Musings and Power Night.

Growing up, I was among those who criticised the Pentecostal movement. I was a Catholic but I didn't enjoy it much.

I felt everything was too organised and the rebel in me protested it.

I remember watching "Atmosphere for Miracles" and would talk...
Who is this man? All these fancy suits he is wearing? Why is he waving his hand and people are falling? Nigerians have started playing Hollywood with God in church.

What of "Insight for Living"? I didn't spare him as well. Oh! I said a lot and I relished it.

Miracles were lies!
The theatrics of men. There were some Hollywood movies back then that showed us the tricks of such men.

When there was anything bad spoken about a pentecostal Pastor, I was the first to talk about it.

I thrived off such information and relished it.
In all this, I never for once added value to where I was.

I wasn't a church goer nor did I even read the Bible and even writing this now, I am asking myself - What made me think I could critique what I had never experienced.

Why would I say miracles were lies?
How can I say tongues were fabricated? And people who fell under the anointing? The move of the Spirit?


I remember a programme I attended in Lagos where I experienced the power of God after I became a believer.

They had finished teaching and had a move of the Spirit.
The Pastor who anchored that session was not more than 5ft 6 inches but I came to understand that what is in a man has nothing to do with size but the God in him.

He started with a song and then started calling down fire and by word of knowledge addressing certain things.
They had something they do once the move of the Spirit starts.

They place two hefty men by the door so that no one goes out once they start. I wondered why but what I saw made me understand.

As the move started, a young man came and said he had to answer an urgent call.
As he was trying to explain, another lady said she needed to use the restroom and both men said NO.

I was watching at a corner where I noticed the man and woman fidgeting and before I knew it, they were shouting "Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!"

A Pastor came smiling, laid hands on them.
They fell under the power of the Holy Ghost and that was it.

When they stood up, they had a strange look that said "How did I end up on the floor?".

The one that still leaves me in awe of God is that of a young man who stood at 7 feet.

When the fire intensified, he fell down.
The young man thrashed endlessly, scattering the chairs and screaming.

There was something about his feet that moved like the tail of a crocodile.

It was a strange manifestation.

The set man of the Ministry, went to the young man who was thrashing everywhere and touched him.
As he touched him, the young man went calm and then he whispered something into his right ear which made the young man go limp.

The set man of the ministry stood up and went back to his seat as if nothing happened.

10 minutes later, the young man stood up and was whole.
Beloved, the power of God is real and with this power, there is no limit to the Believer.

The first thing Jesus said in Mark 16 was that in His name, we would cast out demons. This is to show how much power is made available in Jesus name.

Power Night is on Friday.
Do you have a loved one who is afflicted? Anyone bound by a raging demon? Anyone dealing with a sickness that has become a drainer? What of an affliction?

The Power of God is available to heal and deliver all.

Jesus Christ healed and delivered ALL that were brought to Him.
This was His Will and it came to pass just as He said. My will is that everyone who connects will never leave the same way they connected.

No matter how far gone the situation is, I know God shall make all things impossible, possible.

The links are for live streaming: for Instagram and for Youtube.

Please share with your friends and family members.

See you on Friday.
@earthworker @officialTEAMi

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13 Sep

Many years ago, I was diagnosed of a heart condition. There's never been any history of heart conditions in the family as a whole.

I battled with depression for a long time and I remember how I would wake at the slightest sound at exactly 11:00PM everyday.
When it felt like my heart would give way, a friend of mine invited me to an RCCG church in January of 2011.

He didn't know I was sick and I didn't understand that the heart condition was actually an affliction.

So I went to church and I loved church.
My Pastor's wife clearly operated in the Prophetic. Her tongues were something else and her interpretation of tongues was deep.

Pastor had the gift of Faith hence I saw him speak things to life.

He would always say "I serve God and I'll never be stranded".

It was wonderful.
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6 Sep
Every now and then, we get to a phase where we are discouraged and find it difficult to pray because of delayed expectations that have made our hearts tender.

This is where we come in as Fierce Intercessors!

God knows we will never be silent, Never!
Today, we would be stirring the hearts of many and praying for anyone who is discouraged or burdened or even distressed. Do you know someone that needs a prayer revival?

The depressed, burdened, overwhelmed, suicidal, mental health issues will be dealt with starting today!
Invite them and assure them that God desires them to prosper in ALL things just as their soul prospers.

The time remains 10:00PM
Please use the link below to join:

The purpose of this group is to stand in guard for any ALONE!
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27 Aug

She had gotten into serious debt. No one knew how bad it was except her.

She never wanted things to go the way they went yet they did and it felt like everything was against her.

The people she owed weren't taking it easy as they called her names and labeled her.
She would wake up at night with anxiety wrapped around her like a blanket and the bile words from those she owed like the cathedral bells in St. Petersburg.

"God punish you"

It was silent to all but a clashing cymbal to her being.
This wasn't a case of I borrowed from Peter to pay Paul - that was out of it.

What she needed was divine intervention. She needed a miracle and she knew where she could get it but before she could take that step, a friend gave her an advice.

Create a whatsapp group...
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24 Aug
It was a rainy day.

I had to make a detour at Ikeja and as I was about leaving, it started to rain.

I booked an Uber and after 16 minutes, the driver arrived. If you walk in the supernatural consistently, one thing you'd notice is sensitivity to the atmosphere. ImageImage
Immediately I stepped into the car I looked at the driver and he looked at me and we both started laughing.

He was playing a song by Spinach and the car was charged because he was clearly speaking in tongues before he got to me.

We didn't say much but just spoke in tongues.
My destination wasn't far but those few moments were precious to myself and definitely him.

There may be chaos in this earthly realm but know that we are many who are bearing this torch of the Gospel with pride and as a badge of honor.W
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19 Jul

The Communion is a very important aspect of the Believer's reality.

I have seen lives changed by this practice.

I have seen wombs that the doctors have said "you can conceive - go and adopt" take in just by the Communion.

It's a wonder to behold.
There were three of them sitting and discussing over corn and ube on spiritual matters.

The issue on ground was the effect of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Believer and how lives change if we do away with the religious mindsets.

Emphasis was laid on being led.
It was at the heat of things one of them received a call and it was someone who referred them.

A time is agreed and the person who called arrived with his wife.

Sir, he started - we have been married for a while and we have been experiencing a delay with children.
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17 Jul

In Isaiah 7, the Bible records that 3 kings gathered against king Ahaz with an intent.

Storm the city, depose and dispose of Ahaz and then install a puppet king.

One of the kings gathered was king Rezin of Syria. The Lord says "his fierce anger".
It was with this anger they came yet God said they were stubs which means their anger will soon burn out.

However, in all this, God sent a prophet to allay the fear of the king with the words "It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass".

The words had their effect.
In this dispensation, God is raising prophets and apostles in strange places.

Like cave Adullam, God is raising many who will take over the baton to bring Nigeria into its rightful place in the scheme of things.

Like Pa Elton said: Africa is the gun and Nigeria is the trigger.
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