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Many mainstream rights groups and media organizations have a mixed history when it comes to opposing Washington’s agenda. The case of #JulianAssange has been no exception.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #AssangeCase #AssangeTrial #FridayVibes #FridayThoughts #Friday
#AmnestyInternational’s Europe Director described the hearings against #julianAssange as an “assault on the right to freedom of expression” that would have a “chilling effect on media freedom.”
by @AlanRMacLeod… #AssangeCase #AssangeTrial #journalists
#JulainAssange, left, with Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, June 16, 2013.
Photo by Frank Augstein | AP Image
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#disha #my #bestfriend #fifteen #years #no #affair #crying :

Disha was his best friend for the last 15 years & they were just good friends, she was crying .
#celebrity #manager #salman #khan #cornerstone :

She was working as a celebrity manager at Salman Khan's Cornerstone.
@RohanRai1509 #boyfriend #nocheating #whathappened #sudden :

She wasn't cheating her boyfriend Rohan Rai then what is the reason for her death
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Bitcoin has a branding problem. While we might not care this is largely reducing Bitcoin's accessibility to the masses.

And while #Bitcoin is an amazing technology in itself, I believe the missing link lies in leveraging its culture, the #Hodlculture.

Thread + article👇🐔
The Hodl culture not only has a basic understanding of Bitcoin, but coded inside its DNA are philosophical beliefs of btc as hard money, self-sovereignty, safety & behavioural heuristics such as long-term investing & stick to bitcoin.
Most importantly, the Hodl culture has the memes! It's humorous in the midst of Bitcoin's tumultuous volatility.

Shine or Rain, Lambos or Rekt, Bitcoin hodlers are emotionally resilient because of the community, and surely the memes help.

Thanks 2 @BitcoinMemeHub
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#CFWIJ joined Pakistani #womenjournos in condemning the vicious harassment they face online. Attacks against them in digital spaces are a despicable attempt at silencing freedom of the press. Authorities must take concrete steps to end cyber harassment of women journalists.
1. #Pakistan: #CFWIJ stands with Pakistani #womenjournos who face constant online harassment by misogynistic trolls. We joined them in the campaign to shut down these vicious attackers and demand authorities to take strict actions.

Read more: Image
2. This year alone, #CFWIJ documented at least nine different cases of threats and violence against women journalists in Pakistan, including cases of online harassment and abuse. Such attacks threaten the freedom of the press in #Pakistan. #AttacksWontSilenceUs Image
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#CFWIJ's thoughts go out to all the victims of the #BeirutBlast. We are following this tragic incident with concern and extending our solidarity to #womenjournalists working #ontheground.

Read our statement:
1. #BeirutBlast left at least 100 dead and 4,000 injured, as reported by @RedCrossLebanon. #Lebanon was already in an economic crisis and hospitals were struggling amid #Covid19. We thank health workers on the frontlines for their immense efforts during this devastating time.
2. #CFWIJ wishes a speedy recovery to women journalists who are among the injured. #BeirutBlast impacted offices of many news organisations. @AP correspondent @dalalmawad tweeted “coronavirus saved us” implying that staff were not in the office where windows were damaged.
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What did you gain?

It's a simple question that I want to ask media houses that thought - and are still thinking - it's a good practice to terminate employees on the spot. The editor, board, management & HR all are collectively responsible but no one would reply.
Who will question the media, which prides itself in the power of questioning it has. Frankly, it doesn't matter if you say in private that I'm sorry and this shouldn't have happened. The fact remains it happened and it happened under your watch.
Were these the morals, ethics & values that the organisation was built on? Didn't you feel proud when the reporters brought you a story that revealed the unethical practices at various establishments, most notably the government! You would have put it on the front page too!
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(1/4) #Hungary: State of press freedom deteriorates after over 70 journalists from @indexhu resign to protest editor-in-chief Szabolcs Dull’s unfair dismissal. CFWIJ monitors the situation with immense concern and condemns the arbitrary actions against the press.
(2/4) On July 24, @indexhu staff resigned enmasse calling it “the end of an era”. They cited outside pressure & warned about the decline of independent reporting. The independent news outlet remains one of #Hungary's most-read & trusted news sources for the past 20 years.
(3/4) Friday's rally in #Budapest called for press freedom and extended solidarity with @indexhu. Protesters raised concerns over threats, blackmail, coercion and exertion of pressure on the media.
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According to #Stratfor, #JulianAssange is a victim of #FVEY (#USA) #government security agencies' #targetingprograms, which illegally framed #Assange for crimes he did not commit.…

