My only comment on Submarines is that the French Barracuda we were buying operates as a nuclear submarine. We (insanely) wanted a special diesel version. At some point the nuclear Gordian Knot exists to be cut. We need a much larger domestic nuclear industry esp nuclear power.
The French pitched a diesel electric version of a very good nuclear submarine that they build and operate.…
No one is a stronger supporter of our UK/US alliance than 'moi' but we will needlessly insult the French (who are very reliable and capable allies in the Indo-Pacific and the Middle East) unless this is handled very delicately
Will only add that nuclear powered submarines (indeed, ships, too) have always made obvious sense for Australia given the ranges that we need to operate at & Canberra now needs to build out a large and enduring nuclear infrastructure to support it.
TL:DR given Australia's 'Indo Pacific' (and beyond) security requirements, we should always have been acquiring nuclear-powered submarines & therefore been partnering with the French (or UK or US) to build a local version of their operational nuclear powered submarine. Image
The French have every right to be aggrieved with the means as well as ends here. The French were building for us a diesel electric version of their very capable Barracuda nuclear submarine. It would have been politic to allow an expedited re-tender. (Via @HerveLemahieu ) Image
Further to the above: there is no realistic way to have & maintain a nuclear submarine force without a large-scale domestic nuclear industry & supporting STEM career pathways. Australia with ~30% of the world's uranium should be thinking big inc zero emissions nuclear power.
Ironically, of all first world countries, the French have the most advanced use of Nuclear power for 70-75% of their domestic energy needs - why France as a G7 country has such low emissions. Australia should be learning from, not pushing away, France. Hopefully sense is seen.

• • •

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18 Sep
Every Australian should be getting behind this @wallabies team ... thankfully the Wallabies jersey is, again, gold, and hopefully it will never, ever, be changed again & anyone proposing any change is shackled to a scrum machine for the rest of their natural life.

#AUSvRSA Image
Hopefully, Quade Cooper is or will soon be an Australian citizen. The least he deserves, really.

Hopefully this referee avoids the ever present temptation to play a role in the game

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18 Sep
I joined @BishopUmbers & Dr Ruella Clipsham in a discussion on Covid, Vaccination, and Catholic teaching, hosted by the Diocese of Parramatta
@parracatholic ✝️🇻🇦 👇

Pope Francis on the obligations on Catholics to get vaccinated as an act of medical necessity for oneself & family + solidarity for one's community:

“Getting vaccinated is a simple yet profound way to care for one another, especially the most vulnerable"…
Catholicism has no 'my body, my choice'. None of us is an island & what each of us does with our bodies affects others, in this case, not getting vaccinated hurts you & esp vulnerable others. So, fellow Papists, do your *extremely small part* for the Herd by getting vaccinated.
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17 Sep
Our relationship with the French will recover but, while nuke submarines are right (and 50 years overdue) for Australia, this matter was handled in a boorish & impolitic way. Esp as the French were building us a diesel version of their nuclear submarine…
I did a thread a few days ago on the Barracuda submarines themselves - our next generation of submarines should always have been nuclear boats, and wisdom suggests we have the French tender for that, along with the UK & US:

Australia has had (and always will have) an intimate defence & security relationship with the UK & USA. But we also have close defence relations with the French, Japan, Israel, Singapore, Korea, Gulf Kingdoms, etal. We do not have to choose here. They are all Allies as well.
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17 Sep
Good morning all & OTD in 1944, Operation Market Garden began: a daring plan for airborne landings behind German lines to secure the River Rhine crossings, which would be secured by an Allied armoured thrust to liberate Holland & secure bridges which, sadly, would be 'too far' ImageImageImageImage
Market Garden’s failure was a rare Intelligence driven failure. The actual combatants fought with extraordinary bravery to try and bring a swift end to the war. All the Allied paratroopers should be very proud of their history, how bravely they fought, and what....almost....was Image
Excellent map of Op Market Garden AO. The irony of General Student's own Fallschirmjäger paratroopers to East. An ambitious plan that failed because of Intelligence & Plans not thinking through the 'known unknowns'. Weird given Allied experiences of the German defences to date. Image
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17 Sep
Australia came so close to a large nuclear industry with the Jervis Bay nuclear power station in the 1960s. You can see the proposed site & footings for it at Murrays Beach, even today. It was cancelled by Whitlam Govts in preference for coal power (!)…
We are still without a good history of the proposed Jervis Bay Nuclear Power Station. The Gorton Govt pursued it in part as a manner of making Australia a 'threshold' nuclear weapons state (which we likely are) but a proper site survey for the power station was done at Jervis Bay
Australia's concerns re UK and US reliability in view of a potential conflict with Indonesia over Konfrontasi was why we bought the (nuclear capable) F111 strike bomber while still only on a drawing board. Ironically the F111 flew over Timor in 1999(!)…
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16 Sep
Welcome to the Sydney Lockdown day 84 ….

[Royal Botanic Gardens and the Sydney Opera House]

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown Image
Absent some good faith excuse or medical reason, I cannot comprehend why any medical/healthcare worker would not be fully vaccinated already.

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown…
One of many reasons that vaccination was always a race, contra Morrison, is this - rolling out vaccines en masse and speedily means you do not enter September with this occurring
#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown…
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