So I read that.
Here’s a little debriefing. (1/whatever).
1/ Save yourself some time.
The plan hasn’t changed since 2012.
(Other mouthpiece, same Dickens’ Era 2.0 on steroids. Fatima, you’d better move or take this tech training ASAP your job is about to be eradicated)
(I’m so curious)
Blah blah, blah blah
”We need free trade, people want free trade”
Hey Liz there’s a giant opportunity for free trade right next door it’s called the single market.
Oh no wait: not *this* free trade
”Subtle” hint about deregulation
3/ Aaah here comes the ”world-leading” interlude.
”Yo world we want to trade with you! We’re better than you on all counts, you s*ckers! Where’s our trade deal you lower beings?”
4/ It kind of sounds like feeding you U.K. people will soon become optional to prioritise exports.
Unless the U.K., that cannot produce enough food already, suddenly produce 10 x what it needs w/ no staff & no lorries
Yes I know it means cheap export for you &good food exported
5/ Were you tired of being ”at war” with the EU for everything and nothing? Good news: You’re now at war with the whole world.
But hey you’ll get a protective ring -was quite efficient in care homes innit?
6/ Last but not least: You’re all on board. Every single one of you. You don’t care about food on the shelves and/or your table, keeping your job and ‘Covid for all’ live trial
It’s all fine because ”world-leading” and ”global market”
Copyright ”What you voted for”

• • •

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More from @StillDelvingH

11 Sep
This is madness
The more flawed a election process is the closest a 6th January event gets
Numbers not adding up/software issues already weren’t great -this is the last straw
Quick advice U.K. counting at poll station level and publish the results the next day
Confidence matters
Hi @BOBrien451
I know you don’t like my questions on private providers involvement
Let’s set that aside for a while -there are more pressing problems indeed
Could you tell me what keeps the U.K. from asking poll stations’ volunteers to also count the votes? And publish the info
You can disregard anything I’ve said previously-but I believe we agree when we say election results must be met with trust
Forgive me for thinking “results may not add up“ does not generate trust @ElectoralCommUK -but as means to insure a free &fair election are cut it’s an issue
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10 Sep
A word about "vaccines are more dangerous than the virus" claim.
Vaccines are a *watered down* version of the virus -or basically a virus ID file readable by cells
If you think *that* could have side effects
How can you not get the full force virus is much more likely to do so?
A word about "vaccines are dangerous, we can't trust Big Pharma!" claim
If you think "Big Pharma" would go for killing/harming its customers when *it can sold doses to billions* you don't understand the base of your claim
What about "vaccines don't work"?
Check hospital stats
Do I think health research should be publicly funded and available to everyone? Yes.
Do I think Big Pharm would be stupid enough to take the risk to lose billions? No.
Are vaccines effective? Yes. Again check hospitals' stats. It's not perfect but it makes a hell of f... ≠
Read 5 tweets
10 Sep
Abuse doesn't like scrutiny
Your world must never sum up to 1 person/his crew, and only his crew
Talk to people he has no link to -social media if that's all you have
I only discovered afterwards he was the reason my family &friends thought I didn't want to hear from them anymore
One other thing about perfect stranger
If your relationship with friends & family are difficult, it's easy to think they are biased
Talking about your life to uninvolved people offer an outside look an the situation
Better in a forum than with an out-of-nowhere BFF (could be him)
Controlling behaviour requires to become your one and only friend, your one and only support, your one and only landmark
If you're in this situation something is seriously wrong and you need other people in your life ASAP
They don't even have to be your best friends -just others
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5 Sep
Just like people who thinks “6 weeks is more than enough whores“, people who think abortions can be used as a kind of “handy“ contraceptive are the ones who don’t quite understand how pregnancy works/feels like.
Interestingly they also often lobby against contraception.
Imagine the backlash if “pro-life“ groups advocated chemical castration for all men unless they’re set to procreate. How it would be called freedom infringement, unnatural aso.
No more unwanted pregnancy then tho. Nothing left to go for but termination of unviable pregnancies.
Yes it’s caricatural but the thing is, there’s no pro-life group arguing that the problem is men not keeping it in their pants. It’s always the “woman’s bad decision“. Father of the unwanted child won’t be sued or charged $10k for putting a woman in an unbearable situation.
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3 Sep
“No way my children are getting anything injected into them whose imaginary long effects are unknown. It’s much better if they catch a virus whose known short-term effects can send them to hospital or debilitate them, and whose long effects are unknown.“
Antivaxx logic, 2021
This is pure QAnon rhetoric
(From my former “friend“ who once explained me glasses were the reason people’s sight could get impaired, and had to be avoided at all cost)
The virus is better because it’s “natural“
Like poliomyelitis, or cancer
“Fear the treatment, not the disease“
And this is why QAnon/antivaxx/Trumpisn aso are not societal movements.
It’s a religion.
Bear with me.
First, the notion of the higher power. That will save you -but only if you follow the cult against reason.
If it doesn’t? It’s your fault, or non-believers’ fault.
Read 7 tweets
1 Sep
So I just got the instructions for my 5 yrs old & 9 yrs old going back to school tomorrow
We are at level 2 (on 4)
That means ventilation/hand washing/equipment disinfection/class bubble/no mask for the 5 yrs old
Same with masks for 9 yrs old
1 Covid case =class closed for 7 days
Er, yeah, this is France.
Mask is not compulsory outside for kids (that’s level 3)
Sport is back but in no contact mode
(Social distancing is still on)
No parents allowed in the school
Masks ain’t compulsory for us outside but advised as gathering
Library & swimming-pool are back
Also some testing campaigns (salivary test)
Basically the same measures than last year (went quite alright: no outbreak even when some teachers got sick -but it wasn’t delta)
with the added ability to do sport inside and getting classes places
+Classes closed at 3 cases -now 1
Read 4 tweets

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