#FreeASSANGE Image
According to #ICWatch's aggregated #LinkedIn profiles, #FVEY security community's CVs indicate "#honeypots"/"#roleplayers" are on the government entrap people. Image
#FVEY govt. security agencies conspired with transnational corporations to attack #JulianAssange's finances. Attacking finances is just one of many criminal tactics that #CIA/#FBI/#DHS, etc. use to illegally harm individuals' incomes, without due process.… Image
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THREAD: Friday's @ProgNewsDaily features 90+ stories & clips - uncorrupted, progressive #journalists with #integrity, who can’t be influenced or editorialized by advertisers.

Top Articles:
1) @richimedhurst: Bernie/Biden #TaskForces Yield Nothing…
2) Inside #Facebook's dysfunctional approach to #CivilRights - @JuddLegum

3) How the #House Armed Services Committee, in the Middle of a #Pandemic, Approved a Huge #Military Budget and More War in #Afghanistan- @theintercept

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4) What the #Trump Campaign Is Up To on #YouTube (Hint: It Involves Aliens, BinLaden and Ivanka)- @propublica

Top Videos:
1) Joy Ann Reid's #bodylanguage Analysis- @kthalps w/ guest @nandovila

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Hello! You ran into a clickbait “Maryland man believes he may be vaccinated against coronavirus” article & looked me up. Here is my original post about my experiences and journey as a #covid19 #vaccinetrial participant [] at the @UMBaltimore @UMDIGH 1/
I am a rising 3rd year PhD Candidate in Molecular Microbiology & Immunology here @UMBaltimore. This & the trial participation are separate; all views expressed are my own & are not the university/trials; and should be viewed as coming from a research-scientist-in-training 2/
I originally wrote these post for my family and friends, to better clear up the confusion I was seeing as far as what takes place in a vaccine trial. I use my knowledge of immunology (#PhD classes) to help break down the underlying concepts in ways understandable to everyone 3/
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The murder of 16yr old orphan, Cornelius Frederick, in a private for-profit child foster facility was hidden from the public for months. The video was only released with the company requesting immunity, which we can't let happen #justiceforcornelius #BLM #BlackChildrenMatter
MULTIPLE employees of Lakeside for Children in #KalamazooMichigan, suffocated (for at least 10mins) and murdered 16yr old foster child, Cornelius Frederick. For throwing a sandwich.
The parent company of Lakeside for Children is Sequel Youth & Family Service. For-Profit. The CEO of Sequel, @roussosc, is also the CEO of @24hourfitness. What are his qualifications for overseeing thousands of orphaned children?
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The Monday, July 6 edition of @ProgNewsDaily features 80+ articles & video breakdowns from #Progressive, #Independent #journalists & #political #analysts who offer a perspective not found on network or cable TV...(cont. below)…
nor other traditional “mainstream” outlets.
Please Help Us support these amazing people! Please like, share & subscribe if you like what you see from @ProgNewsDaily!

Today’s Top Stories:
* Lawyers: #BreonnaTaylor case connected to #gentrification plan- @courierjournal
* #Mississippi Election Commissioner Complains That 'Blacks' Are Registering to Vote - @TheRoot

* #JeffreyEpstein Associate #GhislaineMaxwell Reportedly Prepared to Out 'Big Names' to Help Case - @Complex

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/25/2020-2…

Tom Rosenstiel on Twitter: I’m not avid on Twitter, but at others’ urging I want to offer a thread in response to @wesleylowery’s powerful essay in the @nytimes…

#journalists #objectivity
Interview: A disease modeler talks COVID-19, contact tracing, and quarantine | NOVA | PBS…

#disease #contact #tracing #modelling
Researchers uncover brain mechanisms in fruit flies that may impact future learning…

#brain #learning #flies
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Just like the case against the awe-worthy @sharmasupriya for her reporting in #Varanasi, here's a list of FIRs filed against #journalists in #UttarPradesh in the last year. Fasten your seatbelts, it will not be a short #Thread
#PressFreedom #lockdown2020 1/n
In March, at the height of the #lcokdown, @thewire_in's @svaradarajan was delivered a legal notice by police from Ayodhya. A quote in an article was wrongly attributed UP the Chief Minister, which was retracted and a corrigendum issued.
On 26 March, DM of #Varanasi sent a legal notice to Hindi daily Jansandesh Times claiming their report about tribal children eating grass for want of food due to the sudden announcement of the lockdown on March 24 was false. 3/n
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Africa Is Not Waiting to Be Saved From the Coronavirus
If reporting doesn’t improve, the creativity and agency of swaths of humanity will be lost to history

