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Thanks to @GeoffCutmore & @cnbcKaren for this morning's chat on #SquawkBox.

I did TRY to find something positive to say - honest, folks!

Following are the notes I sent the team before the show:-
Ok. So here goes...

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Something I've mentioned on here: the enormous scale of Europe's energy problem runs into the €trillions. The #AmpelDesGrauens "Doppel-Wums" -'bazooka' - relief package is €200bln & doubts are *already* being voiced whether will suffice.
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THREAD: Did these people inflame tensions and/or attacks against Hindus in the UK?

#HindusUnderAttackInUK #Leicester #Birmingham #HateCrime #HinduphobiaIsReal

1/10 Image
Sunny Hundal | Journalist: Cricket fans of mixed faith clashed in #Leicester, Hundal posted a tweet claiming “In Leicester extremist Hindutva groups go on the rampage in Leicester. Shocking stuff”. This unsubstantiated claim was a dog whistle that may have incited attacks.

2/10 Image
Dr Rita Pal | Pakistani-British doctor: Known for raising issues relating to #Pakistani politics in the #UK. During the recent violence in Leicester, we believe she assisted the instigators and the Muslim extremist rioters to identify an apparent “RSS office” and attack it.

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Thursday 29 September
Day 218 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine and the start of another daily thread.

Quite a lot of late news yesterday. To catch up on what you missed, click and scroll through yesterday's 🧵

Some breaking news to start with and #Sweden says it has found a 4th leak on the Nord Stream pipeline.

Previously 3 leaks were found on the gas link from #Russia to #Germany, caused by sabotage.

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
More threats on neighbours by #Russia

This time the leader of the "A Just Russia.." party targets #Kazakhstan.

Sergey Mironov threatens (military) intervention after "seeing manifestations of #Russophobia..
The persecution of Russian-speaking citizens will inevitably begin"🤡
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🚨 @Keir_Starmer @faisalislam @kdhdownunder

Here why major currencies have been plummeting for ONE YEAR NOW.

A quick thread 🧵

🚨 After Covid, #Biden came to office in January 2021.

His RECKLESS green policies and FECKLESS spending made him borrow $7 trillion for 2021, which is UNPRECEDENTED in US history.

Note that there was NO #Ukraine in 2021.

2/ Image
🚨 As a consequence, #inflation started in the US resulting in a much lower confidence for both businesses and consumers.

Here is the data supporting my statement.

3/ Image
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1- #UK After their explosive move, gilt yields reached an unsustainable level
2- A 4-5% yield is simply too HIGH for both public (see chart) and private sector debt

Neither the government nor households will be able to pay these rates
3- With every day, this realisation dawns more on UK citizens

The press reflects their pain, they are ANGRY. Today's newspapers are full of stories like this one 👇
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The regime of #Iran, like virtually all in the #MiddleEast, is vile and we hope one day it’s citizens will be free. But what the international #msm is doing right now with its coverage is essentially trying to aid the US government in another regime change attempt.
1/ #Iran was a democracy in 1953, but unfortunately its Socialist-leaning government nationalized its oil industry which was a no-no for the Imperialist #USA and #UK so the #CIA & #MI6 collaborated as they often do to overthrow its government and install a bloody dictator. #Shah
2/ the US plays lip-service to wanting democracy in the #MiddleEast, but what it demands is FIELTY to the US Empire. Egyptian people bravely and at great cost overthrew a bloody dictator and established the Arab World’s biggest democracy. The new govt wasn’t pro-US and in 2013…
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#Pakistan's incoming Finance Minister @MIshaqDar50 returns after defeating unprecedented smear campaign from 2014 to 2018 based on #fakenews that fell apart in courts in both the #UK and #Pakistan. A Pakistani TV network apologized and shutdown British operations as a result /1
#Pakistan's Finance Minister Minister-designate @MIshaqDar50 won £100000 in damages and £60000 in legal fees in a defamation case against ARY which led the smear campaign against him since 2014. He was cleared in mone-laundering and corruption claims. /2…
On the orders of London High Court, ARY News apologized to @MIshaqDar50 for airing "fabricated content." This apology destroyed @ImranKhanPTI and @PTIofficial's claims against Dar and the @pmln_org running from 2014 to 2021. /3
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Casually or not, the #Baltic & North Sea region is getting riskier during the last 24hours.

🇳🇴🇬🇧Norway declared the risk of drones over its gas & oil offshore platforms.
🇩🇰Denmark reported several gas leaks on #NordStream 1 and 2.
🇷🇺'000s of Russians refugees.

Certainly, the #Article5 is clear. But seems like #Russia is doing hybrids interventions exploiting some gray areas.

Pipelines (left) and tankers (right) are vulnerable.🧵
The North Sea has an important development of 512 offshore platforms. Static targets.

