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11 Jul
Well done typo.
Now just in case anyone wonders what Farage qualifications for his new job are, here it is (in 50 tweets or so).
Oh no wait -it's not a new ☝️ job
Just checked the article and it's been his job since January 2017 (Tho it's true he has been hired by other people for the exact same job for much longer)
Other needed correction:
There's no typo. The headline is accurate
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10 Jul
Does anyone has info on (2015) monthly 'Westminster's "Tuesday meeting" ' chaired by Matthew Elliott?
d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/taxpayersallia… Image
Other than this, I mean.
"Monthly gathering of the leading centre-right thinkers working in politics, which regularly hosts cabinet members, best-selling authors and top politicians from the US and further afield"
Which politicians 'from the US' aso?
thebizclub.co.uk/matthew-elliot… Image
Also 'sought after as an electoral strategist' @matthew_elliott, what political parties did you work with in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ghana, Maldives, Serbia and Ukraine? And how did you happen to be hired as a political strategist in all these countries?
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5 Jul
There's a new mouthpiece in Atlas' Climate Denial/anti-Green Deal club.
(Just look at the tag list.)
cc: @ChloeFarand @DeSmogBlog @Hardeep_Matharu @matjhope @GeorgeMonbiot
Interestingly failing to provide their privacy policy.
Let me sum up the 174 pages:
blah blah hysteria blah blah socialism is bad blah blah capitalism & free markets will save the world (you gotta wonder what they've been waiting for).
I believe the reliability of the whole document can be illustrated in one of the introduction quote “All the hot air surrounding the climate change debate has contributed its fair share to warming the earth."
From Barbara Kolm.
This Barbara Kolm.
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21 Jun
This is what "not world leading" (and I mean that, it's not a joke) looks like.
All stats in one place. Graphs. When you click on a département, you know how many people are in hospital/in ICU/went home today +how many died since the beginning.
This is data.
This wild idea about the national health agency coordinating the action/collecting the data instead of outsourcing that to private firms (sometimes themselves outsourcing it to other companies) definitively seems to have upsides.
Epidemic spread follow up here.
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5 Jun
Hello UK here are our 93 Covid19 clusters still under investigation (150 were recorded since May 11).
(A cluster is defined by at least 3 people)
@MattHancock @BorisJohnson I can’t find how many ‘world leading’ clusters there are in the UK?
Where can I get this information?
Surely it can’t be that you have no idea because (eg) you can’t even tell the ‘world leading’ number of people tested, or because of ‘world leading’ tests sent overseas whose results had to be voided?
In any case here’s a thought:
We have this thing called “Santé publique France” -National health agency. It coordinates testing/tracing. Itself organised by our national health system (GPs, hospitals...)
Ofc you can keep giving contracts to failing private org -but maybe there’s something there?
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4 Jun
@kevinroose Is Candace Owen fighting racism?
Although exclusively racism against "straight white males".
Clearly the most pressing issue (irony alert).
@kevinroose As, you know -according to Candace- black people are not "very fine people"
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3 Jun
I will not pretend I know what black people experience other than by proxy (ie not every day of my life)
I'm so white at high school I was nicknamed "the corpse" so I won't pretend I get it all
Nevertheless as a translator I may be able to translate the feeling -at least partly
Look at the people you love -lover, family, children.
Look at them when they step outside to play, or run errand, or jog.
Now imagine every single time you know you may never see them again.
Because their skin makes them targets.
It only takes one shooter.
Every day.
Look at your home, look at the place where you feel safe.
How much do you fear being shot in that safe place?
How much do you fear the persons here to protect others -namely the police- could storm in or shoot you by the window?
Now imagine your skin makes you a target.
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1 Jun
If you want to understand how offensive&stupid racism is, every time you see a racist complaining about "black/brown/coloured" ppl, imagine he/she's speaking about the person's eye colour.
Does it define the person?
Is there a "brown eye" culture threatening "other eye colour" culture?
Someone's skin colour isn't a "culture".
Eye/skin colour can be the same when the culture is different.
But oppression against an eye/skin colour *creates* a common culture. A common suffering. A resistance.
Inequality creates a culture of resistance, a will to establish a bond between people sharing the same suffering. The same history. But it's an artificial culture, a reaction to something that was imposed unto them.
Denying their actual identity because of their appearance.
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1 Jun
Do something weird happened.
14 hours ago this popped up in my notifications - a reply to a quite old tweet.
Dozens of replies followed (to sum up: ‘Yeah Brexit you bad left Londoner Liberal We won!’) + replies questioning @JMPSimor qualifications at her job (??)
I think the many replies were triggered by this reply+retweet
But why would so many people jump at an old tweet with not exactly kind replies (example below)?
Well turns out many are replying to another tweet.
Apparently to demonstrate that the ”core” and its followers ain’t nasty nor a concerted effort -yes, with a nasty troll fest 🤷‍♀️
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31 May
@piersmorgan @DominicRaab Which -according to this graph- apparently means Covid19 is not known to be present in the UK anymore.

