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OK, here are some observations after having lived and worked here for 14 years.

Brits are far more adverse to most change and warier of political change than Australians. Aussies tend to "Give it a go" whilst Brits are more cautious.
Even though #Brexit has been politically polarising, Brits for the most part are moderate in their political outlook both Labour and Conservative voters. The extremes, which the current @GBNews is trying to exploit represent a very small portion of the population.
In Australia and the USA this is not the case, there are larger numbers of people drawn to extremes than in the UK. In my opinion, @GBNews went too hard from the off, to attract and keep a large audience in the UK, you need to be balanced, even if your bias is in one direction.
There are lots of problems everyday people face in the UK that are not faced in Australia to the same extent. Financial hardship is the biggest one, they simply don't have the time or energy to invest in extremes.
Aussies are more affluent as a populous and have the luxury of being able to dedicate time to causes. Brits battle day-to-day to keep their heads above water.

Maybe if @GBNews offered a financial incentive to view, it might just work.
The UK media space is far more crowded than the Aussie one so as soon as people lose interest, they move on. It is nearly impossible to regain that viewership.
The graphic and set design of @GBNews is violent to the senses, not warm and cuddly like @BBC or even @Skynews. This is an immediate turnoff.
@GBNews works better on Social Media, the reason is that the audience is already polarised and poised for a fight. The audience on Social is an echo chamber and people are looking for validation of their views.
The biggest lesson any Australian can learn regardless of what business they are in is that you cannot force change on the UK populous, any change has to be slow and organic. Change is possible but not at pace, trying to Australianise change will not work here.
If I were managing @GBNews, I would do some or all of the following:

Redesign the entire look and feel of the channel, make it less aggressive

Lose the emphasis on Celebrity Presenters

Relaunch the channel as a more moderate facts-only based news resource.
If you want to lean to the right, move the conversation that way slowly and appropriately, attracting extremes puts viewers off and more importantly alienates advertisers, the only source of revenue.
Consider being a Social Media only channel, broadcasting by its very nature has to appeal to a "Broad" audience or it will fail, as @GBNews is currently proving.
The simple fact is, this is the #UK, not #Australia and a UK way of doing business has to be adopted if you are to succeed in this market. I have tons of other things to add but I am sure everyone is bored silly by now.

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