"Many speeches will inevitably include lofty pledges to accelerate the charge to carbon-neutral renewable energy sources. This rhetoric will be somewhat surreal, however, given the burgeoning energy crisis across the Atlantic." @VictoriaCoates on the UN 👇
"Short-sighted climate policies have resulted in an unsustainable dependency on erratic renewables such as wind and hydro on one hand, and natural gas imports from Vladimir Putin’s Russia on the other." @VictoriaCoates
"Boris Johnson, for example, who will be front and center among the Turtle Bay climate crusaders, may soon be forced to spend billions of pounds propping up Britain’s cratering energy sector as he reopens carbon-belching coal plants to stave off a full-bore crisis..."
"While it may not be possible at this point for Europe to avoid the Hobson’s choice between dependence on Russia and winter blackouts this year, strong American leadership can both help European allies going forward and avoid enduring similar self-inflicted pain ourselves."
"It appears that Putin took advantage of a tightening gas market by directing Gazprom to gradually reduce gas exports to Europe to almost 20 percent below normal levels during the late summer when customers should have been stockpiling fuel for the winter..."
"While Nord Stream 2 may now represent an energy lifeline to Europe this winter, going forward it also gives Russia a kill switch on Europe’s gas supply so that Putin can recreate the current crisis at any time in order to influence policy from London to Berlin.." @VictoriaCoates

• • •

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24 Sep
Here we go, @KHayhoe evades my points about her bad methodology, won't debate, says I need to write in a journal.

1) Read me in Energy Law Journal:

2) My book, based on primary sources, is much better than a journal article.

1/6 ImageImage
If @KHayhoe will only read a peer-reviewed journal article refuting climate catastrophism, she should read this one by @BjornLomborg, including:
"Arguments for devastation typically ignore adaptation, which will reduce vulnerability dramatically."

Anyone who is actually interested in thinking about the issue of energy and climate rationally, instead of hiding behind peer-/pal-reviewed journals--a practice that would have suppressed much of scientific progress--read what I wrote to @KHayhoe.

Read 6 tweets
23 Sep
Dear @KHayhoe, your rejection of my invitation to debate me on climate catastrophe when I present at your university next year betrays a fundamental ignorance: you think the issue of climate catastrophe just involves climate science, whereas it mainly involves adaptation/mastery.
Dear @KHayhoe here's the basic mistake you are making in your view that climate catastrophe follows from climate science. Will you now come to debate, as I am an expert on climate mastery? Who else predicted decreasing climate deaths, as I did in 2014?
Not only does thinking properly about climate involve a deep understanding of adaptation/mastery, it also involves a deep understanding of the anti-human philosophy that distorts climate thinking. As a philosopher I can bring this to our debate, @KHayhoe.
Read 4 tweets
23 Sep
The UN General Assembly is meeting this week to discuss how to go about rapidly eliminating the world's use of fossil fuels--which it claims is justified by science. Here's a mega-🧵 with everything you need to know about what's happening and why it is anti-science/anti-human.
The alleged scientific basis for rapidly eliminating fossil fuels alleged comes from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Unfortunately, this organization is a largely political and religious organization. This thread explains how it works.
IPCC "Assessment Reports" are themselves a distortion, because they ignore the fundamental benefits of fossil fuels to our unnaturally livable world (including climate) and catastrophize the side-effects. But UN leadership + media make things far worse.
Read 7 tweets
23 Sep
I realize I'm a day late commenting on #ClimateNight, but still I feel compelled to say one thing: @fallontonight, @thedailyshow, @colbertlateshow, @latelateshow, @jimmykimmellive, @FullFrontalSamB, @SethMeyers, please think about the cost of rapidly eliminating fossil fuels. 👇
Fact: Escaping poverty requires using lots of low-cost, reliable energy.

Fact: only 1.5B people use even 1/3 as much electricity as the avg American.

Fact: over 3B people use less electricity than an avg American refrigerator.

Fact: fossil fuels are necessary to change this.
The US causes less than 1/6 of global CO2 emissions—and falling. The main reason global CO2 emissions are rising is because billions of people in the developing world are bringing themselves out of poverty by using fossil fuels to power factories, farms, vehicles, and appliances.
Read 7 tweets
22 Sep
When are climate catastrophists going to learn that they need to schedule their events during the hottest times of the year? This year's UN climate catastrophe conference is in November in Europe, where unreliables + natural gas restrictions are already creating cold problems.
The decision to schedule this year's climate catastrophe conference in November reminds me of this anti-Keystone rally I crashed in 2013. After all the protestors gathered for a photo-op, almost all fled the cold--except die-hards like this anti-human.
One of my favorite comments from an anti-fossil fuel protestor at the cold anti-Keystone rally: "It's too damn cold to ride a bike."
Read 4 tweets
22 Sep
You may have noticed that the media aren't covering the Great Barrier Reef much this year, after reporting its imminent death incessantly for years. The reason is not no news but good news. The GBR has been rapidly improving—which doesn't fit the catastrophist agenda.

The New York Times has for years been “reporting” on the Great Barrier Reef with these ominous headlines. Yet now that the reef has been dramatically improving, @nytimes is mute. My research team has been unable to find one story about the GBR’s improvement.
Readers of The New York Times, I encourage you to reach out to @nytopinion and @nytimes climate reporters @jwilliamsNYT @damiencave @JustinHGillis @livia_ar and ask "Why are you denying the improvement of the Great Barrier Reef by not covering it?"
Read 15 tweets

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