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1. tomorrow,10.30 am, #London my lawyers @estelledehon @suigenerisjen and I will attend our FOURTH hearing against @metpoliceuk (aka #ScotlandYard) and @ICOnews which have refused to release documents on the current/ex @wikileaks journos @khrafnsson,Sarah Harrison,@SwaziJAF
2. to provide you some context:since 2015,I've been fighting in #UK,#US,#Australia,#Sweden to access the full documentation on #Assange and the #WikiLeaks journos.
In UK this #FOIA battle has required 2 legal cases:one about #JA,another about @khrafnsson,Sarah Harrison,@SwaziJAF
3.both the legal cases have been a real Calvary: the UK,US,Swedish,Australian authorities have done all they could to deny me access and to make the process so time-consuming and expensive...
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(1/7) #MI6 in Syria and #Ukraine? But not without #consultation with the #USA - the #British expectation is all too obviously not working out: exacerbated by #Brexit, they are being thrown under the train of rising #USD and ...
(2/7) ... escalating #energy prices just as much as the rest of #Europe with devastating effects of de-#industrialization and skill drain (#BrainDrain) mostly to the #US. As it seems, the #Brexit was conceived as the planned disengagement from the #EU ...
(3/7) ...before the long-planned (already before 2014) disaster of the disempowerment of the #Euro and the final degradation of the #EU to a #NATO vassal (UvdL). #Merkel cold-bloodedly played along in the #Ukraine destabilization ...
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(1/8) #MI6 in Syrien und der #Ukraine? Aber nicht ohne Absprache mit den #USA (#CIA) - die Erwartungshaltung der #Briten geht nur zu offensichtlich nicht auf: verschlimmert durch den #Brexit werden sie genauso unter den Zug des steigenden #USD|s ...
(2/8) ... und der eskalierenden #Energiepreise geworfen wie der Rest #Europa|s mit verheerenden Auswirkungen der #Deindustrialisierung und der abziehenden #Qualifikation (#BrainDrain) in die Vereinigten Staaten (#USA). Anscheinend war der #Brexit konzipiert ...
(3/8) ... als die geplante #Abkopplung von der #EU vor dem (bereits vor 2014) längst geplanten Desaster der Entmachtung des #Euro|s und der endgültigen #Degradierung der #EU zum #NATO-Vasallen (UvdL). #Merkel spielte bei der #Destabilisierung der #Ukraine- ...
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Do you love 3D maps, worlds & visualisations? Here are 24 world creators, mapmakers, or visuals I've come across recently. Brilliant and creative minds using many different tools! PART 1 #dataviz #GISchat #3dmaps #map #gis #3d 1/🧵
Steven Kay | @stevefaeembra creates many original and cool #3dmaps such as this great visualisation of Windturbines in the British Isles. Follow him! #Blender3D and #QGis are his tools. #SDGs #Wind #b3d 2/🧵
Neil Southall | @neilcfd1 creates fantastic #3dmaps such as this hypnotising animation of #LiDAR data of Copenhagen. He uses #rstats and #rayshader in wonderful ways. #rspatial 3/🧵
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JUST IN: Ben Wallace, Defence Secretary of UK said, Britain will boost its military spending in the coming years. This announcement comes despite the fact the nation is facing an economic crisis stemming from Covid-19 measures and London’s sanctions against Russia.
Wallace said the British government will shell out at least £52 billion ($56.5 billion) to shore up the military, which is “actually going to grow”. These plans are going ahead in keeping with Prime Minister Liz Truss’ campaign promise to boost defense spending.
According to Wallace, Britain’s annual defense budget will amount to £100 billion by 2030.
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JUST IN: UK authorities are in search of proposals from US exporters of liquified natural gas (LNG) to ensure supplies for Britain's domestic buyers under long-term contracts for as long as 20 years. Such inquiries from UK come amid the severe power supply crunch...
... that has hit Europe over the past year, which is expected to deepen ahead of the coldest months. The volumes of LNG, Britain is trying to obtain haven’t been disclosed, but it is reported that officials are seeking to buy LNG indexed to the US benchmark...
...Henry Hub gas price, and delivered on an ex-ship basis, where the seller has to deliver the cargo to a fixed buyer and location. Britain doesn’t rely heavily on Russian gas supplies and gets most of its fuel via undersea pipelines from Norway, and LNG shipments.
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When lsIamists claim to feel threatened by 'Hindutva', it's not t3rr0rism or oppression they fear, but simply the spectre of global diaspora Hindus becoming strongly politically organized. Once we get our act together we can & will stop their nefarious agenda in its tracks. /1
This is why they try so hard to delegitimize Hindutva. It has broken the back of lsIamist political veto in India, now they fear it will put them back in their place everywhere else they want to impose Jama'at-e-lsIami & MusIim Brotherhood political dominance. /2
They have made common cause with lndian quislings & ignorant, doctrinaire western leftists to "Dismantle Global Hindutva". They have pumped money into getting their shills to defame Hinduism as oppressive & casteist, and BJP/RSS as an international communitarian menace, /3
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It's seven months ago today that #Russia started its illegal full invasion of #Ukraine.

The "short special military operation" started in winter, and is now in its fourth season. The killing continues.

