A quick thread on prepping for a doomsday scenario, like a war with China. The key to all of it is this: behave in the present in ways that will give you options in the future.

Finance people know: as volatility approaches infinity, so does the value of optionality.
Physical fitness? Should you find yourself in a fight-or-flight situation, or even just doing a lot of manual labor, that’s optionality.

Food? The more you have, the more optionality in terms of “stay in place or bug out.”

Weapons/ammo/goods? Options for use or barter.
Offline social network? Other people are the ultimate in optionality.

And of course, liquidity is optionality. But if you don’t know what will be liquid in the future, then diversify in the present (again, on the principle of options > *).
The doomsday prepping game isn’t to buy enough stuff to subsist on forever in the apocalypse. Rather, it’s to thoughtfully, patiently assemble options in the present that’ll give you the time & tools you might need to navigate a future world of extreme scarcity & adversity.
The main reason optionality trumps all, is that you can’t forecast or model what an extreme situation would look like. It’s precisely because you can’t predict the details or even the contours of a SHTF scenario that you need options.
Every time I think of adding a prep to the pile, I’m first taking inventory of the options I already have in the area that prep is meant to address, & asking myself if this new thing really increases those options or not. Surprisingly often I find the answer is “not really.”
When ppl think about prepping for really really bad stuff, they get overwhelmed because they’re thinking they have to stockpile all the things, which is nigh on impossible. Just take it a week at a time, & think: how do I end this week with a bit more optionality than I started?
Write it all down before you buy it, & only buy what you wrote down. This will keep you rational & within budget. theprepared.com/blog/doomshopp…
I actually should have linked this one in the previous tweet. This is a detailed, nuts-and-bolts guide to shopping for preps in a way that will keep you sane. It works for more mundane disaster stuff, and it also works for doomsday preps. theprepared.com/blog/how-to-sh…

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7 Oct
Me, a member of society: I have thoughts on this issue!

You: This is all just a game for you isn't it! Others actually have a real stake in this issue, my dude.

Me: Ah, my bad. I thought you were demanding something of me in some way. Glad that's not the case!
But seriously, how is it that anyone thinks telling people, "this is all just an abstraction or word games for you, & you have no real stake in it" is a proper thing to pair w/ a big ole plate of asks, like resources or behavior changes or completely reorganizing society?
At the heart of deliberative rhetoric is the appeal to mutual interest. Prefacing a list of demands with, "there is no mutual interest here, so STFU" is not the behavior of people who feel they're at a disadvantage & need buy-in from all the stakeholders.
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6 Oct
This platform has really been totally ignoring the "I turned off Top Tweets" thing. It's FB all over. I see the same handful of old threads from the same few accounts, & most others I follow I never ever see in the feed. I really wish I had some control over this.
Why do I need to know that a thread from a person I follow has received YET ANOTHER reply? I guess I'm going to have to start muting threads after the fourth or fifth time they surface on my feed.
I if I follow you & you're like "why does Stokes never smash 'like'?", it's because Stokes only ever sees tweets from about 10 people. 🤷‍♂️
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5 Oct
The newsletter returns with what I'm calling "the stimulation hypothesis." I didn't work that into the title b/c people will think it's yet another rant about dopamine -- but dopamine doesn't make an appearance in this. Rather, it's all tokens & parsing.
It's hard for me to summarize this one in a thread, but I'll try. First, I use the concept of the token as a way to think about how information from all over the web (not just soc media) is presented to us. The idea of the feed as a token sequence has interpretive consequences. Image
I draw a few conclusions from this, one of which is about the nuts-and-bolts mechanics of the filter bubble. The bubble isn't just about selection of tokens -- it's about their arrangement, about their order & proximity to one another, & about the sensory context of consumption.
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1 Oct
The anniversary of the weirdest, most outlier mass shooting in US history. I don't have time for a comprehensive thread, but a few thoughts on this shooting and the gun control wars.
The Vegas shooter (I won't tweet his name because screw that guy) was rich, & could've afforded the $10K+ for a legit fully automatic weapon. He also could've passed the NFA background check. He also could've just modified his AR-15 for full-auto.

Yet he used a bump stock?!
A bump stock is & was a YouTube gimmick. It's just a way to vaguely simulate full-auto fire, but it's inaccurate & is really only good for mag dumps. So why did he do this? It certainly wasn't for lethality or max body count. Was it for theater?
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30 Sep
My prepping mantra: "on-time is late, and early is on-time." You have to prepare when it seems a little bit crazy to do so, b/c if you wait for the moment it makes total sense, it's too late.

Right now is the time to to prep for severe, life-altering supply chain disruptions.
It still seems kinda crazy to prep for a scenario where grocery store shelves in your area are bare of many staples, and/or food prices have skyrocketed. It may feel nuts to prep for a period of chaos or near-chaos. That just means you're on-time, though.
I'm not saying chaos is coming, but there are significant risks (as the article in the OT by @jcenters details) of a complete supply chain meltdown as we head into winter. Now is the time to quietly & calmly hedge that risk. Don't wait until it's clear you need to stock up.
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29 Sep
Our military has a lot to answer for right now, but there's 1 question that's apparently so nuts that nobody w/ has pressed them about on the record: why were high-lvl Pentagon brass & Podesta secretly talking to a former Blink 182 bandmember about UFOs?

Back in 2011, when Tom Delonge (the aforementioned rock-in-roller) appeared on Art Bell's show raving about gods, demons, UFOs, & his secret conversations w/ top NASA & MIL officials, it was a hoot. Why would the Pentagon be talking to him? Delusional! coasttocoastam.com/show/2011-12-1…
Delonge kept on about this for years, giving one off-the-wall interview after another about secret crashed UFO recovery programs, clandestine meetings with generals & military contractors, etc. It was all very easily (& properly) dismissed. coasttocoastam.com/guest/delonge-…
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