1/ Here is what Russian philosopher Gurdjieff once said. Can we apply it to our situation & see the resemblance ? We can look at this from few different perspectives. First one covers global propaganda and mass delusional psychosis, which most people who are awake are now ..
2/ fully aware of. The people affected by it are in a deep trance, in a state of hypnosis. They do and engage in things and rituals they would never ever do or even consider doing 20 months ago. We can all see it. They are clearly not fully conscious of the reality around them.
3/ Their minds have been taken over by the perpetrators who have pulled the greatest mind trick on a scale the world has never seen before. If nothing changes, these people will unconsciously try to bring everyone on the ride into the abyss along with them.
4/ Another look at this is a more literal one. There are still big questions regarding "the miracle cure" that is currently being worshipped around the world. What about ADE, the V being leaky and long term safety data ? I'm pretty sure that people who were cautious and were ..
5/ not persuaded by the empty promises and who also read the literature, are aware that there might be huge implications to the global immunization program that is currently happening right before us. Do any of you ever wonder if some portion of people you see every day on the ..
6/ street or meet in shops are actually no longer among the living and they just don't know it yet ? They smile, they go through the daily motions without any care in the world while not recognizing that they just might have recently made the biggest mistake of their lives.
7/ They are living in a seemingly never ending dream from which they might never wake up from. No one can predict the future of course, but there are early signs suggesting that things might get much worse before they get better. This is especially true with the perpetual ..
8/ booster shots narrative with no end in sight. Last look is through the lenses of the inevitable economic fallout, the imminent fall of the Western governments, loss of freedoms, no more bodily autonomy or even a potential war or famine etc. The people who are asleep are ..
9/ convinced that the nightmare is ending, that we will be going back to normal soon and will regain all our freedoms, as long as we do as we are told by our masters. This is one big mad world we find ourselves in. Is there a hope ? Gurdjieff said that when knowing and seeing ..
10/ all of this we should all go mad in horror… but this is not the end of the story. A moment of doubt in the face of uncertainty, a moment of fear or even panic in the face of the unfolding destruction and madness is normal. It certainly crossed everyone’s mind at some ..
11/ point in time in one way or the other. We also need to remember that we cannot simply save everyone, not everyone will wake up in time or ever, including some of the people whom we know personally. We need to let go of these thoughts and come to peace with that reality.
12/ What we need is to remain calm, patient, composed and never lose sight of the big picture and what is truly at stake here. Never give up, never falter, never lose hope and have courage to act when the time comes.

• • •

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19 Sep
1/ "Fear may be able to spread from person to person - just like a virus." #MindVirus

Another piece of the puzzle. Fear spreads through pheromones, chemosignals & as an emotional contagion. We also see the amygdala hijack playing a role in all of this.

2/ "Chemosensory Cues to Conspecific Emotional Stress Activate Amygdala in Humans" - together, our findings suggest human chemosensory signaling of emotional stress, with neurobiological and behavioral effects.

3/ "Smell you later! Chemosignals communicate human emotions" - these findings are important, Semin and colleagues argue, because they contradict the common assumption that human communication occurs exclusively through language and visual cues.

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10 Sep
1/ This is essentially a pandemic of the educated and pandemic of the lunatic elites. There are some demented and ideologically driven bad actors but most who support the narrative are useful idiots who are either being driven by money & power or have been brainwashed and are ..
2/ under the spell of mass delusional psychosis. For what they are doing, meaning committing crimes against humanity, there is simply no coming back from that. They will face either capital punishment under the law or they will perish from the hands of the people whom they ..
3/ wanted to exploit, enslave and destroy. This is the short version. But let's dig a little deeper. What we can observe is an utter failure of governing systems in the West and a complete institutional takeover. If this whole thing will implode in time, it will bring down our ..
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1 Sep
1/ There is a hidden agenda here that not many are aware of yet. With both, world government & weaponized "medicine" in place, this will inevitably allow for great breakthroughs and advances in medical science. How ? Think what Nazis did by getting rid of informed consent.
2/ If you erase these pesky ethics, bodily autonomy nonsense and informed consent, the door becomes open for human experimentation once again. And with tight control, mass surveillance, health tracking devices (inside the body) you will actually be able to run ..
3/ real life experiments (!) on humans with all kinds of technologies and monitor all of your subjects in real time. Not only that, but you will have access to billions of subjects, so you will be able to run multiple different projects at the same time without the need for ..
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29 Aug
1/ Another important thread. There are lots of smart people and prominent voices in Lockdown Sceptics / #TeamReality camp who talk about organizing and building the infrastructure that will allow living outside the system that is emerging right in front of us.
2/ Other people call it living off grid for example, outside cities, with smaller communities, they promote having their own currency, growing their own food etc. Alternatively they also advise supporting:

- cash payments
- smaller banks
- local food producers etc.
3/ In their minds this is the right solution that should be pursued. In this short thread I will explain why those people are 100% wrong in their approach and why what they are trying to do will ultimately fail. Here is what I always try to emphasize - no matter how smart or ..
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22 Aug
1/ To be honest, one thing that I learned from this "pandemic" is the fact that certain kinds of people with whom I normally & wholeheartedly disagree with when it comes to their beliefs, ideologies and convictions are not as crazy, as confused, as stupid or as irrational as ..
2/ I initially thought. They are just on a different path than I am. Everyone has their own path through life, we all learn based on experience & past mistakes even if we happen to live in a lie for years or even decades. Life is a process of exploring the world and making the ..
3/ sense of it while learning and gaining wisdom over time. Even though they are not necessarily my enemies there is clear value and wisdom in this proverb: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". People from different walks of life, who would normally would never see eye to eye ..
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19 Aug
1/ This is a very good and well research piece but I do not agree with one major part of what you wrote. Lack of immunity simply does not work the way you describe it in relation to Native Americans, Aztecs or how it is portrayed in book "Guns, Germs, and Steel”.
2/ I believe you have missed the most crucial part when doing a research on that topic. Body robustness and grain based societies are keys to understanding why Native Americans and Aztecs were decimated by diseases. The reason why many fell ill and died from diseases brought by..
3/ Europeans is not because of lack of immunity, but because of nutrient deficiencies thanks to farming practices / grain based diets. This has created less robust bodies and weaker immune systems which essentially caused them being more prone to "new" diseases.
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