Billion's dialogue is too hokey, but maybe works for being "very online." For example Axe wanted to call Nassim Talib to ask if it was a true black swan event - and was checking hastags for TheMike.

Pacing is still good, however, the show captures the attention of the ADHD mind.
One way to evaluate shows - Will there be a YouTube aftermarket for clips?

You can watch The Wire (David Simon stole his best work from Spike Lee) clips and catch new stuff, it's still insightful.

Billions is watchable, but I don't see people watching clips years later.
Billions is a great show capturing the banality of evil, how people make moral compromises and lose themselves.

I was shocked to learn the creator is a huge Blue Anon guy given Billions' realistic depiction of federal prosecutorial abuse and corruption.
Character arc of Mike Prince about to lose his soul by working with Chuck Rhoades to take out Axe, who they see as evil, is morally nuanced storytelling.

Really a complex show.

Hard to believe the creator meta-critiques SDNY and then is on Twitter boot licking feds all day.
Mike Prince's scene saying, "I don't have enemies, people make me an enemy but I rise above," was perfect Law of Attraction.

But then he's pushed too far, and goes into his own dark side.

Billions has incredible characters, no one is truly good or evil.

No other show like it.
Mike Prince tried to redeem his earlier evil deed, and then gets dragged back into his own dark side by unilateral conflict.

That's good storytelling.

It's also far more realistic than formulaic Good Guy Always Good, Bad Guy Always Evil.

• • •

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1 Sep
Three ideas that seem great and aren't:

1. Term limits (this gives *more* power to lobbyists).

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1. Term limits!

Sounds great, but then newbies roll into D.C. without a clue.

They have nowhere to turn to except to lobbyists and think tanks.

Term limits would lead to worse outcomes for conservatives.
2. Cut Congressional salaries!

Most members sleep on a friend's couch or in their offices, as their families remain home. That's the reality of D.C. cost of living.

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"Then don't go to a doctor!"

That's the plan.

I had to learn to read my own bloodwork, because all MD's do is say, "Yep within range."

No explanation of values, no sense that low-range might not be *healthy*

Be a good doctor, that's the message.
A surgeon once told me I needed to have my ankle ligament sliced as I kept getting sprained ankles. (I had top health insurance.) Said it was out-patient.

Did research, that was INVASIVE surgery, it would have messed me up for months, maybe longer.

Didn't get it done.
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