Lord, I just realized a lot of you are too young to have lived through Norm Macdonald's run on Weekend Update, and that's a tragedy. One of the greatest eras in SNL history.
Looking back it was such a clash of generations: "Hip" Boomers, who adored Dennis Miller, absolutely hated Norm Macdonald. But as the weeks went by he dug in his heels and intensified all the things they hated. It was performance art.
It was widely reported at the time that NBC President Don Ohlmeyer, a personal friend of OJ Simpson, had commanded Norm to stop calling OJ a murderer... so of course Norm just dug in, and delivered the line with more relish. And that culminated in his firing.
I think the years since have brought us a lot of media figures who "just don't give a fuck," who find comedy in defying authority figures... but in the mid-1990s? On NBC? That wasn't done. Norm was an icon.
I'm realizing Norm on SNL might have been the first bit of media I loved that my parents absolutely hated. I didn't get into grunge, I listened to Billy Joel and Phil Collins.
OMG and I'm *just* realizing... I remembered this bit for years as Jon Stewart opening his first Daily Show episode... but it was Colin Quinn on his first Weekend Update after Norm got fired. Wild.

• • •

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21 Aug
CONSERVATIVES: “We believe in liberty and personal freedom!!”

QUEERS: “Great! We’ll marry the people we want, then.”

CONS: “No, you can’t do that.”

TRANS FOLKS: “We’ll identify as a gender other than that assigned at birth!”

CONS: “Absolutely not.”
QUEERS: “Okay, so… what kind of liberty and freedom do you mean, then?”

CONS: “Well, religious freedom!”

MUSLIMS: “Great! That means a lot to us.”

MUSLIMS: “Hrm. Ok… that doesn’t seem very free to us.”

CONS: “Wait, we meant freedom to conduct business.”

BUSINESS OWNERS: “Cool, I’m going to refuse to serve unvaccinated people. And everyone has to wear masks.”

CONS: “Noooo! You can’t! That’s illegal discrimination!”
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8 Jun
I am really hoping we change course, but if things continue the way they are headed, I think his failure to anticipate the GOP turn to fascism and antidemocracy will be Obama’s greatest legacy.
Obama could have told the country that Trump and his campaign were colluding with the Russian government long before the 2016 Election. He didn’t because he “didn’t want to appear partisan.”

[And because polls had everyone believing Hillary was going to demolish Trump.]
I certainly don’t want that to be his legacy, but at this point I don’t see many obstacles between us and a complete GOP dismantling of American democracy.
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8 Jun
I need to give this more thought, but my instinct is that the concern in journalism about not using hacked information is naive.

Once the information is out there, it’s findable for those who seek it. Obscuring it from reporting just empowers those people over the public.
The nature of information in today’s world is that power comes not from what is revealed, but from what is successfully hidden. The majority of secrets are open; to privilege THESE secrets over others just reinforces the power of the super-rich.
Obviously the ethical issues here are numerous: It incentivizes hacking, it lessens the right to privacy for all of us… but my thinking is that ship has sailed. It’s not the reporting that destroys privacy, it’s the nature of information storage and vulnerability.
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8 Jun
NYC has given up pretending city government has any authority over NYPD, and openly declared themselves a police state. Image
“Asked if the curfew had been lifted, a spokesperson for the Parks Department referred Gothamist to the NYPD.”

Robert Moses is spinning in his grave.
This is what happens when a city is allowed to create its own military: The police stage a coup. The cops now decide what’s illegal, at the time it happens, on a case by case basis.
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11 Aug 20

YOUNG PEOPLE: Call your grandparents and ask if they got the card you sent.


When they say no, you sound very sad. "Oh, that's too bad. I heard that Trump was really underfunding the post office."
You want to see how fast Congress and the White House are bombarded with calls to fix the Post Office?

Let them deal with a nation full of old people who think they missed some mail.
This is especially important if your grandparents are Republican voters and/or live in a red state.

PARENTS: Your script is "Hi Mom/Dad, did you get the drawings I mailed you from the kids? No? Well, hopefully they arrive soon!"
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12 Jun 20
This has bothered me for a long time, but I've never spoken about it: In my career I've managed around 20 people or so at various times. Two of those people were Black.

I cannot tell you how different my supervisors were toward me about how I managed the Black direct reports.
The level of scrutiny and suspicion I got from my bosses was really striking. If they called out sick, it was "Do you believe them?" If they were away from their desk for five minutes it was "Where's so-and-so?"
My regular one-on-ones with my managers (and these were two different people at different organizations! Both white, though) focused so much on how I needed to supervise those reports more directly.
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