We needed this article to be written for months. Thank you @Nanjala1-I share some of ur pearls 🧵…
"As #Covid19 races its way across #Africa, there are 2 stories happening at once. 1st t is of governments using their armies and militarized police to beat, threaten, and shoot their way to #publichealth."
"2nd is of communities knitting together their meager resources to fill..
"the gap of absent states...of tailors across informal settlements in Nairobi & Mombasa sewing face masks out of scrap fabric & handing them out for free after price gouging by commercial suppliers."
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Tucker: Big Tech censors dissent over coronavirus lockdowns via @YouTube
Has little challenge as do corrupt politicians as long as #FreeSpeech is suppressed. The #NumberOne #HumanRight that made #AmericaGreat. The principle upon which the internet was made to acquire knowledge and exchange ideas. Let’s reflect on that #MothersDay
With out #SydneyPowell speaking up for #GeneralFlynn America wouldn’t know the general Is an American Hero set up by those involved in #ObamaGate. They would still think @POTUS was a Russian Agent when it was @HillaryClinton @DNC aid for and organized #Spygate
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#COVID19 IS not a "#China not China" thing.
#BillGates & #FAUCI #BIRX #CDC #NIH FUNDED #Wuhan's #WHO accredited BSL4 Lab to do this work, AND planted staff 1 of who is now #Fakebook #Science Director banning ppl for mentioning Wuhan made or even Vitamin C.
China complicit
At the same time the above CORRUPT cabal was doing this virus work, #BillGates ALSO held the event 201 just before military games in #Wuhan outlining pandemic. #CDC hired Pandemic officers all over the country beginning Nov 15th in advance preparation for the grandstanding.
#China at same time was stealing Virus tech from #Canada, #Harvard, #France & other locations, FOR YEARS including Crisper tech. They ALSO Bought off #CharlesLieber to teach them & Set up the Lab with Crisper, MicroChip tech, Virus Engineering, etc. Vials stolen fr #Harvard
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In #Kashmir, since August 5, a lot of things have changed for #Journalists. We saw a pattern of "intimidation" #SIKJ Image
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OK, since I've pretty much finished 80% of the content on #Netflix, #PrimeVideo and #DisneyPlus (4 kids), I figured I'd take a break to share my all-time favorite movies about #publicrelations and #journalism. I hope it proves a worthy #bingewatch for you ...
Top 20 in reverse order, starting with No. 20 ...
#PhoneBooth (2003). An arrogant #PR guy spends an entire movie in a phone booth. Yes, I know there's no such thing as phone booths anymore. But if you're in PR and you're feeling a little claustrophobic these days, you'll relate.
19. #TheWizardofOz (1939). This foursome trudges all the way to Oz, kills the witch on wizard's orders, then finds out the wizard is a fraud. Somehow he recovers from this potentially career-ending discovery by giving his visitors a handful of trinkets and a speech. That's #PR.
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The #Chinese regime has muzzled citizens who have sought to reveal the true situation of the #CCPVirus outbreak that originated in #Wuhan.

Those suppressed include #Whistleblower doctors, citizen #Journalists, scholars, and business people. (Thread👇)…
Dr. Li Wenliang

“Seven ‘SARS-like’ cases from the Huanan seafood market have been confirmed,” he wrote on Dec. 30, 2019 on @WeChatApp.

#LiWenliang was among the first people to publicize information about the #CCPVirus outbreak in #Wuhan.
The police statement said he had violated the law.

“Don’t go against the authorities, don’t wear masks, don’t make careless remarks,” hospital colleague Zhao Chen recalled a department director as saying, after #LiWenliang was summoned by police.
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The world will become less transparent. Less light 💡 .

A terrible thing.

IMO the advertising model was was doomed with the growth of the Internet. Too many have clung to the click model, then the paywall model that sets a price that is the same for regular people as it is

For the well off. When I was younger I subscribed to four papers. It was expensive then - a young person not making rock star money but it was doable.

For nearly everyone from bottom to middle that model eliminates our ability to stay informed - and I have always believed

in print #journalism over #television journalism. Especially the longer, heavy lifting, serial pieces.

In my community I have done what I can. I have enforced the public records act. I have reviewed and researched and collected massive amounts of documents and tips
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