Thread: #HeartfeltThanks for this @Pioneer_Prod. Would you be offended if I say you're doing the work of God? (1
I found your film while looking for an image of a womb, as I reflected on the curatorial, intergenerational roots of the word "museum":… (2...
Heartfelt congratulations to @artfund #MuseumOfTheYear 2021 winner @firstsite. As #COVID19 darkness dawned you shined your light. Could you shine that light on the scourge of abortion please? Could you curate a conversation about how child sacrifice has become "routine"? (3...
My heart goes out to @CCADLD Director Katherine Hemelryk. She broke down in tears as she spoke of the past year's hardships for artists (08:00). I feel similarly when I think of the slaughter of millions of innocent, defenseless babies globally: (4
I grieve for the women caught in the cross-fire of fundamentalist feminist fascist opportunist arguments and the rebuttals of morally bankrupt men who give legitimacy to #Feminazi fascism by their resort to rape and related violence. (5
I deplore the media-political chicanery that now dominates the Western knowledge industry and attention economy: the propagation of self-delusion and deceit that makes museums "whited sepulchre" monuments to murdered babies (Matthew 23:27). (6...
@SuhairK, I applaud @Google's efforts to support the #creativeeconomy. But we all know how easy it is to confuse darkness and light as creatives, don't we? We know that one artist's excess is another's "piety": one's "sacred space", another's "den of thieves"? (7
@OrianBrook, @CamCavendish I believe that despite its tragic consequences #COVID19 is affording artists a unique opportunity to engage with this kind of variability and relativity more authentically than today's "scribes and the Pharisees":…. (8...
@JeffBezos, the #CarefulConversation I am "curating" can be as "life giving" as the New Covenant river of inspiration that flows from the Garden of Eden. No museum or warehouse can constrain its bounty. My book is like toilet paper compared with it:…. (8a
@BBCkatyaadler and Dante drank from that river but even so just saw a glimmer of the shine that Beatrice's smile could reveal (from 19:10). And yet he was relieved of his quill by that ecstasy.… (8b
My position has not changed since January: . (8c
I still believe #COVID19 is compelling us to confront fraught fundamentals of human existence that male-female complementarity and controversy reveals and conceals simultaneously. Isn't even a windy baby's smile a thing of beauty?… (8d....
A windy, wavy style may be the most consistent according to this #stringtheory: artistic expression winding its way through the haze of a bullying Brahmin's Hindu hubris, Islamic incest, Judeo-Christian insularity. This is still my element, Lady Naipaul: this complexity. (8e Image
@Pontifex, this one-on-one, face-to-face, back-to-back, belly-to-belly, mek Kali smile! She know where aborted babies go! Ogun revels at their party. (8f
@David_Cameron, @DavidLammy and @piersmorgan: "talking therapy" is hard work! So when an artisan labors to give birth, @rupertmurdoch and @miaamormottley, is it unreasonable to pay her or him for that expression of energy?… (8g...
@DavidLammy, you wrote, "the evolution of these (human) rights is the great story of the 20th and 21st centuries. People stood up to demand that they would be treated with fairness, dignity and equality. All of us depend on legal rights to live our lives freely. This is... (8h the root of what it means to live in a democracy." But @Keir_Starmer, can there be rights without responsibilities? Do you see how the #EVOLUTION of human rights differs from the #REVOLUTION lotions fueling @eltonofficial's, @HilaryBeckles' and @POTUS45's fantasies? (8i
Dogs of war demagogues let slip, virtually! Polarizing personalities puffed by Hearst-like media-political puffery and unleashed, like @Franklin_Graham on society. Beatrice's smile turned to a grin to sustain their gerontocracy. (8j
@mbachelet, I tried to explain Dante's silence to @SciMelb's prof David Karoly but he couldn't "read" me. Like the perverse publishers of the demagogue #PaedophileInformationExchange he may be blinded by the information inflammation of literacy:… (8k
Sadly, the link I make between the #ClimateCrisis and the #ClimaxCrisis in my alternative #COVID19 causation narrative is too vague for him to see. I don't fault him. We're all a bit cognitively-affectively dehydrated by gender balance-battle heat.…. (8l...
I sometimes feel I'm past my sell-by date, @Atul_Gawande. Between the love and hate of Barbadian-British bi-polar media-political games and conscious or unconscious @CARICOMorg and @UWImona intrigues, I actually despair of life, occasionally. (8m
It's the possibilities of a better future that keeps me going: keeps me using the same self-talking therapy that I recommend to others liberally: . (8n
Along with bloodless battles, I'm also partial to bloodless surgery. And @WHO, I do have a "Safe surgery saves lives checklist". My operating theaters are wherever two or three can stand or sit conversing carefully. (8o
@TheLancet, I too applaud a checklist as "a tangible instrument to promote safety". But I also agree that "the checklist is not an end in itself. Its real value lies in encouraging communication among teams and stimulating further reform to bring a culture of safety to...(8p
...the very centre of patients' care."… (8q
That's the improvisational, jazzy dimension of my holistic communication and education practice. And it's anchored in the wind-like wisdom that Joshua (Jesus) articulated and incarnated, according to John 3:8, one of my favorite Bible passages. (8r
It's the moral compass of conscience that literacy and legalism upend perennially. I link that everyday, everywhere accessible unwritten New Covenant (uNC) nous to the Egyptian "ma'at" and Hebrew "hokmah" in my toilet paper treatise (page 112):…. (8s
And you can read more about its operation among the Hebrews in this article by @loistverberg of @En_Gedi_EGRC:…. (8t...

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25 Sep
#HeartfeltThanks to Barbados PM @miaamormottley for your thoughts on the #ClimateCrisis. As you may know, I see #COVID19 as a #ClimaxCrisis that is linked to the #ClimateCrisis in at least metaphorical, probably metaphysical ways. . #DanceDialectics (1
I explore these metaphorical and metaphysical links in my alternative #COVID19 causation narrative. In that article I discuss media-political #InformationInflammation (#FakeNewsFire phenomena) and its relation to not only the depletion of the earth's ozone layer... (1a
...but also the current catastrophic erosion of the heterosexual love and trust that is crucial to the #carefulconversation on which male-female complementarity and humanity's existential, intergenerational continuity/sustainability depend:…. (2
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