I'm going to start here with this political disinfo pattern. It's important to understand that this is exactly how stop the steal started as a hashtag in the 2016 election and then landing at #J6
let me finish my thoughts on this before I continue my data mining.

“there might very well be shenanigans, as there were in the 2020 election.” His campaign website has a link to a “Stop CA Fraud” website.

we all know there was no fraud. yet this is what Elder said
Here's the part that no one seems to get. If you pre-planning a loss by saying your opponent stole it. There are several things happening. 1. You are a sore loser 2. You clearly know you can't win and aren't telling your supporters tho your internal polling tells you differently.
3. Like the aftermath of 2020 which you are now modeling your campaign off of you are prepping unfounded lawsuits wondering which one will stick.
4. if you win you will take that position and say absolutely nothing but dare your opponent to say anything while you repeat "I won"
what's important for this #CARecall is that there is a complete prepping to have mobs show up in places to intimidate. We are jumping over this part a lot. He's not going to "retaliate" himself like #AgentOrange45 but his supporters like Rose and others will.
Here is the part where this sits.
"where people can report suspicious voting activity or sign a petition demanding a special legislative session to investigate an election that isn’t even over."

It's already happened in several other states. So why not replicate the model.
If this is the new American political strategy then I don't know how we are claiming to be exceptional.
"where people can report suspicious voting activity or sign a petition demanding a special legislative session to investigate an election that isn’t even over." #CARecall
From the other loser #AgentOrange45 “Does anybody really believe the California Recall Election isn’t rigged?”

The interesting turn on this one is going to be that Elder is a Black repub. So there will be more interesting things said that I'm sure will include race. #CARecall
If you've demonized VBM. When states have been using this since before the 2020 Covid election now you have a problem.

"Republican National Committee for California, said she made a video with her husband showing how they cast ballots by mail and urging everyone to do the same"
I find this interesting when this was the mainstay of how most Repubs counted on winning.

"An overwhelming majority of California voters cast ballots by mail even before the pandemic, and no widespread voter fraud issues have surfaced."
but why would Elder do this in advance? that part is easy the electorate is mostly dem. Also, everyone remembers when the Terminator was Governor. #CaliforniaRecallElection Image
Now here is the social media part. The one that lends itself to digital voter suppression. How many people did this happen to? But it doesn't matter the spread of the misinformation about this is what matters. That's where we are. An "official" says... Image
But here's the reality. This is actually evidence that if a ballot goes in and you didn't know it when you show up it's sitting there in the system. That's called election integrity. You get to kick that ballot out. But guess what you can send a ballot in and still do this.
now I can conspiracy theory with the best of them. What if I did VBM and showed up just to make a scene to be recorded and posted. We know this is happening at the CRT school board debates. But let's not digress we have enough misinfo out there.
"LA County Registrar’s Office said the error was caused by some settings on computers used to check in voters before issuing ballots. The office said those affected were allowed to cast provisional ballots, which act as placeholders until voter eligibility is determined."
Now which one do you think is going to spread the most about "voter fraud" "election integrity"

Note: disinfo spreads 6:1
There are concerns that are mentioned that has to do with my Pillow guy who released documents that should not be released. I wonder if anything is going to be done about that. apnews.com/article/techno… Image
Yet, with all these antics happening who is showing up to harass.. I mean monitor election officials. Image
All I can say is we are watching and documenting the patterns!! But if you ask me these are new political tactics that don't seem to be slowing down. But most importantly going unchecked.

• • •

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A White friend admitted that's it really too hard to be an ally to me. That WP get to say that and they can walk away. They know we can't it's not an option and there lies privilege with a capital P.
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so if you want to come into this thread about masculine or feminine energy like that isn't a social construct versus biology. I'm not here for it. that's not this convo.
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a personal note. I used to choreograph hip-hop dances. When I went off to camp. I would do the shows there and there was always this girl who I won't name that called herself a trained dancer that would always show up and try to take my moves. This is OLD... yes she was a Becky
and I will say it. One of the things that got me in trouble at home was the jams and dance battles. My competition gene was fierce and there were people who didn't like to lose to a girl. I had a crew that kept me safe.
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