.@DanScavino, We tried to show them.. Nothing will ever be good enough - They will connect EVERY dot avoiding the most important dot to connect, WHY?
Here Is WHY, they FEAR everything being true ..

They all FEAR that God truly is watching ALL of them & can't stand the way so
many are being treated by them..
They place their judgments thinking they are above others & won't be judged, it's sad it truly is ..

Now, when they need THAT someone the most because they're all about to finally stand on their own, they fall shortly after they stand because
they refuse to humble themselves or forgive, the someone they all NEED doesn't want to be there for them but will end up being there because of LOVE & LOVE conquers all ..

How do you think the MANY would feel if they found out they treated forbidden letter/Number
like shit & threw forbidden letter/number off like A piece of Trash? ..
Think of all that guilt ones will hold inside of them for being so blind, I DON'T WANT ANYONE FEELING THIS WAY but they have been literally setting themselves up too ..
Now imagine finding out they
threw off God like A piece of Trash? ..

Like I Said, they will connect EVERY SINGLE DOT but #COURCE ..

What A shame ..
They FEAR being caught following all those others that have come & gone trying to be someone they are not.
They FEAR be caught following all these infiltrators blindly that were misleading them this whole time..

Think of how much suffering took place that didn't have
to take place but it did all because of ones NOT accepting the truth because the TRUTH was so far fetched in their minds because they weren't awake enough to see clearly ..
Once they finally started waking up more, they see someones have been right in front of them this whole

Forgiveness is the only way & I know this..

It's hard to forgive those who refuse to forgive themselves or forgive the ones who purposely choose to look the other way & drive ones further away from where they should have been this whole time..

This is WHY the children
and my REAL family are the only things that matter. ...

I'll find it within to be Able to forgive them, 1 DAY-
Sooner than later.

• • •

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More from @VVission123

25 Sep
Been trying to show everyone something using what the MANY of you hate & turning it into good/light ...

Me doing thibgs this way REALLY brings out peoples true colors.
Sounds like A shit life MANY will be experiencing being "Lost Forever" ..
I tried helping EVERYONE see
The BIGGER PICTURE Crystal Clearly, most made their choices & followed the ones they followed blindly..
There is still time to change your ways, humble yourselves ...

Or, just keep going down the paths the MANY of you chose for yourselves..
No matter what you choose, there is
ALWAYS A path that has been created by God for YOU & your loved ones to get back on Track ...

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25 Sep
Good Afternoon ...
Emotions Cloud Judgment

Let's talk BIGGER PICTURE today, What you say?
MANY only see the Horizon & have no clue that #WE are going BEYOND the Horizon..

#WE Go 'Through the NEVER' ...
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25 Sep
So, Ya'll like playing games?


King Of Kings
1 True King
.@YaOnlyLivvOnce, I see what you did earlier..

Love You!
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25 Sep
Forgiveness is the only way ..
How the many didn't put it together about those accounts they followed blindly all these years is beyond me ..

It's Biblical means it's Biblical..
Everyone was told/shown how Biblical it all truly is but continued following ones who kept leading them further away from God.
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25 Sep
Told You ..

Everyone & I mean EEEEVERYONE fed into fake all these years & literally shit on #REAL ..

All of this has been self inflicted upon yourselves.
Do you know how many of those GINORMOUS accounts are on here ONLY to gather incriminating evidence to use against MANY of
REMEMBER when VK Said, "Be careful on this platform"? That there were a lot of eyes upon ALL OF YOU?

You ALL/MOST literally set yourselves up to fail!!!

THE 1 person that has been SHOWING all of you A way out, many chose to Let go of that hand.
Many chose to listen
To ones who were PLANTED within this movement..

Hope all the attention was worth it.
Hope that 15 minutes of fame was worth it..
Hope you all understand what MANY of you have done to yourselves...

I tried warning EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU, YOU did NOT listen . . . .
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