1/ I'm extremely concerned about a particular family of eight--including five daughters--in Afghanistan. They're at exceptionally high risk because the father worked for a French NGO and both mother and daughter were women's rights activists.
2/ They're now in hiding and desperate. I'm trying to figure out a realistic way to help them get to freedom and safety. I'd be extremely grateful for any advice anyone can give me about pathways to get them a) visas to a safe country; and b) safe passage to that country.
@is_OwenLewis, Canada has a program that allows people privately to sponsor refugees. If @cosmo_globalist were able to raise money to support them, might someone in your community be willing to sponsor them?
@RoryStewartUK, @TomTugendhat, @elliotackerman, @TommyAmenta, what advice are you giving to people in this situation?

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10 Sep
Whether the police behaved appropriately here, I doubt: It doesn't look to me as if they needed that much force to subdue her. That said, it's fully plausible that she was throwing projectiles at them. This is common among the kind of people who favor "ACAB" as a slogan.
Is there widespread repression in France owing to the health pass? Absolutely not. Do the police beat you for failing to show it at shopping malls? Absolutely not. The idea is absurd.
The police do, on occasion, use excess force, especially with groups like Antifa.
(And no one here really objects, because these groups are a public menace who infuriate everyone.)
As usual, Russian media and social media accounts have tried to boost this story.
The narrative that France is awash with anti-pass rebellion is strictly false.
Read 7 tweets
10 Sep
This video is making the rounds, and has now been boosted by @joerogan, so perhaps people would like the whole story. This did not happen because they tried to go shopping at the mall without a vaccine passport. It couldn't be, because you don't need the pass to go to the mall.
The pass is only required for restaurants, bars, and hospitals. It's inconceivable that anyone would be beaten like this for failing to show it.
Here's the real story and context: liberation.fr/checknews/viol…
I'll translate. "Police violence in Paris during the anti-health pass demonstration: What happened at Châtelet-les Halles?"
Châtelet is a huge metro station and shopping center in the city center.
The video shows agents of Brav M, the motorized violent action repression brigade.
Read 25 tweets
7 Sep
An absolutely horrifying report in the Telegraph alleging the "cutting off limbs and dumping [of] mutilated bodies into mass graves as part of an orchestrated ethnic purge" against Tigrayans by Amharans under the command of (Nobel Peace Prize-winner) Abiy Ahmed.
Sourced to "a dozen separate witnesses," and corroborated with overhead imagery.
Read 4 tweets
5 Sep
Question re. the #journalists we left behind in #Afghanistan: Is there any kind of fund to support them? They need money, if there's to be any chance of them getting out of there. If there is, I want to tell them how to access it.
Could people please RT this and direct it to the attention of anyone who might know? @IlvesToomas? @RFE_RLNEWS? @pressfreedom? @USEmbassyKabul?
Read 4 tweets
4 Sep
How likely is it that this occurred by chance? If we closely examined another set of papers--treating an unrelated aspect of medical research--would we find a third of them to be fraudulent? Image
If so, does this indicate that the global system of medical research, peer-review, and publishing is entirely broken?

Or perhaps it's the state of research and publishing during the pandemic, in particular? If so, why?
If this is a normal, random amount of fraud, that's a *major* problem for medicine, one that should be viewed as an emergency.

If it's atypical, how plausible is it that this was just a fluke?
Read 6 tweets
29 Aug
Does anyone know anything about how one would go about establishing something like this? I'm sure people would contribute to it via GoFundMe, but this needs some kind of legit, institutional support. Who should I ask?
I want the families of all these murdered men and women to be able to see, for the rest of their lives, the flourishing of the generations of children they saved. A scholarship in their names would allow them to see that.
Is there a university that might want to work with me on this?
Read 4 tweets

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