The mistakes made by team #5561BCE falsifying Veda Vyasa’s Shabda Pramanas of 58days maximum for Bhisma Moksha, extending it to 98 days thereby falsifying the other Shabda Pramanas stating Magha masa for Moksha takes some beating in terms of blunders.
The following are:
Failed by 5561BCE/passed in 3067BCE

1. Magha masa for Bhisma moksha x 2 verses.
2. 58 day max for moksha.
3. Expn for 56 day for Krishna’s observation (Achar)
4. Moksha on 4th day post WS
5. Moksha not on WS.
6. Alpa Sesha dinanam verse.
7. Balarama return TL
The following are made up in 5561BCE:
1. 98 day timeline to Bhisma moksha as a scribal error.
2. Balarama’s pilgrimage reversal of nakshatras.

Passed by 5561BCE/passed in 3067BCE
27 days for banks of Ganga.
The ignoring of Magha masa for Bhisma moksha and putting it ahead in Phalgun masa AGAINST SHABDA PRAMANA of Vyasa also causes partly the 2500 year blunder of 5561BCE and this also ignores the 58 day maximum of Bhisma Moksha.

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14 Sep
A Short Thread on the major mistaken assumptions made in 5561BCE for Bhisma Moksha:

Mistake 1: Trying to corroborate Bhisma Moksha in Phalguna Masa when the verse chapter 153 of Anushasan Parva, verse 28 refers to Magha Masa explicitly.
Mistake 2 #BhismaMoksha 5561BCE
Assuming 98 or 92 days to the timeline from the time Bhisma fell (9th war day) or from when the war began, when the verse chapter 153 of Anushasan Parva, verse 27 refers to a maximum of 58 nights only.

No attempt is made to resolve this in 5561BCE
Mistake 3: #BhismaMoksha theory 5561BCE
Assuming 50 extra nights from a shloka chapter 153 of Anushasan Parva, (verse 5) to be added to the timeline to Bhisma Moksha without deciding whether there is another logical explanation possible.
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8 Sep
Short thread Japa:
Ideally one should use a japa mala. Don’t cross Meru. Don’t use index finger. This is true as far as anusthanas go.
For general practice of someone does not like counting, one can use a timer. ie: 7 mins is 108, so 21 mins is 3 malas. 63 mins is 9 malas, etc
At least one source gives:
“andmamadhyamakramya japam kuryyat tu manasam madhyama 
madhyama kramya japam kuryyadupamsukam tarjjanirh
tu samakramya japam naiva tu karayet”
Which finger to use is based on Tattwas
Some older Gurus say that using index also increases pride.
Index finger is Vayu tattwa, ring is Prithvi.
The japa using index is discouraged for various reasons.
1. Index finger is Vayu tattwa. Use in japa decreases grounding and can cause Vata to be affected.
2. Ring is Prithwi Tattwa and use promotes the base stable tattwa.
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30 Aug
Thread on #Janmashtami2021 from Mission of Peace to last day of war.
Mission of Peace timeline:
Only possible in 3067BCE (-3066)
Start of Krishna’s Mission of Peace:
Sept 26th 3067BCE: Revati Nakshatra and Kartika
Arrival at Hastinapur 3 days later:
It can only be Bharani at arrival Krittika at night.
Kartika Purnima 1st Lunar eclipse BEFORE WAR! Vyasa meets Dhritarashtra BEFORE WAR starts in these verses:
29th Sept Night! Lunar eclipse at Kartika Purnima exact acc to text
Only in 3067BCE: 5th Oct
6th day from arrival in Hastinapur Sabha: Duryodhan rejects peace on Pushya Nakshatra and tells kings to go towards Kurukshetra.

Chapter 148:03 of Udyoga Parva
Common mistake others made:
This is NOT THE SAME PUSHYA as Balarama’s pilgrimage start!
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24 Aug
Purva Bhadrapada is more intense, it is associated with fire and with funeral pyres too.
Note too, the Moonrise is at NIGHT at 823PM when the waning phase (Krishna Paksha) has just started.
Good day for Daridra Dukha haran Stotra with Shiva abhisheka.
Chandrastama for Karka/Simha
The NIGHT Moonrise at 823PM when the waning phase (Krishna Paksha) has just started is an indication of how late the waning phase must be on the 14th war night post the killing of Ghatotkach… when the Moon rose in the EAST:
The 14th war night is a Krishna Ekadashi since war starts again post Moonrise with 3/15 of the night remaining according to chapter161:1-2 of Drona Parva, so Moonrise around 2:20AM or so or K11. Please note it can never be 96 minutes earlier than this. ie. it cannot be K Navami:)
Read 4 tweets
23 Aug
Short note:
Although the Aghora trilogy has now featured in many documentaries including one by channel 4, it’s actual utility is to those who know the traditions already… and if they know the source materials for the practices mentioned in the text.
Helpful to those who have been to the places mentioned in the books and have knowledge of Sanskrit and who most importantly… those who have somebody from that living tradition to clarify the exact time and space obligations for the practices +
It’s perhaps very difficult for those who pick up the books when older because the mind is no longer receptive to the information given in the books.
There is stuff there but for most (99.99%) it’s not useful because it needs the source manuscript of Tantra to point out the bits.
Read 6 tweets
22 Aug
The scenes in Afghanistan make one aware that the time to change destiny of a nation is a at least a decade prior to what one thinks. For example, to change certain things on the situation now prevailing in India, 2004 was the time, or 2009/10/11 time frame.
The problem is that the decade of 2004-2013 was a terrific lost opportunity for India in terms of fortification of its defences.
The consequences of that problem were visible even then in terms of the terror attacks which took place:
Short film:
When you look back at it, that decade caused the ecological damage, the damage to national frameworks…. it produced a generation of people out of touch with the Atma of the nation.
My film Bharat Ek Chetna
Read 6 tweets

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