Wasn't having any fun with the last seed. Decided to go for a reset. Here's Oxygen Not Included Spaced Out, the big central asteroid variant, seed V-SNDST-C-742298558-0 Image
Gonna go for 16 dupes, a two-column arrangement, 16 wide under the printer, 4 bedrooms wide to the right. There'll still be some improv, but I won't feel quite so "out of control" as I did with that last attempt. I need my chaos in smaller doses. :)
Chose a researcher (Brains), but then did something slightly different, took *two* builder/diggers (Digby and Dagby), instead of just one and an operator/supplier (Opus). I name my dupes by what they do so I can see at a glance who's doing what.
Bathrooms first for obvious reasons. Drew in the hamster wheel, battery, and research station, that'll happen tomorrow. Got a salt biome to the right, with sulfur, that's new for me. Looks like safe area to expand, tho. Image
End of 2. Once again, this starting biome is just *full* of water. That's another big area up on to the northeast, too. Researching farms, gonna set up some planters for mealwood, and away we go. Image
A thing I re-learned from watching lifegrow play the other day: Digging in 3-high rows seems faster and more useful, even if you're clearing an area to make 4-high rows. You can blueprint the dig in 3-highs, get'em rocking, and have them do 4-high floors as they clear.
End of four. Got the mealwood in, now a turn or three to get the reservoir ready. Got a nice 4th, a cook/rancher, one of my favorite combos. Image
Well, alrighty then. Got that big-assed reservoir made. Will start filling it properly. Eventually I'll pump out that little puddle next to it. Got some small improvements to make up on the arch level, then we'll move out right for the initial power plant. So far, so good! Image
(Time for my Friday Geek's Night Out, so I'll start back up afterwards.)
c11, and it's close to bedtime. The water's mostly drained, time to get some beds, then time to get out power sitch set up. I'm gonna go just east of the big reservoir and get my coal rig there. Image
Now c17, not so very much further along, but I got the right side cracked, 8 beds in, and a rock crusher to get me started on my coal rig, which will go next to reservoir on the right. A screenshot from a game of...
Couple of minor notes: 5-wide bedrooms, for both art and comfy bed to fit. Might seem odd to refine so early, especially copper, but I like to go straight to smart batteries at the same time I go to coal.
c25. Coal is in over on the right. Next is some more work on the west side. Shrooms on bottom, bathroom and water processing above. Might pause to throw in a great hall for morale. A screenshot from Oxygen No...
Want to start inching into that slime biome on the right, too, building some shroom population, grabbing some gold, and heading towards a metal refinery coolant pool. That's a ways off, tho.
c32, and this bad boy is starting to resemble a proper base, i.e. a big ol' rectangle broken into rooms. Shroom area ready, bathroom woulda been, but I blocked the way out to the gold amalgam, cuz I'm somewhat dim. Screenshot of a developing ...
And now c42, and you can see the metal refinery pool is coming along on the left. Meanwhile, I added overflow draining for some reeds, tho it'll be a while before there even is overflow. This is still just 7 dupes, just haven't had much to choose from. A screenshot of Oxygen Not ...
I'm thinking to dig out the cross-path under the base next. There's more slime and ph2o and shrooms there.
So, here we are at c51. I have dug out the cross-path, and wanting to process this whole slime biome for shrooms and gold. And another it appears to be a huge ice biome, which is good, cuz a) cool o2 and b) radiation from wheezeworts. An Oxygen Not Included scre...
Sooner or later, I'm gonna have to bite the caustic bullet, too. But I'm wondering if I can get my exosuits in place before I have to pop one of those seriously. Exosuits make bringing the o2 on line much easier. Not much yet in the geyser department, btw..
Oh, excitement! Transporter sent me to the first planetoid! Oxygen Not Included game sc...
We are now officially out of my expertise zone. So much new hardware, so many new plants and animals and elements. Gonna have to hit the forums and reddit for sure.
Here's c58. Clearing out the area under the base.Here's c58. Clearing out the area under the base.

