...get your fucking hands up, get on out of your seats, all eyes on me, all eyes on me...
Burnham's "Inside" is a rather astonishing piece of art.

This Pomplamoose cover of one of the songs in it just blows me away. I've been replaying it for four days.

I think you might like this just as it is. But after watching "Inside", you'll understand how pivotal this song is to, really, an incredible piece of work.
It's a work about the quarantine, on the first level, but then it's a work about art and obsession and insanity, and "All Eyes On Me" is the crescendo, and so of course, Pomplamoose goes right there and delivers this.

• • •

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1 Oct
Here's Louis Armstrong, "West End Blues".

This is the thing that became jazz. Armstrong dint invent any of this. Nor did he ever define it. But this is the take that characterized the jazz that would dominate the 20th century.
The opening cadenza is what jazz players and some observers call, "watch this dude stand up on his hind legs and blow".
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28 Sep
Wasn't having any fun with the last seed. Decided to go for a reset. Here's Oxygen Not Included Spaced Out, the big central asteroid variant, seed V-SNDST-C-742298558-0 Image
Gonna go for 16 dupes, a two-column arrangement, 16 wide under the printer, 4 bedrooms wide to the right. There'll still be some improv, but I won't feel quite so "out of control" as I did with that last attempt. I need my chaos in smaller doses. :)
Chose a researcher (Brains), but then did something slightly different, took *two* builder/diggers (Digby and Dagby), instead of just one and an operator/supplier (Opus). I name my dupes by what they do so I can see at a glance who's doing what.
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27 Sep
As a person who has been successfully coaching software development teams for twenty years, let me throw out a few ideas to chew over. With luck, maybe one of them will jiggle the frame enough for you to find a next step.
1) Nothing, *absolutely* nothing, always works. There are thousands of forces in play in a typical team or organization, and many of them are inherently or ontogenetically anti-change. I vary my game a *lot*, and I have a lot of variants to offer. And I still lose all the time.
2) My dog Wally likes to lead, when we're out on Tiger Patrol. But he only occasionally knows where we're actually going. He finesses this by frequently checking to make sure that he's leading where we want to go. This is *primo* coaching practice.
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26 Sep
The first plank of my take on fixing the trade is MMMSS: If you want more value faster, take Many More Much Smaller Steps. Today I want to start laying this out for folks. This isn't gonna happen in one thread, but let's get started.
Before we dig in a little, let me remind you that I'm aiming here for geek comfort good, respite. I am far more concerned with changing the world right now than I am with changing code. I hope you are, too.

Please keep working for change outside the monitor.

Black Lives Matter.
The first thing to get about MMMSS is that it represents a radical change. It seems like a minor tweak, but it's not, it is a complete reversal of a whole body of existing trade practice, the model I call "Rework Avoidance Theory". To drive it home, maybe a picture will help. A left-to-right picture of a path, showing an initial phase
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25 Sep
Okay, gonna play some ONI Spaced Out. This is the variant where the starting world is still fairly large. Seed V-SNDST-C-68286727-0

Dunno how long I'll go, but what the hell, it's been quite a while. :) The starting biome of a game of Oxygen Not Included.
Plenty of water, and the temperate biome seems reasonably wide. I'm thinking of a central 16-column with two wider wings on either side, ultimate census 24. And away we go!
First stop, the starter bathroom, cuz some things never change. Once that's complete, I'll bounce to the west of it and toss in my generator and get some research going.
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24 Sep
Friday afternoon, got some surprisingly spicy but labeled plain hummus, and I chanced to watch an hour of my favorite ONI twitcher, but I'm days behind the current run-through, so now I am *studying* an old ONI twitch stream.

I do not intend to apologize for this.
It's been nearly a year since I played ONI for more than a few minutes. But I think I'm about ready again. Gonna play my first Spaced Out run. Got it started, realized I was gonna need some new inspiration, cuz my old designs aren't good for these tiny planetoids.
Lifegrow's a great watch for me, cuz on the one hand, he has my order/symmetry/cleanliness thing, but on the other hand, he's really good at the game, and on the third hand, he's *so* calm and patient, and on the fourth hand, he's profane and opinionated.
Read 4 tweets

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