Here's the daily news thread for Saturday 24 Sept

Let's start Day 213 with #Russia's total losses after 7 months. On average 264 soldiers are being killed every day. The ratio between deaths and injured/disabled means if #Ukraine's estimates are correct likely 200,000 have been lost to the military

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
the morning update from the #UK's intelligence concentrates on #Russia's dambuster tactics!

#StopRussiaNOW #SaveUkraine
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#US government, wishing to change the regime, asked and obtained from @elonmusk to activate Starlink internet in #Iran. #Washington will never give up on its old-usual practice to promote riots under the pretext of supporting "human rights" against those who reject its hegemony.
"In response to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken's tweet" that the United States took action "to advance internet freedom and the free flow of information" to Iranians.…
Not only in #Iran so spear your hypocrisy and #DoubleStandards.

Rioting leads to #UK Prime Minister Cameron's call for social media clampdown (2011)…
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🔴 #RussiaUkraineWar
🇷🇺 🇺🇦 #UK 🇬🇧

Rappelons-nous qu'il y a quelques mois à peine, Henry Kissinger a averti l'Occident de se retirer et d'éviter le conflit #RussiaUkraine, au prix même d'une cession de territoire à l'Ukraine, mais ses avertissements sont tombés dans 🔽
l'oreille d'un sourd. Cela se passait fin mai. En effet, en avril et juillet 2022, une négociation pour solutionner la crise ukrainienne a été sérieusement discuté entre #Kiev et #Moscou mais à ces deux occasions, Boris Johnson est intervenu pour torpiller les pourparlers 🔽
et s'est soudainement envolé pour Kiev pour persuader le président ukrainien #Zelensky de mettre fin aux pourparlers. C'est le même Boris Johnson qui a annoncé le conflit imminent dans un discours adressé aux dignitaires, à la City de Londres en novembre 2021. À cette 🔽
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GP JAILED FOR PEACEFUL CIVIL RESISTANCE: “I have no regrets, I offer no apology and I will breach the injunction again.”

#CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #UK
One Just Stop Oil supporter who appeared in a Birmingham court yesterday was jailed, five were remanded and another eight were given suspended sentences for sitting peacefully outside the Kingsbury Oil Terminal to demand an end to new oil and gas projects in the UK.
Sarah Benn, 55, a GP from the West Midlands, was sentenced to 32 days in prison after being found guilty of her third breach of the injunction. She has already served 8 days in prison earlier this year after breaching the Warwickshire injunction in May.
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Steven Jarvis (66, Bideford), on why he took non-violent direct action at the massive Kbury oil terminal. Steven is now in prison, along with 55 others, for contempt of court. All now face up to two years in prison & unlimited fines.

#CivilDisobedience #October1st
"I'm breaking this injunction
because it's unjust.
The establishment,
the judiciary
is protecting
the oil companies
that are killing us.

#BlockadeWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange
"The taxpayers
of Warwickshire
are supporting
the protection
of this oil company
and it's this oil company
that is causing the
cost of living crisis,
that is causing the
death of the taxpayers
of Warwickshire.

#CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #UK #Government #fossilfuels
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After the UK Super-Deduction: Assessing Proposals for the Reform of Capital Allowances… @CPSThinkTank @kpomerleau @danieldbunn #uk
With Liz Truss appointed Prime Minister, it’s clear that the headline rate of the corporation income tax, the most economically damaging type of tax, will remain at 19 percent.…
However, the headline rate was only one part of the corporate tax cliff edge that the #UK faced.

The super-deduction, which has temporarily made the UK tax system much more supportive of capital investment in plant and machinery, is also set to expire.
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📍 Yesterday, the Egyptian soccer player @MoSalah -playing in one of the most prestigious clubs in #UK 🇬🇧 which is @LFC- wrote a tweet in which he expresses his condolences and solidarity with the British people -who is living in the confines of their community- 👇🏼
with the departure of Queen #Elizabeth II
Most of the comments came from Egyptians in a shameful way, and even reached the point of describing the comments as terrorist, as most of them were excommunicating Salah at times and stripping him of his patriotism at other times 👇🏼
out of the bloody history of the British Empire in #Egypt 🇪🇬
I am almost certain if Salah or another Arab player wrote tweets of solidarity with the Kurdish players, for example, who are deprived of their rights in #Turkey 🇹🇷, the commentators would have reacted the same 👇🏼
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Steven Gingell (Proprietor, 56, Manchester), on why he took non-violent direct action at the massive Kbury oil depot. Steven is now in prison, along with 55 others, for contempt of court. All now face up to two years in prison & unlimited fines.

#CivilDisobedience #October1st
"I'm here because
I have to be here,
I've got no choice.
I've got three
lovely children
And what future are
they going to have..
I really fear for their lives."

#BlockadeWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis
"Let's take a pick of the
unfolding series of
crises that we face this week
in Pakistan.
A third of the
country is underwater.
Those people who are least
responsible are up to their
necks in water.
It's criminal it's genocidal
what's happening it's fucking
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