people often expect someone who understands something to be able to explain it, but the understanding of something sometimes eludes explanation

this is an issue with the bandwidth of communication, and consciousness, but it does not necessarily imply a lack of understanding
of course, this is not of much consolation to the person who understands a thing, but is unable to communicate their understanding to others, and is consequently assumed not to understand the thing

but you CAN *demonstrate* your understanding. (Assuming you do understand it.)
but demonstrations can take a long time, and they can be ignored by people who don’t know what they’re looking at, so there are layers and layers to this

what I wanted to talk about though actually is how it feels to understand something you can’t quite yet convey in words
all things are networks of relationships, and any understanding of any thing is an appreciation of those relationships.

(Nobody can have a *perfect* understanding of all the relationships in and around a thing, so all understandings are approximate the way all models are wrong)
the way I’ve felt it — I can tell I’m probably beginning to understand something when the network of relationships around it are beginning to behave in ways that I find predictable. it feels like I’m surfing on a wave, but the wave and I are one, in simpatico
so then it’s like whoa, I can surf the wave!! I could tell when it was going to swell and surge, I felt it in my gut almost before it happened

but then if you ask me “damn how did you surf that wave?” – I now have to start *thinking* and using *words* and it’s all approximations
A tragic thing is when a person who has a felt understanding of something is persuaded that their intellectual-verbal understanding of it must take precedence. This can be a kind of corruption, an arrogant override, a destruction of richness and nuance into rigid bureaucracy
which isn’t to say that approximations can’t sometimes be thrillingly potent – sometimes a model of a wave, or even a mere off-hand description of it – can help something click and make sense with rippling cascades of clarity. But it’s tricky stuff!! you gotta be careful
humility is not about pretending you’re less capable than you are

it’s about appreciating that you could be the most capable person in the world and you will *still* get things wrong, bc of the nature of complexity

smart money prices in humility into capability
we know more than we can say

we feel more than we can know

and the world is more than we can feel

humility then is not a “posture” or some supercilious manner, it is the only sane response to being an ant on a leaf out in the middle of a unfathomable cosmic ocean
but what do I know, lol. I’m just some guy tapping at symbols on a screen trying to capture the fleeting sense of a passing feeling
it’s a futile attempt, like all attempts at anything, and nevertheless at some level it feels right to do it, and I trust my feelings
I cannot help you understand anything with your thinky talky brain,,, that you do not FEEL [slaps chest] in your heart!!!
Can…👋🏾 you… 👋🏾 feel…👋🏾 the… 👋🏾 love…👋🏾 tonight…
“you have veered into nonsense” GOOD

• • •

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14 Sep
the problem with guillotining people – even if you put aside that pesky ethical question of murder – is that you’re subsequently left with a bunch of people who have taken a lot of pleasure in using guillotines. The monster may have been beheaded, but the monster in you remains
there are two kinds of people who are flippant about violence: idiots, and the malevolent. and the malevolent seize power every time. once you summon this demon you cannot unsummon it
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some stuff i’m hoping to do after my current book ships:

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this is kind of a vague post but generally speaking if you think i have done anything wrong or made any mistakes, i would love to hear about it so i can do something about it. my DMs have always been open
sometimes people talk about me like i’m some abstract depersonalized entity rather than some guy you can just talk to
like if you think i’m arrogant or full of myself or whatever i would actually be really happy to have a conversation about it! if you’ve thought your position through i’d love to hear it and there’s a good chance you’d adjust my position as well
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i also think a big part of why “kids learn faster than adults” is that kids are *expected* to be learning all the time, and adults (who might not even know each other!) will actually *coordinate* to create supportive learning environments and experiences for kids
One way adults can approximate the child’s experience is to be an immigrant, broadly speaking, or “the new guy” in some context – if you can signal clearly that you’re clueless and earnestly trying to learn, people similarly tend to chip in to help
another way to do it is to create a small cluster or scene where a group of people all agree that they all want to learn, and so challenge and support each other’s learning as much as possible. these environments produce massive increases in learning beyond what is “normal”
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