(Too bad the virus seem to disagree)
assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/upl… Image
@piersmorgan @DominicRaab (1st graph source) Image
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31 May
Forget 2+2=5, I raise you with 4=1
(Soon to become 1=5)
“The risk is high!“ says govt’s Covid19 website
“The risk is too high!“ says the science govt claims to follow
But hey 4=1 because we just don’t want people to think we handle this crisis worse than our neighbours! If they unlock so shall we
Following the behavioural science that was used as a basis to give a green light to Cheltenham (trumping epidemic basic science).

“Expectations on how the Govt will react will be set by media reports of public health strategy in other countries“

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30 May
UK people, a word about why not knowing how many people got tested is so bad.
Because it means the U.K. cannot see how the virus is spreading.
That’s 88k tests -an overwhelming majority: What percentage is +ve?
*More or less than yesterday?*
It’s been 7 days.
Unlocking the country when you can’t see how the virus spread evolves, against the advice of the science you claim to follow, is incredibly reckless.
And a very weird timing, stinking of ‘herd immunity’ making a come back.
To be clear: I think that if the numbers where known, they would show ”stay a lert”, street parties, conga aso already triggered a new peak.
And that unlocking now is madness.
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29 May
In other news, live from France, we are seriously unlocking on June 2.
Bars, restaurants, some swimming-pools, high schools, cinemas, theaters.... (with #Masks4All/Social distancing)
15k people in hospital, 109 (small) clusters said to be under control.
People planning holidays.
This feels so weird.
Like, wait, what -Are you sure?
Official line is "The epidemic is still there, but it's under control". Big gathering are still banned until June 21st to the least -"our biggest adversary" our First Minister said. Churches opening. Care homes still locked.
Entering lockdown felt weird
Entering unlocked socially distanced, mask-wearing new reality also feels weird
Personally I won't plan anything special -could change fast. Like in this town where all schools were closed for 2 Covid19 suspicions (tested -ve)
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29 May
“When all you have ever known is privilege, equality feels like oppression”
That's it exactly. What is driving the funders of the mouthpieces' collection exposed in my pinned thread.
(FTR so do accountability/responsibility.)
The ideology behind it.
The fight for "freedom"
There's a reason free media are under attack worldwide.
Yes, it is related.
#Whofundsyou has never been more relevant.
Who funds the "Preserve our privilege" ideology?
We're not just in the middle of a pandemic; our democracies are sick as well, and not because they were doomed to be, but because they're under attack.
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28 May
Advice based on my experience
Only send them back unless you have accurate, regularly updated reports showing there has been no community transmission for weeks.
+masks/PPE/social distancing, school not allowing more than 30% of pupils a day on a rolling basis, temperature check
I will not claim France’s handling of this crisis is the best -It wasn’t.
So don’t even consider going under that already low bar.
French schools reopened only in green zones. With no tracking/tracing, not even knowing how many people are tested, you’re a red zone, UK.
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28 May
@Hardeep_Matharu It’s literally written here on the first screenshot.
”The NHS will seek to discharge more patients into care homes”
The guidance also clearly states patients may have been infected, advising to do nothing special unless symptoms appear.
On April 17th.
@Hardeep_Matharu Update was on April 19th.
(Typo isn’t mine).
@Hardeep_Matharu And it wasn’t just care home patients.
@ChrisGiles_ any chance that could have triggered a few excess deaths?

Here is March 19th ‘Get them out of hospitals!’ Guidance (but nightingale?)

(So Hancock could brag about empty beds/NHS copping?)
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28 May
@etymologic @faisalislam @bealelab @BruceReuters May I step in?
The actual R is unknown. Check the screenshot provided here 👇 Almost 75k tests for an *unknown number of people* (?!?) Should the results of these tests be delayed (eg posted tests) actual number of infection is *widely* unknown.
@etymologic @faisalislam @bealelab @BruceReuters Another possibility is we are talking about these quite useless home tests -positive means positive, negative means well not much really. Especially when you have symptoms -Dobt trust a negative result, the sample collection process s****.
@etymologic @faisalislam @bealelab @BruceReuters Another possibility is that those 75k ”tests” were conducted on a rather low number of people, which would lean the infection is spreading and there are not enough tests to track it -let alone trace it.
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28 May
”Time to move on” they say.
@BorisJohnson @MattHancock @cmo_england I really would like to know more about how you can track and trace people you can’t even count.
It’s been 6 days.
Day 2.
Tell me how you can track and trace people whose exact number you can’t manage to know.
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27 May
A little info on Darren Grimes’ Reason-dot-UK
(Follow their advice: Think. Don’t follow -them.)
So the point apparently us to ”fight madness”.
”Get our of the political closet” as you are a majority.
Funny from a young man who’s been defending Cummings relentlessly -now claiming to stand for the silenced majority -the same silenced majority that elected the current govt?
You will be very surprised to discover this ”grassroots movement” is calling for donations.
”Freedom isn’t free”.
But -wait a second.
Who’s behind this?
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