This profile raises all sorts of red flags
If you go to urgent care and the doc puts cucumber slices on your face, you might as well stay home.
I honestly find it disheartening how so many doctors who emphasize the importance of a healthy diet — which is completely good — are also falling for all this antivaxxer nonsense.

I do think that the “natural health”movement has a lot of the characteristics of a cult.
They have circled the wagons around this idea of being persecuted and lied to. They only listen to others in the cult and are completely closed off to reality.

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9 Oct
Imagine if German schools stopped teaching about the Holocaust because it made children feel uncomfortable about their past.

"Section 51, part 6 of the Tennessee law makes lesson plans illegal if students 'feel discomfort, guilt, or anguish.'"…
"Teaching the subject of the Holocaust and the Nazi era is mandatory in German schools and in addition to the classroom curriculum, almost all students have either visited a concentration camp or a Holocaust memorial or museum."…
Unsurprisingly, the German far-right is going after history education in Germany.

One German nationalist leader characterized the Holocaust as a '“speck of bird poop” in Germany’s otherwise admirable history.' Another defends Holocaust deniers.…
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4 Oct
Reading Florence Nightingale's book, Notes on Hospitals, published in 1859, is just blowing me away.

She made many calculations, including how much water vapor patients exhaled overnight, and how much ventilation would be needed. And raised hell about it not being done.
Her interventions - improving ventilation, decreasing crowding, admitting natural light, washing surfaces -- cut hospital deaths by 2/3. This was WITHOUT hand washing, which wasn't even mentioned in her book.
Old hospitals built according to her specifications, using cross-breezes from large windows for natural ventilation, have much better ventilation than modern hospitals.

ACH = air changes per hour…
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4 Oct
Imagine a world where there is no inherited or hidden wealth

The promise of all people being created equal will never happen as long as we have extreme dynastic wealth

Most of these ppl didn't earn these vast sums of money. It's all inherited or stolen.…
And there is so much political graft; politicians write loopholes.

I wonder how Kristi Noem is going to respond to this: "...state of South Dakota, in particular, is sheltering billions of dollars in wealth linked to individuals previously accused of serious financial crimes."
Corruption is theft from the citizens of a country. It is not a victimless crime. We are all the victims.
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29 Sep
So you can pay “$1,680*
* List price excluding taxes” to publish lies in the journal Toxicology Reports

Thanks @ElsevierConnect for absolutely NOT doing your job as a publisher.
I don’t even want to link to the article to avoid giving it coverage. JFHC
This this is rich. A lot of quality peer-reviewing going on when you can publish in 1.1 weeks. 😂
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28 Sep
She is wrong, and I am so tired of these ID docs tweeting out hopium misinformation.
Do people not read the methods sections of papers, in order to interpret whether the results are applicable to a given situation? I just don't get it. This is basic stuff.
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28 Sep
Not sure how anyone can read this @CIDRAP summary of the booster research and think that "booster" doses should be controversial. We risk wasting doses 1 & 2 if we don't give a 3rd. That additional dose is critical for continued protection.…
Antibody levels from Pfizer vaccine with 3rd dose given 8-9 months after 2nd dose… Image
Decreasing antibody levels track with increased breakthrough infection. These data are pre-delta, so high antibody levels are likely to be far more important with delta, which spews 1000x-fold more virus. (not-yet-peer-reviewed preprint:…) Image
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