Strategy: I am going to go conservative, ignore the second planet for the moment, and play my usual path for another while. Oxygen Not Included screens...
So that means exosuits and an o2 supply. Just under that swamp biome is an ice biome, complete with AETN. That's where the o2 rig is gonna go. I'll use the usual full rodriguez, send the h2 to the AETN to keep it all cool, then pipe it back up.
Torn between exo-ing up before the o2 supply or waiting after. Dupes working in unoxygenated spaces are slow as hell. OTOH, dupes not trained up for exo's are slow as hell, too. 50/50, I spoze.
I always underestimate these things, so I'm gonna say I'll have it going around c100. Let's see how that goes.
It's c72. As you can see, the rodriguez itself is about ready, but that doesn't mean I got any o2. That ladder dropping as a tail goes down to the AETN, which I'll be using first to cool the o2, then later for just keeping the biome cold enough for sleet wheat. An Oxygen Not Included Scre...
Now c84. The rodriguez is online, I've got exo stations built, exo suits coming, and very cold (for now) o2 headed into the base. Not bad, even if I do say so myself. :) An Oxygen Not Included Scre...
Buuuuuut, lest we become unseemingly proud, I've been neglecting the base, and I've barely explored at all. I have two dormant geysers to cap, I need some plastic, I'm gonna want a lot better decor. Get crackin'. An Oxygen Not Included Scre...
In the event, the exo's came online quickly, and the dupes seem less awkward than they used to be when not fully trained up. This is c88, going after the two dormant geysers, a cool steam and a salt water. Oyxgen Not Included screens...
c94, and this salt water geyser was only gonna be dormant for five cycles, so I rushed to get it boxed up. This is a fairly standard cap plus infinite reservoir rig. Ultimately, I may box this inner box up and put it in vacuum, but I can't finish it until it starts pumping. An Oxygen Not Included Scre...
Got a dormant cool steam, too, but he's got about 20 cycles to go, so we can take our time. If anyone has questions about these rigs, feel free.
Okay, fine. The reason I got h2 all over the place is cuz I never made an infinite storage for the rodriguez. *Then*, tho I've built hundreds of these, it's been a year, and it took me 30 minutes to remember how to do it. An Oxygen Not Included Scre...
c105, a wide shot. Got the h2 from the oxidizer infinitized, got the salt water geyser fully capped, got the steam geyser capped but not infinitized, and as you can see, I'm starting to spread out a bit. Next: I want to get the radbolt stuff going, cuz I've never done that. An Oxygen Not Included Snap...
Just got bit a little by a new thing. Exosuits wear out. The exosuit forge must be used to mend them. Take the bottom item on the menu, "worn atmo suit" and set it to forever. Didn't understand this, and got down to just 3 working atmo suits. Whoops.
Okay, all better now. It's c118, and I got three things done: 1) exosuits now repaired and will repair automagically, 2) the cool steam enclosure is operative, shown here, and 3) the radbolt research is happening, shown next. An Oxygen Not Included scre...
The steam vent tamer is using ph2o to condense the steam, thus the two infinite reservoirs. The radbolt is following a Francis John design, cuz it was the *only* one I've seen. An Oxygen Not Included Scre...
(Seems like the forums and reddit are *woefully* behind in terms of Spaced Out expertise. I know it's still early access, but I was studying SPOM implementations nine months before the original game went live.)
Back at it. It's c125, and I'm fixing up ranches. Dreckos to the right of the base, hatches on the left. My food supplies are slowly dropping, so I want to get some meat/coal from the hatches, and meat/plastic/fiber from the dreckos. An Oxygen Not Included Scre...

• • •

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Okay, gonna play some ONI Spaced Out. This is the variant where the starting world is still fairly large. Seed V-SNDST-C-68286727-0

Dunno how long I'll go, but what the hell, it's been quite a while. :) The starting biome of a game of Oxygen Not Included.
Plenty of water, and the temperate biome seems reasonably wide. I'm thinking of a central 16-column with two wider wings on either side, ultimate census 24. And away we go!
First stop, the starter bathroom, cuz some things never change. Once that's complete, I'll bounce to the west of it and toss in my generator and get some research going.
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I do not intend to apologize for this.
It's been nearly a year since I played ONI for more than a few minutes. But I think I'm about ready again. Gonna play my first Spaced Out run. Got it started, realized I was gonna need some new inspiration, cuz my old designs aren't good for these tiny planetoids.
Lifegrow's a great watch for me, cuz on the one hand, he has my order/symmetry/cleanliness thing, but on the other hand, he's really good at the game, and on the third hand, he's *so* calm and patient, and on the fourth hand, he's profane and opinionated.
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