning and were ignored, it was only when the compensation claims started that the government took note. Narcolepsy affected 1/50k children & the 💉 was pulled, myocarditis is estimated to be 1/6k but we are still rolling out.
Let's hope for our children's sake JCVI were wrong and the CMOs were right.
Time to remove this government who think nothing of risking our children for their political gain…

• • •

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15 Sep
I know many of you challenge me for placing too much focus on Petitions, they do however help increase scrutiny government as shown here. The gvt wrote a vanilla response to "Recall Parliament to debate 💉of children", the @HoCpetitions required them to submit a revised response. Image
They did the same with "Require vaccine history be recorded on death certificates" today, this happens really often.
If we can actually trigger debates ministers are required to justify their position in parliament which is on camera, even if they don't change their decisions
Video footage is created that can be shared & may affect public opinion of them.
What other means is there of an individual like me to get a response from government?
I, someone with no experience of politics got a response from government &27k signatures on my second petition.
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13 Sep
Our gvt is lying to us, locking us up, giving unnecessary 💉 to our children & profiting from the situation
I suggest a General Election & constantly get "there is no one else to vote for"
We can sit here and accept it, or do something about it.
There must be people who can stand as independents? Find someone popular in your community who will stand, crowd fund them, support them on the ground. How can helicoptered in big party candidates beat local respected people?
We don't need a majority we just need enough to dilute the main parties & show it can be done.
Shall we at least try?
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12 Sep
There seems to be some jubilation that Johnson says he won't introduce Vaccine passports & will reduce some authoritarian measures. Remember the Coronavirus Act renews on 25th of September & he can extend or ammend it at will. Don't take the bait, it must not be renewed.
Petition: Repeal the Coronavirus Act…
We cannot trust the government that put this draconian legislation in place, they must go too…
Remember they still want to 💉 our kids against JCVI advice…
And if you trust him remember 3 weeks to flatten the curve, no vaccine passports, 15m 💉 to freedom, the 💉 is for adults not kids, Christmas, Easter, June freedom day, no mandatory vaccines, save the NHS #JohnsonOut
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The General Election petition is now live: "Call an immediate general election due to authoritarian Coronavirus measures"
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6 Sep
Note petition "Hold an immediate general election due to authoritarian Coronavirus measures" is awaiting approval so you cannot sign yet. For those who want the content it is as follows.
Hold a general election: there is no opportunity until May 2024 to replace the government. This could mean 3 more years of lockdowns & increasing restrictions on people's human rights.
The election must be held no later than 30th November 2021, this timetable is feasible as proved in 2017.
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6 Sep
This government clearly are not listening to us, we need to call a general election asap. Please can I have 5 supporters to get this petition live? "Hold an immediate general election due to authoritarian Coronavirus measures"… note it is not approved yet.
4 supporters, one more then it goes to approval
Thank you all, it has now been passed for approval. Let's see how much I need to soften it for approval this time (or if I get an outright rejection as I did for my anti-corruption one)??? Note it will stop accepting signatures soon until approved, only 20 allowed pre-approval.
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