If Assam opposes illegal immigrants from Bangladesh it becomes “xenophobia” and “intolerance” because it slows demographic jihad.

But killing non-Muslims citizens in Kashmir is justified by “alarms” about “demographic change.”

Education does not fix jihadi bigotry.
If there is an “alarm” it is due to their guilt and fear of karma catching up. Due to their sanguinary blood-thirsty genocide and ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims over decades.

Eh @IfraJan_?
"The narrative of Hindutva feeds on contrived fears of demographic domination by minorities." 🙄

It doesn't take a genius to predict the fate of Hindus in an Islamic majority state–plenty of neighboring examples. Only #IYI's obfuscate the obvious.

While Hindu fears of Islamic domination are "contrived", for Kashmiris "the question of demographic composition is an important one, and Kashmiris are right to worry."

@pbmehta types twist into pretzels to toe the Jihadi line, to spin the Islamic bigotry at the root of this.

• • •

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7 Oct
The cleansing of non-Muslims from Kashmir continues. This is totalitarian hate propagated by a religious ideology. Deliberate strategy.

What is the center doing?
"Development" will not fix it.
"Education" will not fix it.
"Benefits" will not fix it.

Only exposing the hate-driven religious ideology and #gharwapsi will fix it. This should be the single-point plan.

@narendramodi @myogiadityanath @AmitShah
भारत सरकार जिस दिन से घर वापसी के लिए वज़ीफ़ा देगी, जिहाद के लिए नहीं, उस दिन से भारत के प्रगति शुरू होगी। अभी तो "नई मंज़िल" और "हुनर हाट" चल रही है।

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5 Oct
Guess one East Asian country which also has this so-called "English advantage" 😏 which is competing with India for call-center jobs, but lagging behind all the Asian tigers in GDP/capita, just like India.
A summary of major countries with "English Advantage" in S/SE/E Asia.

Homework: If language is a factor, why would English-medium lead to less development.

Note: The English-100 percenters will use all other factors to "explain" this other than the issue of language.
Within India comparisons don’t help since the Indian Govt imposes English apartheid from the top. All major Courts, IITs, IIMs, AIIMS etc are English only.

So there is an “English advantage” within India due to discriminative polices but in any global metric India lags.
Read 13 tweets
4 Oct
Are you claiming @ashishkjha that the vaccinated cannot infect others? That’s not what the evidence says.

Also the most recent research indicates the natural immunity may (naturally) trump vaccines. Shouldn’t we have anexception for those who got natural immunity?
Israel study shows those with natural immunity are far less likely to get Covid than those who were vaccinated.

Why is policy not reflecting this? Because it is not driven by data but by a need for authoritarian control, akin to religion.

Read 6 tweets
2 Oct
There is clear evidence of “strong T Cell immunity generated by natural infection” based on research cited below,
but @CDCgov continues to push for vaccination of the prior infected mainly due to bureaucratic reasons. If the exception were allowed it would “complicate rollout.”
“There’s a very clear message out there that ‘OK, well natural infection does cause immunity but it’s still better to get vaccinated,’ and that message is not based on data,” says Gandhi. “There’s something political going on around that.”

“…vaccinating people who have had covid-19 would seem to offer nothing or very little to benefit, logically leaving only harms—both the harms we already know about as well as those still unknown,” says Christine Stabell Benn, vaccinologist and professor in global health.
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29 Sep
It's funny how many self-professed "Hindutva" is actually wannabe-Angrez. With little understanding of culture, civilization or even economics of the world.

They say "vishwa guru" but their highest dream is for the country to be "vishwa coolie." 😆

Like this. They still think "English medium"="progressive." 😆

If you are counting on call centers for your employment, don't worry, the Chinese programmers, who study in Chinese-medium, are writing chatbots to replace you soon enough.

Your "English" won't save you.

Read 4 tweets
29 Sep
“Your kids” may grow up speaking English at home, have an environment to learn.

Most of these children won’t. They will sit uncomprehending in class, not understand math or language, won’t be in any position to compete with China.

How to destroy talent and civilization #101.
This is what will happen with this children @harshmadhusudan.

It is a formula to destroy the country and civilization. No major country has succeeded by converting the entire population to a foreign language. India won’t either.
The little bits of English they pick up won’t let them think or speak fluently. Those who win Nobel Prizes learn in primary in their mother tongue.

Of course, if Indians” highest aim is to be (bad) coolies, this may work. Till chatbots written by Chinese programmers replace them
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